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                                                                                         G ood          news f...
r enewed Musical Vitality
                    durinG the sundays after e aster
By john walker, M inisTer of Music         ...
a sk         the        Pastor
By r eV. a ndrew fosTer c onnors                                         testimony from peo...
k ey wins                     for Build in Parks and r ecreation,
                               e ducation, and a nti-usu...
C hild First C elebrates a nnual
                         “s how what You K now ”
  BUILD founded Child First in 1995 in r...
M eet         a   t railBlazer
By e llen carTer c ooPer                                   Legislative District in the
M ay r esPonsiBility s chedule
                            11 a. M. worshiP serVice
  If you have a conflict with this sch...
M ay Birthdays                           05/27
M ay 2010                                      BMPa

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Tidings May10


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The May issue of The Tidings, the newsletter of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, MD.

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Tidings May10

  1. 1. The Tidings G ood news froM M ay 2010 in this i ssue Pastor’s r eflections By r eV. e Mily rose M arTin PasTor’s r eflecTions 1 I’ve been your associate pastor now for almost eight months. We’ve celebrated the twin r enewed Musical peaks of Christmas and Easter together and survived the valley of “snowmaggedon” in ViTaliTy during The between. I’m starting to get a sense of the rhythms of life at Brown Memorial Park Avenue, sundays afTer easTer 2 learning names and faces (can’t wait for that new directory, though!), and even establishing some patterns and habits of my own. chrisTian When I began work here in September, my understanding of my position educaTion news ........ 2 was to be a general support to Rev. Andrew Foster Connors by helping to lead worship, preaching once a month, and sharing in the pastoral care of the a youTh’s r eflecTion 2 congregation. I was also asked to focus on Adult Education and give some attention to the deacons, who had been operating (quite capably!) for a long time without much staff support, and to the growing number of young adults in the church. Eight months in, I can say with a sk The PasTor ........ 3 confidence that these have been my priorities. In addition to my weekly part in worship, I helped initiate a monthly gathering of young k ey wins for Build adults. There are at least 30 people on my “list” of members and prospective members under in Parks and 40 with 0-1 children, and at least 15 of them have been to one or more of our dinners. The r ecreaTion, educaTion deacons are meeting five times a year; they keep in touch with members who can’t attend and a nTi-usury ........ 4 worship, and will soon be extending communion to them on a regular basis. In addition to responding to ongoing needs of our older members and the occasional needs of those in child firsT celeBraTes crisis, the deacons are also exploring opportunities to reach out to the very youngest part of a nnual “show whaT our church family: newborns! you k now” ............... 5 Since I took over adult education in Advent, the staff and I have collaborated with members of the congregation to offer opportunities for adult education on Sunday mornings, M eeT a TrailBlazer 6 Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings, and now on Thursday mornings, along with our occasional Tri-Church Series. During December and January, we explored the topic of TrusTees’ uPdaTe ..... 6 Christian Education in Adult Forum. I have gathered some feedback from those sessions, as well as from surveys, that will inform our future planning. We have also been exploring some M ay r esPonsiBiliTy exciting new opportunities for our confirmands and middle school students. schedule ................. 7 About a month ago, one of my brothers asked me what my favorite part of the job was, and I’ve done a lot of thinking about my answer to that question. Day in and day out, my most h isTory P rojecT consistent favorite activity is interacting with other staff. Their talent, openness, humor, and Taking shaPe ............ 7 wisdom make collaboration intensely rewarding, but I find that even ordinary conversation is a joy. I continue to learn from their example, even as I bring my own gifts and ideas to the BirThdays................. 