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Desc1113 final


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Essay assignment for my ENG 1113 class, with examples.

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Desc1113 final

  1. 1. Descriptive Essay(in which you prove you can SHOW rather than TELL) EXAMPLES and SUGGESTIONS E
  2. 2. Describe an image...or two...or three• Basically, any visual text is a possible focus, but the choice you make will open up or limit your description, so choose carefully.
  3. 3. Compare and contrast two cereal boxes.Focus your body paragraphs on these three elements: Color Characters Toys/Prizes
  4. 4. Compare and contrast 1-3 images that have beenphotoshopped to the original photos. The details providedin the body paragraphs should support a clear main point.This essay would combine description, comparisoncontrast, analysis, and argument.
  5. 5. Go online or to our library, find collections ofphotographs, like these from Bruce Davidson, andwrite a detailed description of one, compare andcontrast two, or detail three as examples that proveyour thesis.The Edelman Gallery online is a great resource:<>
  6. 6. Compare and contrast two magazine covers: tworecent issues or, as above, one from the past and onefrom today. (Seventeen Magazine cover archive:
  7. 7. Describe a song or two...Because you don’t get a visual to describe with this option,providing enough detail is a tall order and you will need tohave some ability to describe music to attempt this option.
  8. 8. Compare and contrast an original song to a coverversion: deal with instrumentation, vocal delivery, andlyrical impact. Dolly original: White Stripes cover:
  9. 9. •Compare and contrast a recent song and theolder song it rips off•Compare two versions of a Christmas classic•Compare and contrast two songs by the sameartist•Compare and contrast one song that answersor responds to another song (feuding songs)
  10. 10. Describe a place.If you write about place, you should read some exampledescriptions of places first.
  11. 11. •Detail three rooms in your dreamhome or three areas on your dreamproperty to build a dominant impressionof the home as a whole.•Describe the room you spend most ofyour time in NOW.•Describe a place that holds specialmeaning for you.
  12. 12. •A descriptive essay with one subject should have as itsthesis a dominant impression that is stated in theintroduction and developed with details.•A descriptive essay with two subjects should compareand contrast the two with three points of comparison.Select common elements for the points of comparison.The essay should be focused by a strong thesisstatement that is proven with details throughout theessay.•A descriptive essay with three subjects should use thesubjects as examples that prove the main idea.•Whether you write about one, two, or three subjects,your point should be supported by sensory and specificdetails.