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The October issue of the Tidings, the monthly newsletter of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD

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Tidings Oct09

  1. 1. The Tidings G ood news from o ctober 2009 in this i ssue Pastor’s r eflections By e mily rose m arTin emily@browndowntown.org PasTor’s r eflecTions 1 “When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he…said, ‘How awesome is this place! This is l ike faTher, none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.’” – Genesis 28:16-17 l ike son .................. 2 First of all, I want you to know how excited I am to be here. I have felt the movement of the Holy Spirit throughout this call process, and think that Brown Memorial Park Avenue Tri-c hurch series ... 2 is, hands down, the best first call I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful for the ways that you have already welcomed and cared for me, particularly through the The Tiffany series Associate Pastor Nominating Committee and the staff. I am astounded at sunday a fTernoon the level of passion, commitment, intelligence, and openness of the staff c oncerTs ................. 3 and lay leaders in the congregation. I know that the church is excited to have another person to help with preaching, teaching, and pastoral care, as well as provide “elijah” P erformance some fresh perspective and pick up some things that may have fallen through the cracks. cd s a re h ere! ........ 3 I am eager to get started, but I am beginning to realize how time-and-energy-consuming moving to a new city and becoming a home owner for the first time can be (By the way, a c hild my new home is in Ednor Gardens, just north of 33rd St. near the old Memorial Stadium). is WaiTing for you ... 3 I am beginning to wonder just how long it will take me to get settled into my office and home to the point where I am not digging through boxes or making a new purchase in BroWn c ommuniTy order to cook a meal or get dressed in the morning. Then there is the task of getting to a nnouncemenTs ....... 3 know all the committees, programs, and partnerships already in existence at BMPA. Through it all, I will be getting to know each of you – your stories, your gifts, your BirThdays / questions, your concerns. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. c ommiTTee c hairs .... 5 Thankfully, one of the first things I did upon moving here was to join a newly forming clergy group for support and prayer. We had our first meeting last week and reflected together on Jacob’s dream of the ladder to heaven in Genesis 28. Jacob, too, was in the midst of a major life transition, and while God was waxing eloquent about being a blessing to all peoples, Jacob was more concerned with the basics: food, clothes, safety, and a place that feels like home. He wanted a guarantee from God about THOSE things first. I could identify. What I found comforting, however, is that even though Jacob put conditions on his loyalty to God, God’s promises to Jacob were unconditional. The angels moved back and forth between heaven and earth whether or not Jacob took notice. God promised to be with Jacob and watch over him and make his offspring and him a blessing to all people of the earth, whether or not Jacob claimed the Lord as his God. And so I hope it is with all of us. In the meantime, while I’m still sorting out the whole food, clothes, security thing, I will echo Jacob’s early morning prayer, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” If you want to stop by (and please do!), I’m on the third floor of the Church House …unpacking.
  2. 2. like father, like s on By e llen carTer c ooPer During Elden’s treks in the educational realm, he met He is named after his father. His father was an another teacher (Bonnie) and another long term love educator who sang in the church choir and was a affair began. Their marriage has resulted in a lasting Presbyterian Elder. His mother was a child psychologist. relationship with Brown Memorial Church. In 1980, Both of his parents were musically inclined. He and his Elden visited Brown Memorial because Bonnie’s parents brothers all played musical instruments and even today, (members since Bonnie was 10 years old) invited him. they sing in their church choirs. Bonnie and Elden immediately became Sunday Elden Schneider’s life School teachers. has very closely Elden and his family have been involved in many paralleled his father’s. activities at Brown Memorial. In 1984, they were the cast He is an educator and of the Christmas pageant. Their daughter, Caitlin, was has participated widely Baby Jesus and Bonnie and Elden were Mary and Joseph. in all manner of In 1997, Bonnie and Elden were the first delegates to visit musical venues. The Pine Ridge. He currently serves on the Urban Witness elder Schneider helped Committee, sings with the choir, and assists with the Mrs. Schneider raise senior high school students when he can. Every Pastor