8 table to share. But there are many other aspects of my job that I have found to be life-giving, even if they do not happen every day. suMMer worshiP Although preaching is one of the most time-and-energy consuming things that I do, it schedule r eMinder .. 8 is also one of the most spiritually and professionally rewarding practices of ministry for me. Another related joy has been the chance to engage scripture through Bible Study. So M ay 2010 far, my favorite vehicle for this has been the Thursday morning Bible study because the aT BMPa ................. 9 group is smaller and the atmosphere more relaxed. One dream of mine is to have at least half the members (and all of the deacons and elders) engaged in some kind of small group continued on page 3
  2. 2. r enewed Musical Vitality durinG the sundays after e aster By john walker, M inisTer of Music worship on the 5th Sunday of Easter. During these weeks when we continue to celebrate the On the same day, May 2, our own Chancel Choir will manifold meanings of Jesus’ resurrection in our lives, I travel to Silver Spring to participate in a festival of rejoice in the continuing growth of membership and gospel music at Colesville United Methodist Church. commitment in the Chancel Choir. During We will join the choir of the Colesville Church under the past few weeks we have been thrilled the dynamic direction of Dr. Barbara Baker in this to welcome new choir members: Susan service to commemorate the anniversary of the Stroupe, soprano; Erin Drenning, alto; founding of that church. We heartily encourage every J. Spencer Hammond, baritone; and Greg member of Brown Memorial Church to attend Dekker, bass. I am deeply grateful to each of them and to this celebration! every continuing member of the Chancel Choir for their On Thursday evening, May 20, the Chancel Choir dedication of time and skill to the ministry of music at will hold a recording session to tape a full program for Brown Memorial Church. broadcast on, produced by our good On May 2, the choir of Chatham University will lead the friend James Howes for an FM station in St. Petersburg, music of worship at Brown Memorial Church. Founded Florida, with live streaming audio throughout the world. in 1869, by Presbyterian pastor William Trimbel Beatty I am profoundly grateful for these and many other as the Pennsylvania College for Women, the school has heralds of renewed life, hope, and joy during these expanded to become Chatham University, now offering weeks of Easter. In the music ministry of Brown coeducational curricula through doctoral degrees. It will Memorial Church we join with C. S. Lewis in being be a delight to welcome the women’s choir of Chatham Surprised by Joy. May you be surprised by abundant joy University under the direction of Stacey Brett to our during this season of Easter! christian e ducation news P reachinG the G osPel at a ll tiMes: wonder how the preacher wrestles with the text before the no words necessary sermon gets written? Ever want to put your two cents in Do you want to get more involved at Brown Memorial but “before” that sermon gets preached? Come join Emily and/ aren’t sure how? Do you wish you could do something to help or Andrew on Wednesday afternoons at 2 p.m. in the Speers make the world a better place? Do you want to hear more about Room for a lectionary-based bible study. We’ll field questions how your fellow congregants put hands and feet to their faith? about the previous sermon, and wrestle with the upcoming Come to Adult Forum in April and May, and hear how others preaching text. are participating in God’s work in Baltimore and around the world and how you can too. a youth’s r eflection a dult foruM schedule for M ay 2010 By will f esPerMan May 2 – “Accompaniment in the Dakotas: Why we’re This year, the high school youth group has been spending moving and how BMPA can support us and stay one Sunday afternoon each month at Marian House, a connected in the coming year” led by Chrystie and transitional housing center in Waverly. Marian House helps Doug Adams homeless women and their families’ transition to financial May 9 – “Welcoming the Children Part II: Opportunities and emotional stability. Our youth group goes there to play for Mentoring,” led by Martha Bishai (Compass Foundation) with the women’s children: tag games, arts and crafts, or even and Chel Cavallon (Big Brother/Big Sister) arranging flowers for their mothers. As someone who travels May 16 – “BUILDing Power through One-on-Ones,” led by to Pine Ridge in the summer as a part of our church’s Dakota Elizabeth Reichelt and Andrew Foster Connors Partnership, I find this especially meaningful. It’s hard to keep (Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development) up relationships with the children in Pine Ridge during the May 23 – “Speaking Truth to Power: National Religious rest of the year, but I can see the children at Marian House on Campaign against Torture” led by Suzanne O’Hatnick a monthly basis. It’s my hope that this consistency makes our relationships with the children more valuable for them. We’re M id -week BiBle study hoping to continue going to Marian House through the Ever have questions about the Sermon you just heard? Ever summer and next year. PaGe 2 t he t idinGs M ay 2010
  3. 3. a sk the Pastor By r eV. a ndrew fosTer c onnors testimony from people and communities about their experience of prayer without implying that we have a clear handle on how Q: “In the twenty-first century industrialized world, few God operates in healing or in any other arena. believe that sickness is the result of God’s punishment for an In other words, there are some mysteries about which we do individual’s sins. So, if we think that sickness is unrelated to not know. Perhaps this is why prayer can be so challenging, God’s actions, why would God intervene if we pray for healing difficult, and satisfying at the same time. Prayer is a mystery for someone’s physical or mental ills?” that changes something, but we are unable to say decisively just A: This question raises some important theological issues. what that something will always be. My own view is that we First and foremost is the purpose and value of prayer. Virtually worship a God who is full of surprises, who characteristically all theologians agree in the value and importance of prayer. offers newness in the midst of death. Speech that is offered to John Calvin devoted pages and pages of his that God is invited in the fullest expressions of candor, ? Institutes of the Christian Religion to this topic. imagination, and desire that we can offer. So when our It is the first element of worship noted in our physical healing or the healing of those we love is what we Presbyterian Directory for Worship. But here crave most deeply, we are invited to utter that desire in all its is where agreement ends. Some theologians fullness, need, and hope. argue persuasively that prayer moves God to act. They might It has been my experience as a pastor, that, almost without argue that the slavery experience of the Israelites in Egypt is exception, something changes when we pray. Just don’t ask me paradigmatic for our relationship with God. In that experience, to be clear about what that something is. the slaves “cried out” and their cry “rose up to God” (Ex. 2:23). * “Ask the Pastor” is a new feature of The Tidings. The experience of liberation, it can be argued, begins when You may submit a liturgical or scriptural question to be human beings cry out to God for help. God is moved by their answered by one of the Pastors to Ellen Carter Cooper cry to enact healing. If we follow this theology through, it at The deadline for works well in the person of Jesus who often responds to those questions is the 15th of every month. who cry out to him for help, offering healing, and community, and forgiveness to those who seek it. Pastor’s r eflections Others argue that this kind of faith is too heavy on continued from page 1 superstition. They might agree that “crying out” to God is Bible study. Other highlights include tutoring on Wednesday helpful, but not because it moves God to act. Rather, it changes mornings, participating in a monthly Bible Study, prayer, and us. Much like therapy, voicing our needs moves private anguish support group for clergy, Wednesday Nights at Brown, and a into the public realm, the first step in personal and social number of one-on-one encounters with members. transformation. In this view, prayer is important not because Of course, no transition is without its challenges. Perhaps the of how it changes God, but rather how it changes us. Walter main challenge for me has been simultaneously experiencing Brueggemann has argued that many of the psalms function in so many major personal life transitions or “stressors” as they this way, moving the petitioner through a process of are called in certain inventories: moving, owning a home for disorientation into a place of reorientation. The