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5 Web Tools for Collaboration


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5 Amazing Web Tools for Classroom Collaboration presented on October 10, 2012 Topics shared in this hour webinar with Laura Candler were: Tips for using Animoto, Skype, Kidblog, ClassDojo, and LiveBinders Featured Presenters: Erin Klein, Paula Naugle, Joan Young, Suzy Brooks, and Lisa Dabbs #edchat #ntchat

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5 Web Tools for Collaboration

  1. 1. Hosted by Laura CandlerTeaching
  2. 2.
  3. 3.  Kidblog – Joan Young Skype – Paula Naugle Animoto – Erin Klein ClassDoJo – Suzy Brooks LiveBinders – Lisa Dabbs Moderated by Peggy George and Francie Kugelman
  4. 4. Kidblog, Skype, Animoto, ClassDojo, LiveBinders A – I’m not familiar with any of them. B – I’ve used one or two of these web tools. C – I’ve used most of the web tools. D – I’ve used all 5 of these web tools.
  5. 5. Allkidscanflourish.blogspot.com @flourishingkids
  6. 6.  Easy entry to blogging Developing an authentic audience Collaborative conversations with other classes Fully moderated and “safe” interactions
  7. 7.
  8. 8.  Increased focus on collaboration Global Read Aloud Project connections Use the Blogroll feature
  9. 9.  Great new features of Kidblog Embed projects like videos, slideshows, podcasts and more Grow the audience and facilitate student collaboration
  10. 10. http://pnaugle.blogspot.com @plnaugle
  11. 11.  Download Skype onto your computer Have a webcam – built in or stand alone Have a mic – built in or USB mic Create a Skype account Add some Skype contacts
  12. 12. Click on Contacts, andfrom the drop down,click on Add Contact.A dialogue box appearswhich allows you tofind someone by email,phone number, fullname, or Skype name.When you find thecorrect person, clickthe +Add button.
  13. 13. Your list of contacts is on theleft side of the page andwhen you open yourContacts list you can seetheir status in regards toSkype..Green check - online and Skype openOther green symbol – online but Skype is closedYellow symbol - not onlineRed symbol - online but can not be disturbed
  14. 14. When you are ready to call someone on Skype click on their name in your Skype Contacts list and their picture will pop to the right side on the Skypescreen. You can Click on Video call for the full feature Skype call, or you can click on Call which will only allow you to hear audio (no video). The + sign allows you to place that person in a group if you are doing a group audio call (up to 25 people).
  15. 15. A Canadian Class A Class in Colorado An Arizona Class
  16. 16. Joey King, thestar of theDisney movieRamona andBeezus,speaks to mystudentsabout anti-bullying.
  17. 17. Author Dianne de Las Casas shares her Cajun Cornbread boy with a Kindergarten class in Philadelphia while visiting my classroom
  18. 18. Author, Jerry Blumengarten (@Cybraryman_1), shares the children’s books he wrote for the public utility companies.
  19. 19. My friend, James Adams, shares his knowledge of theConstitution with us and our Skype Buddy class in Kansas.
  20. 20.  In your building or district On Twitter Skype in the Classroom - Skype in Schools Directory Global Education Conference Ning #4thchat Wiki, #6thchat Wiki, #sschatNing
  21. 21. @kleinerin
  22. 22.  Fast, free and shockingly easy high definition video slide share program Automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Free and “pro” accounts and apps available for web, iPhone, iPad, Android Easy to share, anywhere
  23. 23.  Its free The videos are super simple to create (I love user-friendly sites!) The end product looks professional – teachers can make beautiful presentations to send to parents, while students can create a WOW factor Total time to create... only minutes Share videos via: email, Facebook, Twitter, blog/ website, download, upload to YouTube, etc...
  24. 24. • Project Based• Easy to Learn• Easy to Teach• Fun• Fast• Free
  25. 25.  Deepen vocab knowledge as students use images to describe and add text to explore the meaning. Make book trailers for novels or to sequence the events of a story’s plot line. Showcase the life of a famous explorer Visually retell events leading up to a key point in history.
  26. 26.  Try it out for free ◦ Pick your background  Many different options ◦ Add your photos  Start with something easy – family or friends ◦ Choose your music  Something for every occasion ◦ Share with anybody
  27. 27. @simplysuzy
  28. 28.  Motivate. Collaborate. Assess.
  29. 29. @teachingwthsoul
  30. 30. • What is a LiveBinder?• Classroom Application• Professional Use• Tutorials• Hands-on practice
  31. 31.  Curate your resources!
  32. 32. Photo credit: Jonathan D. Blundell via flickr
  33. 33. Paperless ASCD conference resource
  34. 34.
  35. 35.  1.Sign Up for a LiveBinder’s Account 2.Create a PRIVATE Binder to practice 3.Create five tabs ◦ AboutMe-Include your name and email ◦ Upload a photo to this “about me” tab ◦ Web2.0 tool-add a link to your favorite Web2.0 tool ◦ LiveBinder-find a few samples. Add two subtabs under this tab that link to those samples ◦ Cover-add an image to your free choice tab as a cover
  36. 36.  Video Tutorials: eo#what-livebinder Tips: Tools: Bookmarklet, Chrome, iPad, iPhone, Buttons
  37. 37. Tomorrow you’ll receive an email link to the recording for this webinar. In the meantime, please connect with me on Facebook or Corkboard Connections! On the next slide I’ll explain how to get the attendance certificate and we’ll finish with the Q & A session.
  38. 38.  Do not complete the Classroom 2.0 Live survey that appears when you log off Visit the webinar attendance page (URL will be given in a moment) Click the blue download button to download and open the PDF Add your name to form field and print your attendance certificate
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  41. 41. Do you have questions thathave not been answered?Please type them into thechat box or raise your hand torequest the microphone.