the family in the since David Malone has been the beneficiary of Elden’s Garfield Heights section wisdom as he served on the Session. of Cleveland, Ohio. Bonnie and Elden remain educators, not only for their Their home church students, but for their own family. They are proud of their was Miles Park children and grandchildren. Sam has two children and Presbyterian. Sarah has one child. Caitlin, the grown-up Baby Jesus, Elden Schneider Early in his life, followed her father’s road to the College of Wooster. Elden consciously or After graduation, she spent a year as a missionary in New unconsciously decided that his father was modeling a Orleans and is currently enrolled in graduate school at path for him to travel. This son is quite proud of the fact Arcadia College in Pennsylvania. that he is a graduate of the school where his father was A self-described “ham,” Elden has played the roles the principal, Garfield Heights High School. Then it was of one of the three kings and “The Singing Bishop.” He on to the College of Wooster. It is no surprise that Elden thinks that Brown Memorial is an amazing church that (who likes to talk) was an English major whose minor has had and continues to have intelligent leadership, fine was music. He combined the two interests when he music, and an emphasis on peace and social justice. Elden appeared frequently in the college’s musical is also pleased with the growth in attendance and theater productions. membership that the church is experiencing. t ri-church series After Elden received his undergraduate degree, he traveled to Baltimore to pursue a graduate degree in English education from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education. He had his first steamed crab and – The Ordained Ministry it was love at first bite. Thus his love affair with the Mark your calendars now for our next educational city began. Later, influenced undoubtedly by his father, series with Corpus Christi Roman Catholic and Elden decided to matriculate at Morgan State University Memorial Episcopal Churches. This fall’s topic is the where he was granted a second master’s degree. While at role of the ordained ministry in our denominations. Morgan, he sang with the famed Morgan State University On Sunday, October 11, Fr. Rich will lead a under the direction of the late Dr. Nathan Carter discussion on the character of ordained ministry Elden’s first teaching assignment was at Dumbarton (sacrament or not?). On Sunday, October 18, Junior High School. He then became the chairperson of Rev. Andrew Foster Connors will speak on the role of the English Departments at Pikesville Junior High, Deer the ordained clergy in the governance of our traditions. Park Junior High, and Pikesville Senior High Schools. Finally, on Sunday, October 25, Rev. Martha Macgill Retired five years ago, Elden is still addicted to teaching will lead a discussion on the ordination process. All and continues to be a “talent scout” at Beth Tfiloh High sessions will take place at Memorial Episcopal Church School. His passions have not abated for teaching English, Hall (Bolton Street and West Lafayette Avenue). sponsoring the literary magazine, and coaching Hospitality begins at noon; presentations begin at mock trial debates. 12:30 p.m. PaGe 2 • t he t idinGs october 2009
  3. 3. t he t iffany series a child is waitinG sunday a fternoon concerts for you Mark your calendar! The new Tiffany Series season opens Would you identify yourself as a “reader”? Do you like with a delightful concert by our soloists – the same singers to read to your children? Do you like to read to your grand- who were featured in Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” (and on the CD) children? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may and who have garnered rave reviews for their gorgeous and want to join a group of other readers from Brown Memorial. expressive voices as well as for their extraordinary Once every two weeks, we read to kindergartners and first and musicianship. We hope you will join us for this exciting event! second graders right around the corner at Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School. It is an hour commitment from 10 a.m. to november 8, 2009 at 3 P.m. – “how can i keeP 11 a.m. We get back much more than we give. The children from sinGinG?” are always happy to see us and so are the teachers! The book This will be a lively, varied vocal concert by acclaimed choices are ours – fiction, poetry, nature; you pick and they love Brown Memorial soloists Lydia Beasley, soprano, Diane it. You can choose the day of the week which suits you best. Schaming, alto, James Cox, tenor, and Andrew Sauvageau, Please call Susan Saudek more to sign up. She will answer any baritone. John Walker will accompany the ensemble pieces. questions you may have. Her telephone number is 4l0-561-3616. march 14, 2010 at 4 P.m. – brown community baltimore area handbell festival, richard frey, Director a nnouncements Five choirs of handbell