voicing of the first time, starting a new career, starting a new job, getting private pain becomes the necessary first step that leads to a engaged, negotiating a long distance relationship, thankfully, different place of healing and wholeness. all good things, but draining nonetheless. I am so grateful that Frankly, I don’t think we know definitely how prayer “works” I have landed in such a supportive, caring community of God’s at least not in a consistent, mechanistic way. I have heard people for this next important phase of my life. testimony from sick people who were healed miraculously that In the Gospel of John, when the disciples have their worlds they felt the power of prayer, like a supportive hand holding turned upside down by Christ’s call, crucifixion, and them up. On the other hand, I have heard testimony from sick resurrection (Talk about life stressors!), they return to what people who prayed desperately for healing and never received they know best, fishing (Don’t worry; I’m not trying to go it, at least not in the way they had hoped or imagined. More back to school!). But even so, they find themselves out on the common, are the people who have experienced physical healing boat tired and frustrated after a night of fishing with nothing through doctors, nurses, and advances in medical technology – to show for it, but what they find out is that there is no part of all gifts from God no less miraculous. their lives where they don’t need Jesus. He shows up to break I have found it best not to universalize any one bread with them, and their nets are suddenly overflowing. It individual’s experience of prayer, but to recognize that it is a seems that a life of discipleship (and ministry!) can be just as part of what we do as people of faith; not to pretend to tiring and frustrating…except that Jesus keeps showing up to understand how it operates, but to cultivate it as a regular feed us, to connect us with each other, and to remind us that we discipline for followers of Christ. This posture allows for are never in this alone. Thanks be to God! M ay 2010 t he t idinGs PaGe 3
  4. 4. k ey wins for Build in Parks and r ecreation, e ducation, and a nti-usury By e lizaBeTh r eichelT, Build l iaison Areas Foundation), BUILD has experienced some exciting wins over the past few the umbrella organi- weeks. First, several Brown Memorial members joined BUILD zation comprised of on the steps of the War Memorial to hold a rally and press BUILD and its sister conference prior to attending Taxpayer Night organizations, has of the Board of Estimates meeting on been working over Wednesday, April 7. At stake was the the past year on Mayor’s proposed closing of more than half its 10% is Enough of the city’s recreation centers and five of campaign. The goal the city’s pools this summer. wFor many of is to pass legislation our city’s children, including the students we that would cap read to at Eutaw Marshburn, these recreation interest rates at 10%. centers and pools are their only alternative to On April 14th hanging out on the streets during the Senator summer months. Andrew led the action on the steps of the War Bernard Memorial Plaza; he was joined by other clergy and politicians, Sand- including Councilman Carl Stokes who is calling for an audit of ers from the city’s Recreation and Parks Department. Rev. Kevin Brooks Vermont represented BUILD before the Board of Estimates; he called introduced on the Mayor to not slash funding for Recreation and Parks legislation and to join BUILD in “Re-Creating” the Department of Parks that would and Recreation. As of the press deadline, the Mayor has found cap interest money to keep the centers and pools open and she has agreed rates at 15%. to meet with BUILD to discuss a comprehensive plan for the On the Recreation and Parks Department. Mayor Rawlings-Blake has same day, announced the appointment of a new Director of Recreation representa- and Parks, Gregory Bayer, also. tives from As a founding member of the Baltimore Education Coalition, Metro IAF BUILD celebrated when the budget adopted by State met with Legislators on April 12th did not cut education funding. Several Massa- Brown Memorial members participated in rallies in Annapolis, chusetts met with State legislators, and called and wrote their Treasurer legislators to ensure that education funding was not cut. The Timothy greatest threat was a proposal by the Senate to shift the cost Cahill and of teacher pensions to the local jurisdiction. This would have