-FTr,          i          - -l-r SUNDAY HINDUSTAN TIMES, NEW DELHI SEPTEN/BER 30, 2012                                    ...
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Hindustan times article_oct1_2012


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LMG Emerge CIO Erik L van Dijk spoke at the launch of the Table Club - an organization that brings together international family offices - in India. The Hindustan Times covered the event and published this article about it.

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Hindustan times article_oct1_2012

  1. 1. -FTr, i - -l-r SUNDAY HINDUSTAN TIMES, NEW DELHI SEPTEN/BER 30, 2012 I rm$asl _State faVOU f.ite deStinatiOn lfe crsre unearthed in by Lhe taxpayers, sources in tho department said. Three build- ers and their associates huvo MlLLl0tlAlRES GLUB Say speakers at the launch of lndia chapter of The Table Club BHIL$IARA: Four realtors have declared a total of 17.9 crore together declared {7.9 cnrrr, black money the sources addrvl.Rashpal Singh unaccounted income to the Meanwhile, the deparllnoltt.rlashpalsiryh@iindustantimes.com income tax (I-T) department has recovered cash and,icwel authorities. lery worth t21 Iakh from t.lu,UDAIPUR: James Burkitt, chief About 200 sleuths from houses and t41 lakh from t,lNrexecutive officer, The Table Jaipq, Jodhpu4 Udaipur, Kota offices ofthe realtors. Besidc*,Club, said on Saturdav that his and Ajmer offlces of the I-T nine bank lockers have ulsrraim was to enroll moie valued department had conducted been seized, the officials suid,members to the club and not a two-day search operation "I{ departmentgot {2.82 cnu.ojust to increase the number of beginning Thursday on more revenue from these raids rrsbusiness families- rhan half-a-dozen taxpayers in 30% penalty on the undisclosrx.l. "We are keen to explorernvestment l,he real estale business in the district. income. We are still scrutinising opportunities in the documents seized from t,ht,countries with potential includ- About 21 places in the city builders and a final disclosurr,ing India," he said. were searched that led to the will be made in a day or Lwo," Speaking at the launch ofthe seizure of several documents said Sunil Mathur, I-T conrirris.India Chapter of Table CIub, *Ihe Table Club CEO Jamoo revealing undisclosed incbme sione4, Jodhpur.Bwkittsaid, "Ihave a longterm oThe Table Glub member$ at the launch ol lndia chapter Burkitt spoak at the launch olpolicy to target Indian buiiness oI the club in udaipur on gaturday. upur otrruroay, HT PH0T0 lndia chapler. HT pHoTofamilies having the capacity and is the eighth one. lndia was the The country is ruled bv author-strength to expand business Dovclolrrrrr,rrl ol Ashmore member of rlrstwhilc royal obvious choice before China itarian powcrs anrl even the Invcst.tttr,rrl. MrrrragemenIinterests globally." because we knew some families family and worniln bchind Burkitt said, "We aimto start choice ofgiving birth l,o children Limilcrl, s;rirl irrvoiiing in JPM Capital trxrk t,ho loatl by here," he said. is controlled hv lul.hor.itarian emcrging rrr:rrkr,ls is risky and becoming the lilsl. uronrlx,r til sq.ffH,nn10 regional chapters and India Erik L Van Dlik, co-owner of forces.Indiab economy is skrwer ull lilct.ors lr:rvr,t,r lx,kt,pl. irr :rn Indiafi business l";rnrilv ro a global investment andpension as compared to Ohina but, the trrirrd. S to t{e are keen consu-ltancy Iirm LMG Emergq said, "India has an advantage former has an advanlagt ovtr Julian Slrrrw, [rr,rrrl l{isk .ioin the club. "Lldaipul treing my birlh fVhere Chitdren $leet i,,, iil=fii#$l]liiolffif erplorsinvestment & in over China as far as demograph- the latter due to its o1 xrn r,rr rrro myand democratic sct up," I)ijk Mlrnagrtncrrl, ol I Irnr:rl irrvosl. l,lir(.e was thc obvious choice# opportunities E rc lactors are concerned. In the said on the sidelines olt ht, cvu rl. Itrtt11, 1111q1;;qg,nrcnL Iinril.tr1, rlwtlt orr vlrrious investmcnt, li rr the evgnt. ltliasthan needs l,o rlevelop corporate and busi-I rrith # countrie$ longterm, therewillbe a dearth oftalented people in China due He also said that India shoulrl lisks inrlutling idiosyn<.r:rtir. nr,ss ilpproach Lo uttract foreignh mtential f to imposition of one child norm forge economic collaborations with WestAsia. ;rrrrl sysl lrrr;rtir. r.isks. .llrrrrl McCurl hv ollermal llso s1xrk,, irrvcstment in l,[rt st,lbe. There is lol, of pol,rrrl,i:rl irr oil, min- aunxrrr d u,*,res but India has no such problem.,, "China is a guided economy. Kevin Bond, global head of Institutional Business about the company profikr Jahnavi Kumari .Mcwnt; rr irrg, power nnrl ol Iur sectors,,, r;lro said.Another high-profile wedding lights up Jrdhpur Suresh Vyas Arrrl,:rni, his wllir Nrr,lrr Arrrlr:rrri { hlrajLdhindustanlinros.com rrrrrl Artil Agrtrwttl, ru,nrt. {)l CBSE Classes V"X[ and tB DlpL0MA Vrrl;rrrl:r (ltrtil1r wlt.r, ; rt.r,r r,rrl J0DHPUR: ,hdh1lrr wrra nlrrry. wil.h glil,l.orrrl,i lirrrrr IIrll.ywturl, s;r rrl,s, 1xrlil,ir.s, hrw rrrul Irtfil,terp .",,...1,1 r.-- r r. ,rl llrr, rrt,xl. rlrry, lltr, lrrl r,rl lt,ottt l.ltr ltrrrrrrrt lrnlrrr,r,11 r,trl|rrt((, grrl,r tttttl rtt,llt,r,rI rrl M-vi*atl:il