Firefox 4 Beta Strategy Brownbag


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Firefox 4 Beta Strategy Brownbag

  1. 1. Firefox 4 Beta Strategy“Apollo 11”<br />May 2010<br />
  2. 2. Product Marketing @ Mozilla<br />2<br />To represent and advocate the needs of our users/developers to drive insightful product decisions; to honestly and effectively position and launch our products in the market to extend our reach and maximize the opportunities for developers to innovate and improve the Web.<br />-Product Marketing Team<br />
  3. 3. The Beta Plan for Firefox 4 Leverages the Strengths of 3.5/3.6 While Deploying New Strategies to Reach and Engage With a Broader Audience<br />3<br />3.5 Beta Results<br />4.0 Beta Goals<br />1.3 MM Beta testers with a last-month surge <br />4MM active Beta testers (min. 2MM) with steady growth rate*<br />Tech-skewed testing group <br />A representative sample of our existing user base<br />Unapproachable (perhaps, ineffective) feedback channels <br />Segment-specific feedback channels => synthesized actionable feedback<br />Minimal competitive and industry insight<br />Deep understanding of marketplace dynamics and competitive differentiators <br />Key messages fluid throughout beta to full release <br />Seed core marketing positioning and build campaign momentum for full release<br />* Product/engineering dependencies <br />
  4. 4. Market Segmentation Goals for the Beta Are More Aggressive in Reach and Diversity<br />4<br />1.3 MM<br />Devs/Early Adopters<br />50% = ~500,000 Testers<br />FF Faithful / Tech Savvy<br />35% = ~350,000 Testers<br />Mainstream<br />15% = ~150,000 Testers<br />More aggressive upfront acquisition – Reach the majority by mid-September<br />4.0MM<br />Devs/Early Adopters<br />35% = ~1,400,000 Testers<br />Firefox Faithful/Tech Savvy<br />25% = ~1,000,000 Testers<br />Moderates<br />20% = ~800,000 Testers<br />Mainstream<br />20% = ~800,000 Testers<br />
  5. 5. A Comprehensive Beta Program <br />5<br />Build Interest<br />Focus on specific features for each release to boost excitement<br />Acquire<br />Make it dead simple and easy to download <br />Gather Feedback<br />Cast a wide net - offer easy-to-use feedback channels for users of all backgrounds <br />Engage<br />Make our testers part of a movement by building deeper relationships<br />Educate<br />Set up the market for understanding (and wanting) new browser features <br />Spread the Word<br />Arm our Beta testers to evangelize the full release <br />
  6. 6. Segmentation Strategy<br />6<br />Devs/ Early Adopters<br />Tech Savvy/ Firefox Faithful<br />Moderate<br />Mainstream<br />Join our movement<br />Don’t Just Use Firefox But Fall in love with it<br />Help make Firefox the world’s #1 browser<br />Build the next generation browser<br />Primary Message<br />The “Feature(s) Hook”<br />TBD<br />TBD<br />TBD<br />TBD<br />Primary Feedback Channel<br />Bugzilla<br />Test Pilot<br />Input<br />Surveys<br />Primary Acquisition Channel<br />Blogosphere / SEM<br />Word-of-Mouth / SEM<br />Twitter <br />Tech Press <br />Primary Ongoing Communications Channel<br />Beta Webpages<br />Email<br />Facebook<br />What’s New & First Run / Email<br />MDN/ MozCamp<br />
  7. 7. Throughout the Beta, We Will Build Our Arsenal of Market Insights<br />7<br />Competitive Analysis<br />Market Research<br />User Surveys<br />Objective:<br />Understand the features, messaging and positioning of competitors. Define our competitive differentiators<br />Understand the market concerns and how they are defined<br />Further define the FF4 market segments and how to effectively reach them<br />Activity:<br /><ul><li>Chrome 5 Beta review
  8. 8. IE 9 review
  9. 9. Other: RockMelt, Opera
  10. 10. Performance demos/benchmarks
  11. 11. Security/Privacy research
  12. 12. Market share analysis
  13. 13. Chrome user segmentation</li></ul>Outcome:<br /><ul><li>Input for developing FF4 positioning & messaging
  14. 14. Assist with prioritizing features
  15. 15. Input for developing FF4 positioning & messaging
  16. 16. Assist with identifying the target markets for FF4
  17. 17. Input for positioning & messaging </li></li></ul><li>Regardless of the Market Segment, We Will Have Channels in Place to Capture Comprehensive Feedback <br />8<br />Communication Channels<br />Beta Testers<br />0MM<br />1.3MM<br />2MM<br />4MM<br />Techies/Early Adopters<br />Mainstream<br />Tech Savvy / Firefox Faithful<br />All<br />Moderate<br />
  18. 18. Firefox 4 Beta Feedback Mechanisms<br />9<br />
  19. 19. <ul><li>Use Test Pilot to push out Surveys on a consistent basis.
  20. 20. To specific populations
  21. 21. To answer specific questions.</li></ul>SurveyGizmo in Firefox 4 Beta Program<br />10<br />Beta r1<br />Beta r2 & Beyond<br /><ul><li>Use SurveyGizmo for spot polls and surveys on:
  22. 22. What’s New
  23. 23. Beta Home page</li></li></ul><li>Social Media <br />11<br /><ul><li>Use Twitter as initial communication channel with our tech-savvy users (through @mozhacks and @firefox).
  24. 24. Use Facebook for more mainstream outreach later in the beta cycle.
  25. 25. Watch #Fx4beta tweets for general feedback
  26. 26. Stability
  27. 27. Performance
  28. 28. Competitive positioning
  29. 29. Watch comments on Test Driver and Firefox groups.
  30. 30. Stability
  31. 31. Performance
  32. 32. Product Perception</li></li></ul><li>UserVoice: Currently used on Mozilla Labs and MDN<br />12<br />3.<br />1.<br />2.<br />Where can I give feedback?<br /><ul><li>Have Feedback links/buttons on beta pages, but also on MDN and other developer friendly pages.
  33. 33. Could also be useful for general users?</li></li></ul><li>With an End of June Beta Launch We Have 4 Weeks to Prep <br />13<br />Focus of the next 2 weeks<br />Focus of the last 2 weeks<br /><ul><li>Finalize Site Design
  34. 34. Finalize Creative Campaign
  35. 35. Finish WebDev Implementation
  36. 36. Finalize PR Message
  37. 37. QA Beta site
  38. 38. Launch Beta
  39. 39. Finalize Beta site copy, mockups
  40. 40. Create Screencasts of features
  41. 41. Finalize Communication Plans
  42. 42. Start Creative Campaign Planning
  43. 43. Start L10n</li></ul>Ongoing after Launch<br /><ul><li>Biweekly feedback reports rolled up for Product team.
  44. 44. Communication with users for each beta respin.
  45. 45. Launch Mainstream campaign(s)
  46. 46. Launch Educational campaign(s)</li></li></ul><li>Beta Program Contacts<br />14<br />Thank You!<br />General Program<br />Firefox Input –<br />Test Pilot –<br />