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Navigating twitter river may 2013 powerpoint


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Presentation for educators at Surrey Teachers Association 2013 in Surrey BC
This is a variation of my other presentation about Twitter Best Professional Development in 140 characters

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Navigating twitter river may 2013 powerpoint

  1. 1. Navigating the Twitter River Lisa Domeier de Suarez @librarymall
  2. 2. A river seems a magic thing.A magic, moving, living part of the very earth itself.- Laura Gilpin- Laura Gilpin- Laura Gilpin
  3. 3. Who’s in the Twittiver with you?
  4. 4. Twitter:#BestProDEver in 140 Characters
  5. 5. Profoundlearning istaking placein onlineenvironments
  6. 6. Tools to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network)
  7. 7. Where and with whomdo you learn?
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Yeah, but...
  10. 10. Find outwhateducatorsare thinkingright now!Text
  11. 11. Twitter: 24/7 best teacherbinder sharing
  12. 12. #hashtag = a instantsearch filter
  13. 13. #tlchat
  14. 14. #sd36learn
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Twitter Chats
  17. 17. Twitter Chat #tlchatEvery second Monday of the month5pm Pacific (unless it is a holiday)
  18. 18. Don’t fear....jump right into the conversations
  19. 19. FlipBoard App
  20. 20. It is no longerenough to dopowerful work if noone sees it.-Chris Lehmann- Chris Lehmann
  21. 21. Twitter Lingo@DM#RTMTa reference to a user, seen by all followersa direct message to a user, only seen by theusermark a word as a hashtag, the communitydetermines the popularitycredit a tweet to another usera retweet, but paraphrased or modified
  22. 22. Twitter User Life Cycle
  23. 23. Don’t tweet when angry.
  24. 24. Play nice onthe Twitterplayground:Thank peoplefor retweetsand share,share, share!
  25. 25. Twitter in the classroom: @MrDyersClass studentsshare learning with followers
  26. 26. @CHSEckert tweets learning challenges to studentsand info about Chemisty and Biology Classes
  27. 27. Activity:Create a Twitter account and post a tweet about whatwe are learning today with the #sd36learn #staconfhashtag
  28. 28. We ask ourstudents togrow everyday.We need toalso.
  29. 29. Source: DaringLibrarian @gwynethjones
  30. 30. See you on the Twittiver!See you on the Twittiver!
  31. 31. Media is about relationships
  32. 32. Creative Commons Images