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Resources for Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression - 2013

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  1. 1. Library Resources for EpigeneticRegulation of Genetic Expression Linda Galloway Syracuse University Library Spring 2013
  2. 2. Today’s agenda• Who I am, what I do• Epigenetics Research Guide – General library information – Peer-reviewed, scientific literature – Finding other stuff @ the libraries• How-to – Get access to library resources – Get items we don’t own – Manage your citations• Questions & discussion
  3. 3. About me…• Librarian/subject specialist for Biology, Chemistry & Forensic Science• Help people access the content they need, teach (guest lectures and classes), buy books/other stuff for the library, create web content, etc.• Email:• Research help in LSC Atruim, Thursdays from 1-3:30pm beginning January 24, 2013
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  6. 6. Let’s find an article…How do you search for scientific articles??
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  8. 8. Decided to limit to Review articles…-
  9. 9. Full Text of Documents• Click .pdf link from citation• Select SULinks
  10. 10. Full Text of Documents
  11. 11. Full Text of Documents
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  14. 14. Locations & Hours Open• Hours link• Carnegie Library (Science & Technology)• Geology Library (in Heroy Hall)• Bird Library – Technology Loans – Private study rooms – Team rooms – Computers, printers, scanners
  15. 15. Finding Quiet Spaces• Carnegie Library (temp. reading room)• Silent areas in Bird: – Lower level – Quiet computer cluster (2nd floor) – Quiet floors – 3,4,5 & 6 – Private study rooms & teams rooms (you sign the room out and can reserve rooms for 2 hour time slots)
  16. 16. Help!!• Contact your subject specialist, Linda Galloway – – 443-9766• General help:
  17. 17. Questions?• Have you been able to find books in the library?• Have you used eBooks for your research?• Do you read eBooks for pleasure?• Have you used library databases to find articles?
  18. 18. How to Find Books
  19. 19. Remote Access to Library Resources• Almost all resources are available off campus via our proxy server• Log on once and until you close your browser are recognized as an SU student• Get to databases/resources via the SU Library web site so you are recognized as a student;
  20. 20. Interlibrary Loan• Agreement we have with other libraries to provide you with items we don’t own• Free to students, faculty & staff• Illiad – uses your NetID to allow access on Library home page, or from citation)
  21. 21. Avoiding Plagiarism and Citing Sources
  22. 22. Do you know the differencebetween a magazine and a journal? Peer review:  suitability for publication  credibility  quality control
  23. 23. Primary Sources & Peer ReviewPrimary Source - Original document containing firsthand information – Diaries, interviews – Original research including journal articles and preprintsA peer reviewed primary source is a work that is evaluated by experts in the field of study prior to publication. Serves as a measure of quality.
  24. 24. Finding Articles• Databases Main Menu – Search through subject categories for links to our 500+ databases• Use Subject Guides – Epigenetics – Biology – Plus hundreds of others!• Library search tool – Primarily for undergraduate research (cannot conduct a specialized search)
  25. 25. When searching databases…Remember: RATS Read All The Screens!• Key words• Synonyms• Subjects• Suggested topics• Types of materials – Scholarly Journals, Magazines, etc.
  26. 26. Full text from a citation:• Link from citation to .pdf OR “view at publisher”• Our “link resolver” that attempts to locate full text.• “Article title” in quotation marks in Google Scholar• Interlibrary Loan
  27. 27. Need help?Come visit –Sci-Tech Library(Carnegie)galloway@syr.eduOR
  28. 28. Questions???