leaders of meant $30 million dollars per year being diverted from the the state’s classroom. Through BUILD and the Baltimore Education largest TOP: A young boy holds up a BUILD sign during Coalition, we made sure that our legislators understood they banks. In the Taxpayers’ Night Rally. could not the meeting, balance Treasurer ABOVE: Pastor Andrew ignites the crowd to action the budget Cahill stated at the rally. Photos courtesy of Susan Saudek at the his support expense of of Metro IAF’s 10% is Enough Campaign and is transferring the young $500,000,000 of state money out of the banks that refuse to people in uphold the State’s usury laws. When asked by Bank of America our city. “What does this mean for us?” Cahill replied “It means I am On the transferring $320,000,000 out of your bank.” national If you would like more information about BUILD, or would scene, like to receive email updates regarding opportunities to be BMPA members Elizabeth Reichelt, Sandra Fink and Cheryl Finney give their applause at the Taxpayers’ Metro IAF involved with BUILD, please contact Elizabeth Reichelt at Night Rally at War Memorial Plaza downtown April 7. (Industrial ereichelt or 410-435-6152. PaGe 4 t he t idinGs M ay 2010
  5. 5. C hild First C elebrates a nnual “s how what You K now ” BUILD founded Child First in 1995 in response to the need for more quality after school programs for our city’s young people. Today, Child First has programs in 12 city schools and has organized parents, school, community, and church partners to support positive outcomes for our children. To see the amazing impact Child First has had on the lives of our young people, attend “Show What You Know”, Child First’s annual celebration. Child First Authority, Inc. Baltimore will grow and prosper if we develop each child first. STEP OUT....WITH CHILD FIRST 6th Annual Show What You Know! Featuring Byron Pitts 60 Minutes Correspondent And author of “Step Out on Nothing” Time: Date Exhibits: 5:00 p.m. Thursday Show: 6:00-7:30 p.m. May 13, 2010 Location: Murphy Fine Arts Center Morgan State University 2201 Argonne Drive Baltimore, MD 21251 Fourteen years ago Child First stepped out on nothing but faith. We knew that Baltimore children would achieve with the high quality opportunities that we would organize. And, like Byron Pitts, they have shown that they have what it takes to excel. Come celebrate their talent, their joy, their skills, their accomplishments as students and staff from eleven Baltimore schools SHOW on stage and in exhibits WHAT THEY KNOW! Contact Dashawn Harrell: 410-367-8520 RSVP: Event sponsored by Citibank M ay 2010 t he t idinGs PaGe 5
  6. 6. M eet a t railBlazer By e llen carTer c ooPer Legislative District in the As a youngster, he seemed destined for the “road less Maryland House of Dele- traveled”. His parents, Barbara and Lynn, set the stage gates. This district includes as they became urban homesteaders in Reservoir Hill. such distinctly different They purchased their home for a dollar and raised Luke neighborhoods as Brooklyn, and his younger brother, Bill in the neighborhood not Highlandtown, and Fells far from Brown Memorial Church. Point. Luke intends to visit The road of achievement for Luke began at every registered Democrat- Polytechnic Institute where he undertook the rigorous ic voter in his party before “A” Course with the science option. He was a member the September primary. of the highly regarded “It’s Academic” team which In addition to his job and competed weekly against other public and private campaigning for office, high schools on local television. In Luke’s junior year, Luke finds time to hike, he was selected to participate with 11 students in the ride a bicycle, and perform Baltimore/Odessa partnership. He was privileged to his duties as an active Elder Luke Clippinger visit Ukraine (not “the Ukraine” as Matthew Stremba who develops and monitors informed him). Lasting impressions of this trip were the BMPA budget. living with a family in Odessa and visiting the A member of Brown Memorial since he was four, Luke catacombs where people who resisted the Nazis were recalls that a lot of the activities in which he and his forced to live. brother, Bill participated occurred at the Woodbrook After graduation from Poly, Luke traveled west to Church where there were more young people. Brown Richmond, Indiana. He matriculated at Earlham Memorial is “home” to Luke. The members helped to College, a liberal arts college founded in 1847 by nurture him and the church