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The cup presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The cup presentation

  1. 1. Problem
  2. 2. Mission• Our mission is to empower young people whowant to be entrepreneurs that currently lack theresources to successfully do so by creating aneducational program that is sustainably funded bythe profits of a coffee shop.
  3. 3. Solution• Create• Entrepreneurial Educational Program for students• Coffee shop• Interconnection
  4. 4. Student Experience• Application Process• Curriculum (30 week)• Based around economics, personal finance, and leadership• Advising• Working at the Coffee Shop• Student’s Business after Graduation• Patient Capital
  5. 5. TimelineYear 1 • CreationYear 2 • CyclingYear 3 • StabilityYear 4 • CurriculumYear 5 • Expansion