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An example of a good presentation to large customers(UC USA general presentation)


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When it comes to meet with a potential large customer a good introductory presentation opens the conversation, avoids dropping your company's presentation as part of the "weather" or "ice breaking" most common beginning of a meeting and above all creates the environment to find common ground.

It has to be brief, clear, comprehensive, big picture and able to add value to the meeting.

This a presentation that I designed to introduce my current company to potential large distributors. It usually takes 7 minutes offering a quick company overall view of our potential as supplier.

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An example of a good presentation to large customers(UC USA general presentation)

  1. 1. Business Partnership Proposal April, 2016
  2. 2. Our History And Vision
  3. 3. UC’s company history dates back to 1908 and was established as a manufacturer and repairer of vehicle road springs. After recognizing the market opportunity for aftermarket non OEM truck and trailer components, the management team planned a strategy to change the company from a manufacturer to a wholesale distribution business.
  4. 4. In September of 2004, the company was renamed Universal Components UK Ltd Sales growth increase 350%. Universal Components UK Ltd is the UK’s largest independent distributor of aftermarket truck and trailer components and the 3rd largest in Europe During 2012, Universal Components UK Ltd was acquired by the TVS Group of Companies. TVS Group is a diversified automotive & industrial conglomerate, with a presence across the Globe. With a group revenue in excess of US $6 billion yearly, the TVS group of companies are leaders in manufacturing, distribution and logistics.
  5. 5. TVS companies and joint ventures Axles India Limited Brakes India Limited Delphi-TVS Firestone TVS Private Limited India Japan Lighting Private Limited India Motor Parts and Accessories Limited India Nippon Electricals Limited Irizar TVS Limited Lucas-TVS Limited Lucas Indian Service Limited Manufacturers Equipment and Supply Company (MESCO) Southern Roadways Limited Sundaram Auto Components Limited - Plastics Division Sundaram Auto Components Limited - Rubber Division Sundaram Brake Linings Limited Sundaram Dynacast Private Limited Sundram Fasteners Limited And more:
  6. 6. Our Global Reach
  7. 7. As part of the TVS Group; Universal Components UK Ltd are active in over 30 countries. Our customers rely upon us to deliver the highest quality products, with first class sales and technical support to match. In the UK we own brand some of the products for Paccar. We also supply Volvo with a range of products for their all makes parts program. Now we have 29,000 parts live with 18,500 lines sold in 2015.
  8. 8. As part of our Global growth strategy, we have opened our own procurement, engineering and consolidation facilities in China, Turkey and India. This provides us with the capability to identify, supply, quality approve and consolidate products; streamlining and improving our customers supply chain. We also supply the Military. Our products are also used by a number of Commercial vehicle and coach manufacturers as original equipment parts. Another part of growing the Global footprint of Universal Components is to establish a base in the countries in which we operate. With this in mind, we have opened our first US location in St. Louis, Missouri. South Africa and Australia are also planned.
  9. 9. Universal Components Facilities UC China UK New Facility
  10. 10. Our Strategy, Services & Solutions
  11. 11. Become an integral part of your supply chain. Streamlining of your vendor base by consolidation of a wide range of products in the USA, China, Turkey and India. Product quality assurance through our own procurement, engineering and quality facility. Direct shipping from China, Turkey or India into Customer’s distribution centers or into Universal Components Distribution Center for onward shipping to your branch network. Private labeling.
  12. 12. Universal Components could become a US based vendor but offering the advantages of buying overseas. US based customer service team. Warranties, damages, product issues would be handled in the US with no need to return to the overseas supplier. Absorbing currency fluctuations by dealing with a US company.
  13. 13. Core Product Lines
  14. 14. Our Future Perspective
  15. 15. We have the capabilities to become a multi-channel branch operation within the US taking advantages of our Global capabilities. That said, our expertise is in wholesale distribution and helping our customers achieve their business aims.