ringers will play as a 300-bell ensemble and as 60-bell individual choirs. It will be a sonic adult forum schedule – please consider joining us on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. in the Speers room of the and visual treat for all ages Church House. aPril 25, 2010 at 4 P.m. – oct. 4th Creation of Community: The Hospitality Series GosPel music festival oct. 11th Global Mission: Reports from our Delegations – Christy Macy dr. barbara baker, Director This inspiring festival concert will be presented by the oct. 18th Series on Disabilities and Diversity – The Committee and Andy Imparato combined choirs of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church and Colesville United Methodist oct. 25th Series on Disabilities and Diversity – The Committee and Andy Imparato Church of Silver Spring, Maryland. nov. 1st Series on Disabilities and Diversity – The Committee and Andy Imparato “Elijah” Performance CDs Are Here! nov. 8th Series on Disabilities and Diversity – The Committee and Andy Imparato The CDs of the Chancel Choir’s extraordinary nov. 15th The Charter School Movement – Betsy Nix performance of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah,” conducted by et. al. John Walker and featuring the renowned Frederick Swann The Committee and Andy Imparato as guest organist, have arrived! nov. 22nd Southwest Baltimore Charter School and The 3-disc set is $15 and can be purchased in the Brown Memorial Park Avenue Assembly Room after worship on Sundays, in the church nov. 29th No Forum – Advent Wreath Making office during the week, and online at: www.browndowntown.org (a small shipping fee applies to online purchases). are you interested in learninG more about The May 17th concert, the culminating event in last church membershiP? Andrew Foster Connors will be season’s Tiffany Series, garnered thunderous applause and holding a new member class during the Church School hour pew-thumping from the 300-member audience. It drew high beginning October 11. Please call the church office or e-mail accolades from a wide variety of sources. him directly if you are interested, andrew@browndowntown.org. Eileen Guenther, President of the American Guild of handbells anyone? The Brown Memorial Handbell Organists, called the concert “superbly performed” and Choir will start rehearsing for the Fall season on October 11. “memorable.” “I have seldom been so struck by a total We are always happy to have new members! Ringers from musical experience,” she added. Deborah Wood, an organist middle school age and up are welcome. Please contact and choir director, wrote, “The soloists melted my heart with Chrystie Adams by e-mail at cladams22@verizon.net or phone their musicianship.” at 443-474-2200 if you are interested in being a new ringer. — Shirley Parry continued on page 4 october 2009 t he t idinGs • PaGe 3
  4. 4. brown community a nnouncements continued from page 3 the samaritan community moves forward this bible study – Rev. Bill Bearden has agreed once fall with some important events to benefit our clients again to lead a Bible Study course beginning October and our program. 22nd through November 12th, Thursdays 10:30-noon Please join us in a neighborhood canned food drive in the church house. He will address the fascinating on Sunday, October 25. Volunteers, including members (and unknown to most of us) subject of Peter’s influence of our congregation and Sunday School will take to the on the New Testament. streets to fill Samaritan’s pantry coffers. We will community dinners are being planned for canvass the neighborhood the week before, requesting Saturday, November 7th. If you are able to host, please that neighbors be on hand to donate or leave foodstuffs contact Monica Rakowski – mrakowski@chessys.com. out on porches. A pizza party will be held at the would you like to suPPort our youth conclusion of the event. P roGram but don’t have time to be a youth leader? m embers h elPinG m embers Youth group is now meeting the 1st and 3rd Sundays of Our church has been looking for ways to help our each month, after church beginning with eating lunch members in these times of economic uncertainty. We together. We are seeking volunteers to provide a simple offer this space to church members to let other lunch for about 15 youth and adult leaders. Contact Kate members of our community know about their Foster Connors if you are interested: particular concerns. Please contact them if you know of kate@browndowntown.org or 410-377-2261. resources that might be useful. Please contact usher m inistry needs ushers: Our group of sharon@browndowntown.org if you would like to be ushers could use a few more folks to serve on Sunday added to the list. mornings. We are especially in need of people who are • Graham Richardson has been out of work for available around 25 minutes before worship. Ushers several months and is seeking employment in assist folks, especially visitors, attend the side door so education, construction, historic preservation, etc. that worshippers are welcomed there, assist with the (Graham is a real renaissance man!) At present he and offering if extra hands are needed, regulate his brother, Tom, are doing odd jobs for people around traffic flow during communion, help children back to town and could do things for Brown Memorial Park their families after Children’s Church, and make a Avenue, too. Please call Graham at 443-618-5741 or special effort to meet newcomers and note absences. e-mail him, grichardson526@gmail.com If you attend regularly and have been musing about • Donna Senft and Rose Glorioso are trying to sell doing more at church without adding one more thing to their home in Homeland. 