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Intel Business Challenge Europe 2014 Pitching Hacks


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Some of pitching hacks.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Intel Business Challenge Europe 2014 Pitching Hacks

  1. Long is LAZY Short is HARD Lukasz Miadowicz Intel business challenge europe 2014, vilnius @miadowicz
  2. Last night was like this … @miadowicz
  3. Great Coaching Round @miadowicz
  4. What to upgrade ? @miadowicz
  5. Time is running out … @miadowicz
  6. Last Minute Tweaks @miadowicz
  7. 30-60 seconds Elevator Pitch @miadowicz
  8. TAG Line @miadowicz
  9. We are revolutionising the way people organise themselves, share knowledge and information by reinventing on-line collaboration. Add what’s your product: software, hardware, wearable, sensor, device @miadowicz
  10. WoW statement @miadowicz
  11. “We enable you to find the most relevant and recent news instead of the 30,000,000 matches that Google shows you. We do this by aggregating all the best news sources onto one page and displaying the five most recent stories from each one.” @miadowicz
  12. Grab your investor's attention with a compelling hook. Make it funny, compelling, shocking @miadowicz
  13. The task of art today is to bring chaos into order. ~Theodore Adorno @miadowicz
  14. although we are not good artist like Jackson Pollock … @miadowicz
  15. We are bringing order to chaos of online collaboration tools @miadowicz
  16. PROBLEM = STORY @miadowicz
  17. How it works (DEMO) + benefits = solution @miadowicz
  18. DEMO @miadowicz
  19. CENTRALIZED Benefits @miadowicz
  20. FAST Benefits @miadowicz
  21. TRACKABLE Benefits @miadowicz
  22. Testimonials “I love THIS product, A is for … your additionally is for …” @miadowicz
  23. Clear Business model freemium @miadowicz Price + Benefit + Time ; Paying $79 you can use our platform for one month Show the income due to market you want cover
  24. Market How much is it worth ? How fast is it growing ? How much of the market your competitors have ? How much market will you cover with your solution? How you are going to do this ? @miadowicz
  25. Market For GEEKS @miadowicz
  26. Market $79 billion Source: Cisco + 14 % / year @miadowicz 20 %
  27. Team “We tried every single solution nothing worked” “We know how to build scalable systems” “We know how to build profitable business from our previous startups” “How to drive marketing strategy to bring quality customers” “Cofounders know each other for 15 years” @miadowicz
  28. Timeline - how you got here where are you now & what are next milestones “In past three months we build our mobile app and web app in collaboration with 100 beta testers with very strong lean methodology culture” @miadowicz
  29. How much funding are you looking for? For what ? Cost structure ? $790.000 @miadowicz
  30. Why are you here / who are you looking for VC, Partners, Early adopters, we would love to hear feedback about our product? @miadowicz
  31. Good to have TWITTER Handle on every slide Cool fonts (Lobster Two, BEBAS NEUE, Avenir next, Avenir Next Light ) High quality images (Flickr, Compfight…) ONE PHOTO PER SLIDE / ONE INFORMATION PER SLIDE @miadowicz
  32. Sources • 9659045 • • openforum/articles/distilling-the-essence-of-your-value-proposition- part-i-bill-reichert/?intlink=us-openf-nav-ymal-t9a7pv4r6 • openforum/articles/part-ii-a-framework-for-building-your-wow- statement-bob-reichert/