gave him his first job. He Quakers. At Earlham, Luke journeyed through several fondly related that his job was to“manage the chaos of streets. His major was politics, but in addition to his the children in the nursery during the service.” studies, this pioneer ran the campus radio station for Wherever the road may lead him, Luke remains over two years and was the sports editor for the firmly anchored at Brown Memorial. He believes school’s newspaper. that BMPA is “a growing, vibrant congregation”. He Putting his newly acquired undergraduate degree into believes that the membership is composed of many practice was the next avenue for Luke to trod. He ran people who are committed to solving problems of the the campaign of Lee Hamilton for one perspective of city. Luke Clippinger is a trailblazer. Watch him public service. Working for the Department of carefully because he is sure to blast clearings in several Commerce in Indiana helped to educate him about the more areas. “nuts and bolts” of politics. He assisted small communities in developing sewage systems and senior centers. When Lee Hamilton left office, Luke worked t rustees’ uPdate for Baron Hill, Hamilton’s successor. By willard (Bud) g raVes In 2005, the road led back to Maryland. In 2006, Marathon Roofing is completing the roof repairs on the the peripatetic Poly alumnus acquired a law degree church. The major part of the scaffolding has been removed from the University of Maryland. He managed the and the gutters and down spouts on the Jenkins Alley side and campaign for Tom Perez for Attorney General. Several Lafayette Street side are being finished. An easy way of paths opened when Luke passed the bar exam in 2007. inspecting the work is from the third floor of the Church One lane opened for him to lead Stephanie Rawlings- House. Marathon will begin repairing the flat roof of the Blake’s quest to become the Baltimore City Council Church House in the next three weeks. President. A main street opened when Luke was Future projects include some sort of exit lighting in the appointed an Assistant States Attorney in Anne sanctuary and emergency lights in the sanctuary. Arundel County in 2007. These days he is a prosecutor The electrical bid was very high and Miller Electric is and handles appeals. working with the insurance company to come to a Are there other places in the urban wilderness that compromise that the church can afford. A second project is need a pioneering trailblazer? Luke thinks there are. access control and security in the church and He is diligently working to represent Maryland’s 46th Church House. PaGe 6 t he t idinGs M ay 2010
  7. 7. M ay r esPonsiBility s chedule 11 a. M. worshiP serVice If you have a conflict with this schedule – please call 16th Rachel, James & Evan Cunningham others on the list to make a swap. Then inform the church 23rd Karen Nelson & Chloe Cheseldine office of these changes at (410)523-1542 or 30th Gayle Barney & Jean Savina liturGist acolytes 2nd Page Campbell 2nd James Cavallon & Noah Todd 9th Martha Bishai 9th Erin Emerick & Nicholas Imparato 16th Wallace Anderson 16th Evan Cunningham & Jack Mitchell 23rd Nannette Mitchell 23rd Kenna & Rachel Emerick 30th W. Courtland Robinson 30th Trevor Bishai & Will Coulson offertory counters audio enGineer Page Campbell & Bill McConnell 2nd Bud Graves 9th Doug Adams ushers 16th Brantley Davis Sarah Buikema, Anne Heuisler, David Mock, 23rd J. D. Robinson Betsy Nix, Charlie Obrecht, Peggy Obrecht 30th Don Peeples children’s church Volunteers h istorY P rojeCt 2nd Linnea Cheseldine taKing s haPe 9th Brantley Davis In 1980, a process of binary fission of the old 16th Jim & Joanne Egan Brown Memorial Church produced sister churches 23rd Kate Foster Connors Brown Memorial Park Avenue and Brown 30th Michelle & Jim Logan Memorial Woodbrook. On Sunday, October 24th, coffee hour hosts we will celebrate this 30th anniversary of Brown 2nd Jenny Williams Memorial Park Avenue Church. The History 9th Betsy Nix & Andy Imparato Project committee members are excited about 16th John Warmath compiling writings of many of our members 23rd Julie Hanks reviewing and evaluating the past 30 years into a 30th NEED A VOLUNTEER booklet in honor of the occasion. We also expect to make our archives more accessible and user coMMunion PreParation friendly by then. If you have agreed to provide a 2nd David Rollison write-up for our history compilation, and haven’t yet done so, we really need it by the end of June coMMunion serVers (sooner, if possible), so we can pull all of them 2nd Luke Clippinger together into a consistent whole. If you have Gareth Imparato recollections you think belong in this booklet or Monica Rakowski Henry Taylor documents or photos you think belong in the John Warmath church archives, please let a member of the committee know. Members of the History Greeters Project Committee are: Sally Robinson, Julie 2nd Nancyellen & Henry Taylor Hanks, Karen Nelson, Graham Richardson, Henry 9th Page Campbell & Carol Graves Taylor, and Bill Wilson. M ay 2010 t he t idinGs PaGe 7
