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  • Feel The Pulse: Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. One person starts the pulse by squeezing the hand of one of their neighbors. This gets passed on around the circle. Then the direction can be changed with a fast double squeeze. An alternative is for one person to start off by saying “vrrroooom” and then the direction can be turned by making a squealing tire “screeeeech” sound. Everyone is allowed to go “screeeeech” twice in the gameLooking at You Exercise: in groups of 3, each group is given a topic: image, feelings, or shell. The 3 groups then write down on pieces of paper their ideas on the topic and put them into the basket. They then regroup and sit in a group and discuss the words and images they put in or sentences put into the baskets.
  • Final presentation 2

    1. 1. WHY Over 70% of girls age 15 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school, when they feel bad about their looks 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks
    2. 2. HISTORY Our Competition: Sisters of Hope Fashion Camp Girl Scouts of America How We Differ : Focus on age 11-15 specifically Incorporate Film and Blogging
    3. 3. MISSION Through allowing girls to examine media’s outlook of women’s beauty and to positively alter it to the middle school girls’lenses, we plan to increase confidence, reduce low self- esteem, and address the issue of make-up influence portrayed by the media to young girls through introductory film study.
    4. 4. OUR SERVICE Three Week Summer Program at MICDS • Ice breakers • Motivational Speakers • Field Trips • Video Blogging
    5. 5. CURRICULUM 9:00-9:30: Check In and Announcements 9:30-9:45: Icebreakers 9:45-10:45: Looking at You Exercise 11:30-12:30: Lunch time and Recess 12:30-1:15: Group Activities outside (get to know each other) games like categories (get them to talk about themselves) 1:15-2:15: Intro to video and blogging 2:15-2:55: Examples of blogs and videos showing confidence and how video can connect to confidence 2:55-3:00: Grabbing their supplies and heading out to be picked up
    6. 6. MEASURE SUCCESS • Camp Profits • Self-Esteem Test Results • Start of Camp • Mid-year • Conclusion of School • Observation of girls
    7. 7. MARKETING AND SALES • fliers around the school during the school year • Summer Opportunities Fair • MICDS Newsletter • Facebook Page • Youtube Channel
    8. 8. START-UP COSTS Supplies Cost EOS 60D SLR Camera Canon Camera $899.99 X 2=$1,799.98 Adobe Premiere Pro with Creative Cloud $29.99 X 12 months=$359.88 Facilities (50% of campers are from MICDS) $0.00 High School Counselors $720.00/per week X 7 counselors=$5,040 Teacher Coordinator $10,000.00 for three weeks Insurance (campers and adults) $175.00 Field Trip to KMOV-buses $795.00 Summer Opportunities Fair Booth $170.00 Friday Pizza Days $300.00 Total Start-Up $25,060.00
    9. 9. FIVE-YEAR PLAN Year Expected Income First Year $1,830.00 Second Year $7,990.00 Third Year Increasing Number of students from outside of MICDS $15,990.00 Fourth Year $21,819.86 Fifth Year Expanding to another location $34,060.00
    10. 10. THANK YOU