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Class 2


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Class 2

  1. 1. Kenia Álava
  2. 2. Step by step creation of the first program in Java using Eclipse1. Run the sequence of actions detailed in the chart.2. Run after the sequence of actions detailed in the chart. Kenia Álava
  3. 3. 3. Insert a class called "PruebaAlbum" as follows.4. Now insert a class called "Album", in the same way as the previous step5. The result after the above steps is a structure as follows.6. Declare the following attributes within the class "Album" Kenia Álava
  4. 4. 7. Then set the SET and GET methods (methods are inserting, modifying and extracting thevalues that variables may have happened before, "automatically generated"), thisoperation is called to create getters and setters.8. Notice how you generated the following code block without you had to write9. Define the following constructor.The constructor is a method that must have the same name as the class and is used toinitialize the attributes of an object, usually receives values that have happened, a quickway is to develop a method using getters and setters from the previous step. Kenia Álava
  5. 5. 10. Now we instantiate an object of class "Album" in class"PruebaAlbum", this instance or reference to create should be made in the main.See how you created two instances, and the way in which you can send arguments.11. In the previous step we created two instances, how can we show these values onscreen?We must develop a new method in the "Album", will be called "PRINT Album"12. Then call the method created from the two instances declared in step 10.13. And finally see the execution, after clicking on the button should appear something asfollows: Kenia Álava