  8. 8. M ay Birthdays 05/27 05/27 Ellen Carter Cooper Jackson Mills 05/01 Juanita Curtis 05/28 Mary C. Walker 05/02 Stephanie Lopez 05/02 Aaron McNabney Note: If you wish to have your birthday listed in The 05/04 Tom McManus Tidings, please contact Sharon Holley, church secretary, at 410-523-1542, or via e-mail at 05/04 Teddy Obrecht 05/05 Elizabeth Proctor Reichelt 05/07 David Rollison suMMer worshiP 05/08 05/08 Julian Finney Grace Hand s chedule r eMinder 05/09 Charlie Obrecht The Sunday worship service 05/10 Barbara Clippinger begins at 10 a.m. starting May 30 05/11 Matthew Fedderly through Labor Day weekend. 05/12 Martha Errens 05/13 Josephine Finney take note 05/16 Susan Zieman 05/17 Margaret McManus 05/17 Andrew Ross g o Green wiTh your coPy of THE TIDINGS! Now that our new website is complete and we have a direct 05/18 Laura Filipp link to the most recent Tidings publication help us go 05/18 Alice Logan GREEN by receiving your copy online. Receiving email notification of when the latest Tidings is available for 05/19 Daniel Burton reading will help us cut down on the environmental and 05/20 Carolyn Marks financial costs of printing and mailing paper copies. If you 05/20 Anna Marie Brennan Taylor would like to receive e-mail notification of when the latest Tidings is available, please send Sharon Holley an email at 05/21 Art Hall She will need your name 05/22 Nancy Bradford and email address. Also, check our website directly for updates at 05/23 Page Campbell php?s=newsletter to download the latest Tidings. Thanks 05/24 Fiona Zabel for helping us to be better stewards of God’s 05/26 Laura McNabney magnificent creation. The Tidings Published monthly for members and friends of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church by the Membership Committee. Andrew Foster Connors, Pastor. Emily Rose Martin, Associate Pastor. 1316 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217. 410.523.1542. G ood news froM Send contributions by the 15th of each month to Ellen Carter Cooper, editor ( or to Sharon Holley, church secrectary ( PaGe 8 t he t idinGs M ay 2010
  9. 9. M ay 2010 BMPa PaGe 9 at s undaY M ondaY tuesdaY wednesdaY thursdaY FridaY s aturdaY t he t idinGs 1 Saturday Morning Bible Study 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. 2 Sunday School, Adult Forum, 3 4 5 6 7 8 Choir Warm-Up Deacon’s Meeting 6:30 p.m. Saturday Morning Bible Study Midweek Bible Study Chancel Choir Rehearsal Youth Group Dinners Out 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. 2 p.m. 7 p.m.-8:45 p.m. Service of Worship 11 a.m. Youth Group Meeting Potomac AGO Organ Crawl 12:15 p.m. Gospel Festival – Colesville UMC 4 p.m. 9 Sunday School, Adult Forum, 10 11 12 13 14 15 Choir Warm-Up Child First’s “Show What Saturday Morning Bible Study 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Midweek Bible Study Teacher Appreciation Dinner 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. You Know”, Murphy 2 p.m. Fine Arts Center 6:30 p.m. Service of Worship 11 a.m. Morgan State University 5 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal 7 p.m.-8:45 p.m. Sunday School, 16 Adult Forum, 17 18 19 20 21 22 Choir Warm-Up 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Meals On Wheel’s Meeting Midweek Bible Study Chancel Choir Rehearsal Middle School Game Night Saturday Morning Bible Study Service of Worship 11 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 7 p.m.-8:45 p.m. 6 p.m.-9 p.m. 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. Youth Car Wash Fundraiser Recording Youth Group Meeting 12:15 p.m. CFM Team Meeting 12:15 p.m -1:30 p.m. 23 Last day of Sunday School, 24 25 26 27 28 29 Adult Forum, Tutorial Program Saturday Morning Bible Study Choir Warm-Up End-of-Year Celebration 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Service of Worship 11 a.m. Teacher End-of-Year Feedback Session 30 31 Summer Worship Schedule Begins Service of Worship 10 a.m. M ay 2010