Andrew carnegie birthplace museum


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Andrew carnegie birthplace museum

  1. 1. Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum Lisa Mckerron HNC Computer Arts and Digital Design Graded Unit Gillian McArthur
  2. 2. The Brief As designer I am required to create interest and to increase the visitor numbers to the Andrew Carnegie Birth Place museum. The museum is an interesting place to visit however, many people associated museums as old fashioned and a boring place to be. They need to see that it is fresh, exciting and that there is lots to see and do. This will be done by having the target audience as the parents of the children and by:  Devising a marketing plan for a gallery or museum  A3 folder down to A5 finished size full colour leaflet  Invitation to specific events  Promotional material – pen, pencils, mugs  Prepare a “PECHA KUCHA” style presentation
  3. 3. Aims and Objectives  Aims of Practical Assignments:  Promote the museum as a fun and interesting place to be  To advertise their services to their target audience  Information Sources to be used:  Internet (primary source) Research other styles of PECHA KUCHA style presentations Research important events Research businesses that will produce the promotional material designs  The Andrew Carnegie Birth Place Museum  Knowledge/Skills wishing to be gained:  Interesting facts and important events that will feature within the Andrew Carnegie Birth Place Museum  Extended experience in the above Adobe/Microsoft programs  Managing a project  Meeting deadlines  Materials/Resources to be used:  High Spec computer with speakers, a scanner and a printer  Adobe Photoshop  Adobe Illustrator  Microsoft Powerpoint
  4. 4. Research on Client Screen Shot of their Home Page on their website
  5. 5. Research on Client Screen Shot of their History Page on their website
  6. 6. Research on Client Screen Shot of their The Museum Page on their website
  7. 7. Research on Client Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum’s original leaflet A book which includes information on the funding which the museum lends
  8. 8. Colour Schemes Possible colour schemes which may be used for the final products
  9. 9. Typography Chosen Font
  10. 10. Research On Other Leaflets Leaflets used by other Museums and Galleries
  11. 11. Possible Leaflet Designs
  12. 12. Possible Leaflet Designs
  13. 13. Final Leaflet Design In Progress
  14. 14. Research On Invitations Invitations used by other museums
  15. 15. Possible Invitations Designs
  16. 16. Possible Invitations Designs
  17. 17. Final Invitation Design In Progress
  18. 18. Promotional Material Designs Each Promotional Material will include a quote made by Andrew Carnegie
  19. 19. Evaluation  Strengths  Speaking with my client  Managing a project  Learning more information about the Museum  Meeting the aims and the objectives of the brief  Weaknesses  Managing to stick to deadlines