SLA's Strategic Vision (May 31, 2012)


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On May 31, 2012, Past-President Anne Caputo discussed SLA’s new strategic vision and how it is being implemented. This program provided an opportunity for all members to learn more about where SLA is headed and how they might be able to use SLA’s vision in their units’ strategic plans.

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SLA's Strategic Vision (May 31, 2012)

  1. 1. SLA’s New, Updated andImproved Strategic Vision Leadership and Management Division 31 May 2012 Anne Caputo, 2010 President
  2. 2. Creating a FutureReady Roadmap“If you dontknow where youare going, anyroad will get youthere.” ~Lewis Carroll
  3. 3. Creating a FutureReady Roadmap“Just lie downon the floorand keepcalm.” ~John Dillinger
  4. 4. We live in a time of….Information andKnowledge Explosion
  5. 5. Did You Know?• Per Second – Google – 34,000 searches – Yahoo – 3,200 searches – Bing – 927 searches – Twitter – 600 tweets• Facebook is projected to have 1 billion members sometime in August 2012
  6. 6. Did You Know?• SLA membership, dues revenue, overall revenue and conference attendance have – A) Held steady over the last 5 years – B) Increased over the last 5 years – C) Decreased over the last 5 years• And why?
  7. 7. How will SLA lead?• SLA’s Board of Directors have developed an updated Strategic Vision for SLA – This will act as roadmap for now through 2014 – The Strategic Vision is a high level summation of bold goals…and includes some risk
  8. 8. SLA’s Vision• SLA is a vibrant, global association of professionals – Employed in every sector of the information and knowledge economy – Members thrive where data, information, and knowledge intersect – Strategic partners support SLA because they believe in the association’s mission and the future of its members
  9. 9. SLA’s Vision• The goal of SLA is to support information professionals – As they contribute, in their varied and evolving roles, • To the opportunities and achievements of – Organizations – Communities – Society
  10. 10. Key Areas of Focus• Annual Conference• Professional Development• Creating Richer Volunteer Experience• New Markets through Collaboration• Growth through Diversification
  11. 11. Annual ConferenceMary Ellen Bates, Division Cabinet Chair – November 28• Significant source of Association income• More streamlined way to develop conference content• Offer more value to senior SLA members – Executive track and more press coverage
  12. 12. Annual ConferencePart Two• Develop more virtual conference activities• More headquarters staff involvement – Better coordination of CE programs – More year-round education• Reduce number of sessions – Increase unit collaboration – Increase virtual programming
  13. 13. Professional DevelopmentSara Tompson, Director – November 29• Integrate professional development throughout the year – Use a variety of learning tools and modalities• Update the SLA Competencies for the 21st Century document – Partner with the Professional Development Advisory Council• Reach out to iSchools and other professional schools – MBA Programs for example• New partnership and solo programs – Look for new professional development partners in both professional and commercial sectors
  14. 14. Richer Volunteer ExperienceDaniel Lee, Director – November 30• Multitude of volunteer opportunities exist, but… – Need to rethink and offer new roles in web development, marketing, program management and more• Initial suggestions – Community Managers – Plug-in Developer – Search Engine Optimization – Knowledge Managers• Engage and learn from the Loyalty Project
  15. 15. New Markets through CollaborationBrent Mai, President-Elect – December 1• Learning and Networking Initiatives – Local, regional and international• Non-traditional Collaboration – Members – Other associations – Other parts of the world• Governance Structure – Fiscal Structure - Geographic Structure – Marketing Structure - Technology Structure – Collaborative Structure
  16. 16. Growth through DiversificationRichard Huffine, Division Cabinet Chair-Elect – December 2• Professional Home for more Diversified Membership – Computer Specialists – Research Analysts – Brand Managers – And more…..• Market to new and growing sectors of the information marketplace• Creation of new Divisions and Caucuses
  17. 17. Envisioning a Bright FutureInterwoven NetworkedPioneering Innovate CreativeRisk-taking CollaborativeAgile Leadership SkillValue Change StrategicTechnology VisionLeadership Insights
  18. 18. What is our response?
  19. 19. What is our response?
  20. 20. “There aresome thingsyou learn bestin calm, andsome instorm.” ~Willa Cather
  21. 21. Thanks for attending and stayed tuned for more LMD webinars this fall. See you in Chicago at one of these great LMD programs …• Tale from the Trenches: Contract Negotiation is not for the Faint of Heart• Marketing for the Rest of Us: A Guide for Introverts• LMD Business Meeting and Afternoon Tea• Transitioning to Leadership and Management• Creating Organizations We Want to Work In: Combating Defensiveness at Work• Meaningful Measures: How do Buyers and Sellers Show ROI?
  22. 22. Thanks for attending and stayed tuned for more LMD webinars this fall. See you in Chicago at one of these great LMD programs …• Meaningful Measures: How do Buyers and Sellers Show ROI?• Reinventing Library Skills• Rapid Fire Consulting Showcase: Come One, Come All• Marketing Section Virtual Swap n Shop Breakfast• Challenges of Buying and Selling Content in 2012• LMD/DKM Open House• Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago
  23. 23. THANK YOU