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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. H.E.L.PHomeless Environmental Labor Project Henry Hailand Conor Capps Chris Ivie
  2. 2. Statistics about homelessnessIn 2008, 19 cities reported a 12% increase inhomelessness out of 25 cities surveyed.There are approximately between 2.3 and 3.5million homeless people in the U.S accordingto a study in 2008.58% were in homeless shelters, 42 were not.
  3. 3. MissionOur goal is to provide the homeless anopportunity to better themselves and thecommunity permanently. After going throughour program, our goal is for them to leavewith the proper job skills to carry with them inthe working world.
  4. 4. VisionWe strive to provide 30 homeless people eachsemester with a temporary job at theuniversity, and then send them off into theworking world prepared to be able to keep ajob and be successful in life.If our initial project works at Texas, we hopeto use this same program and implement itinto several other universities in the UnitedStates.
  5. 5. University of Texas
  6. 6. Company overviewH.E.L.P provides homeless people withtemporary employment, housing, and foodthrough the University of Texas, and in returnthe homeless will clean the surrounding areain the University until the semester is over.H.E.L.P is based in Austin Texas.Work with Recycle Bank to make sure theycollect all the recyclables and pay thehomeless the proper amount.
  7. 7. Problems solvedH.E.L.P. is a project that not only shelters thehomeless, but it also helps the localenvironmentThe main problems that are being solved arethe problem ofunemployment, homelessness, and wastebuild up in communityWe do this by sheltering the homeless, andemploying the unemployed to clean up themesses that affect the local ecosystem
  8. 8. Getting the college on boardWays business will benefit university… • Cleans up campus • Employ students as social workers • Business makes college look good • Decrease amount of homeless people in surrounding area
  9. 9. Cleaning up the campusWork day will be divided into two shifts– Morning 7-11am– Afternoon/evening 2-7pmItems that can be sent to recycling bank .Cans .Plastic/glass bottles .Paper
  10. 10. Costs5 meals a week at campus dining hall for 30people would be a little over $24,000.15 2 person rooms would cost$15,000, Includes sleeping area andbathroom.T-shirt and shorts for all 30 people would be$750.
  11. 11. Franchise GrowthIf our company is to expand, we have to seesuccess over a five year time period. If successis shown, then we plan on expanding ourmodel to several other universities throughoutthe U.S.
  12. 12. So please…H.E.L.P.