410-323-7756. your schedule, this may be the perfect service for you. • Daryl Smith, Rachel Aaron Smith’s husband, is a You are already here! Contact Jenny Williams, contractor, specializing in painting services, and is 410-523-3961, or jennywren1800@yahoo.com. looking for jobs/projects to bid on, commercial or we would like to beGin takinG residential. His number is 410-419-5944; the communion to some of our homebound members on company is Blue Line Services. the first Sundays of each month when we celebrate communion together as a community. In order to preserve the take note integrity of this sacrament, two ordained officers of the church g o Green WiTh your coPy of THE TIDINGS! (elders, deacons, or ministers) must be present when the already Now that our new website is complete and we have a direct consecrated elements are shared. Jenny Williams is leading link to the most recent Tidings publication help us go this ministry and is looking for elders and deacons who would GREEN by receiving your copy online. Receiving email be willing to leave at the end of our worship service and travel notification of when the latest Tidings is available for with her to one or more homebound members of our reading will help us cut down on the environmental and community. In order to participate in this ministry, one need financial costs of printing and mailing paper copies. If you not be currently serving on the session or the diaconate. Please would like to receive e-mail notification of when the latest contact Jenny, 410-523-3961, jennywren1800@yahoo.com, or Tidings is available, please send Sharon Holley an email at Andrew Foster Connors if you are interested. sharon@browndowntown.org. She will need your name we’re sPrucinG uP! Brown Memorial will hold a and email address. Also, check our website work day on Saturday, October 17 to tidy up the grounds directly for updates at www.browndowntown.org/index. and brighten the garden. Morning and afternoon php?s=newsletter to download the latest Tidings. Thanks work times available. Contact Bill McConnell at for helping us to be better stewards of God’s wmcconnell4@verizon.net for details. magnificent creation. PaGe 4 • t he t idinGs october 2009
  5. 5. o ctober birthdays committee chairs 10/01 Brantley Davis Adult Education Henry Taylor 10/03 Bill Wilson BUILD Liaison Elizabeth Reichelt 10/07 Katie Artes Christian Education Carol Newill Diversity Hilbert Byers 10/08 Chris Saudek and Page Campbell 10/09 Bill Bishai Eco-Stewardship Task Force Luke Clippinger 10/10 Tom Maser Finance Luke Clippinger 10/11 Will Fletcher-Hill 10/12 Gayle Barney Global Mission Christy Macy • Cameroon (Mary Taylor Fund) Julie Hanks 10/12 Darin Crew • El Salvador Susan Saudek 10/14 Anne Holland • Dakota Partnership Chrystie Adams 10/17 Cal Jackson 10/18 Paul Dagdigian Investment Hilbert Byers 10/19 Hedley Abernethy and John Warmath Membership Monica Rakowski 10/20 Hannah Loring-Davis Nominating Donna Senft 10/21 Julia Christen Luljak Personnel Donna Senft 10/21 Peter Christen Luljak Presbytery Donna Senft 10/21 Matt McNabney Stewardship John Tucker 10/23 Robin Coblentz 10/23 Paul Fletcher-Hill TAMFS:B Carol Graves and Donna Senft 10/24 Yani Robinson 10/24 Caitlin Schneider Tiffany Series Shirley Parry 10/27 James Logan and Chris Saudek 10/28 Phil Heuisler Urban Mission Tom Waldron 10/28 Mary Peeples and Elden Schneider 10/31 Julie Hanks Wednesday Nights @ Brown Carol Newill Note: If you wish to have your birthday listed in The Tidings, please contact Sharon Holley, church secretary, at Worship Ellen Carter Cooper 410-523-1542, or via e-mail at Sharon@browndowntown.org. and Betsy Nix october 2009 t he t idinGs • PaGe 5
  6. 6. non-ProfiT organizaTion u.s. PosTage G ood news from Paid BalTimore, md P ermiT no. 2610 1316 Park Avenue Baltimore, MD 21217 Phone: 410.523.1542 Fax: 410.523.5501 www.browndowntown.org The Tidings daTed m aTerial a ddress service r equesTed The Tidings Published for members and friends of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church Andrew Foster Connors, Pastor 1316 Park Avenue Baltimore, MD 21217 410.523.1542 www.browndowntown.org Published monthly by the Membership Committee. Send contributions by October 18th to Ellen Carter Cooper (edccooper58@hotmail.com) or to Sharon Holley (sharon@browndowntown.org).