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Huffman Design Magazine

  1. 1. This is my house. Huffman Design
  2. 2. In my hometown: Monongah, WV
  3. 3. It’s Pumpkin Season!Pumpkin Pie Blitzes: $3.69Pumpkin Milkshakes:Reg. $2.99Large $3.29
  4. 4. This is myfamily. My niece, Nevaeh Roger, Ashley, and Nevaeh My sister Brooke My Dad on WVU field Mom & Dad My cat Gracie
  5. 5. Ive grown up in the town of Monongah, WV. I live withmy Mom, Dad, my sister Brooke, and a cat named Gracie.I work at the Dairy Kone in Monongah. I love to draw andplay basketball. We travel to Outer Banks, NC in thesummer. Our family tries to eat dinner together when wecan, if not we try and plan to eat out once a week. We go to the Amish Country at least once a year.Church is usually something we go to at least once a weektoo, on a Saturday. My Dad and I watch Steeler footballgames together. I consider my Dairy Kone Crew my family too.
  6. 6. The movies I have a chosen are my top five favorites.Dodgeball is my number one movie. Fred Claus issecond, then Toy Story, Grown Ups, and Billy Madison. Mostof these are comedies. Comedy is my favorite genre. I alwayslove to laugh, so these are hit that funny bone.
  7. 7. The plot for Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is as simple as you’d expect it tobe for a sports movie. The underdogs (in this case Average Joe’s Gym) are indanger of losing their gym to a rival (in this case Ben Stiller’s White Goodmanand his Globo Gym). Said underdogs enter a tournament to win money to savetheir gym and inevitably end up facing said rival. Writer-director Rawson MarshallThurber seems to recognize that the plot is going to be easily recognized byanyone who has seen a sports movie like The Mighty Ducks or NecessaryRoughness, so instead just has fun within the boundaries of that plot. That’s notto say he doesn’t toss in a few minor twists here and there. The result is a plotthat’s predictable, but still delightfully interesting. We know the team is going togo from plot point A to B to C, but it’s still extremely fun watching them get there.
  8. 8. My Future:Graphic Design Employment of graphic designers is expected to grow 13 percent, as fast as the average for all occupations from 2008 to 2018. Demand for graphic design is continuing to increase from advertisers and computer design firms. Graphic designers must be creative and able to communicate their ideas visually, verbally, and in writing. This is basically the general term used to describe different ways technology can be used to connect various elements and create a work of art. The goal of graphic design is to create something that is appealing to the eye, and grabs the attention of the viewer. Any and all ideas cannot just look interesting, these creations must work as well. Graphic designers must find the most effective way to get their message across and target the audience. Graphic design combines the creativity and formal characteristics of fine art with the audience- centered approach of marketing to create effective visual communication. Although the concept of graphic design seems rather easy, what do these designers actually design? Some examples of graphic designs can include: brochures, magazine covers, posters, layouts, business cards, signs, logos, T-shirts, advertisements, websites, compact disc covers, animations, power points, branding, and tickets. Ideas come from the life of everyday people and events. Everyone has memories, emotions, thoughts, insights, and perspectives that need to be focused to solve a problem or to demonstrate a concept. So, most ideas come from the process of focusing. Every design is know for being unique. A design should surprise and enlighten; it should tell the viewer something the viewer does not already know. Graphic designers often use desktop publishing software and computer techniques to achieve their goals.
  9. 9. The key to finding ideas is to listen. A goodlistener hears all sides of a story. Information must begathered on the competition as well as on thedesigners client. The designer must gatherinformation by looking for emotional responses andinsights into subjects from real consumers. They lookfor honesty. There is no salvation for delivering to theclient only what they want to hear. The most powerfuldesign is honesty. Designers everywhere mustdevelop a strong, positive relationship with a client toachieve a level of trust where the client can accept andsometimes even embrace the needed changes.Designers like to know where things come from, theirorigins and influences, and the whole history ofart, furniture, and design. Designers develop images torepresent the ideas their clients want to communicate.Images can be incredibly powerful and compellingtools of communication, conveying not only informationbut also moods and emotions. People respond toimages instinctively based on theirpersonalities, associations, and previous experience.Graphic Design is purposeful, informational, and avisual language. Everything in the world is affected bythe art of graphic design.
  10. 10. Employment is expected to grow as fast as theaverage job may, with many new jobs associated withmedia. A bachelor’s degree in graphic design is usuallyrequired. Job seekers are expected to face keencompetitions. Individuals with Web site design andanimation experience will have the best opportunities.Creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills areimportant, as are a familiarity with computer graphics anddesign software. Beginning graphic designers need one tofive years of working experience before they are able toadvance to higher positions. Graphic designers preparesketches or layouts for a specific purpose. Thesepurposes can range from road signs, to big businessadvertisements,to ending and opening movie credits.Graphic design is also used as in education, graphicdesigners are the illustrators behind the informationalpictures, graphs, charts, and diagrams used in schooltextbooks. Graphic design is a career that requires aphenomenal amount of talent and various skills to presentthat talent in a visual form that appeals to people. Manyskills needed to succeed in this field are technological.Graphic design is almost always expressed usingelectronics in some way, shape, or form. Depending on a person’s experience with Webdesign and creativity, a graphic designer can overlap intodifferent careers such as an art director, creative director,or even a production artist. All of these fields require someknowledge on page layout, interface design, and visualarts. Visual arts are by far the most important factor ingraphic design, the whole point of a design is to expressart in a visual way.
  11. 11. My music taste depends on how mymood is. I listen to country, alternativerock, rap, hard rock, pop, and somescreamo. I know, I like a little bit ofeverything.My favorite bands and singers are:Linkin Park, Brokencyde, AskingAlexandria Three Days Grace, Tech9, Eminem, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, TheScript, Lee Brice, KeithUrban, Nickelback, JustinTimberlake, BretMichaels, Hinder, Skillet, HollywoodUndead, Tim McGraw, JakeOwen, Parmalee, Drake, Simple Plan, AllTime Low, Lifehouse, Theory of aDeadman, SafetySuit, JesseMcCartney, and Little Big Town.
  12. 12. My all time favorite team is the Duke Blue Devils. My college football team is the Oregon Ducks. My two pro football teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Jets. Upper right is the Duke Blue Devils. Then the Oregon Ducks. Bottom right is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the bottom left is the New York Jets.