Managing the energy purchasing - Jorge gonzalez (Gesternova)


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Managing the energy purchasing - Jorge gonzalez (Gesternova)

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Managing the energy purchasing - Jorge gonzalez (Gesternova)

  1. 1. Managing the energy purchasing on solar electricitymarketJorge González CortésGesternova
  2. 2. Who is Gesternova?• Gesternova is an Utility Company founded in 2005.• The company was founded with the aim to support the development of therenewable energy into the Spanish market throughout two activities:• Offering 100% renewable energy with GO´s given by the CNE to ourcustomers.• Offering market agent services to renewable energy producers on specialregimen.
  3. 3. Our plant is ready• Once we have switched our solar plant to the public grid, we must registerour plant into the CNE SICILIA system to get revenues from ourinvestment.• Those agents who are relevant to achieve this goal are:• Grid Owner• REE• OMIE• CNE
  4. 4. FIRST STEPA meter is necessary to measure the energy that we generate.
  5. 5. First OptionIf our plant´s nominal power is up to 450kW,Grid owner must get the data from our meter.• Grid owner is allowed to provide estimated or real measurements.• Grid owner is allowed to do that during a period minor to sixmonths and is required to regularize estimated measurements onm+7.
  6. 6. Second Option– If our plant is over 450kW, REE will get themeasurement from our meter.• In these cases, measurement are always real, unless some failurehad avoided REE to get the data from our meter.• These generation plants must be registered on SIMEL tomake REE get knowledge of our activity.• In both cases final destination ofmeasurement is the CNE, in order to set thepayments.
  7. 7. Second Step• It is indispensable to register at SICILIA, (TheCNE payments system) to get our Feed intariff from CNE.• Otherwise we will not exist in order to receiveour Feed in Tariff.
  8. 8. Main Funds, Plants owners or evenprofessional staff trust a Market Agent todeal with REE, OMIE and CNE.Dealing with REE, OMIE and CNE
  9. 9. Why?• Because of the high expertise owned by our company added to thecapability to reduce the impact of deviations on forecasting due to the“portfolio effect”.• Because of the optimum quality-cost relationship offered byGesternova.• Because in several cases, specially on PV Plants, owners are investorsand not full time solar industry employees.
  10. 10. The path of the energy, from generator to consumerCustomerUtilityPoolMarketAgentGenerator
  11. 11. WHO BUYS THE ELECTRICITY?There are two paths for the energy
  12. 12. Through OMIE• Through the energy pool (The Market).• Every day, we forecast the whole amount of energy that our customerwill get to the grid adding all generating plants, alienated bytechnologies: Offering Unit• Then we correct this forecast given the day before through theintraday market, in order to reduce and screen the deviation impact.
  13. 13. Through the grid(REE)• REE is the System Operator, and must matchthe system energy availability with theconsumers demand.• Every day, we forecast the whole amount of available power and energythat our customers (power generators) will send to the grid adding allgenerating plants, alienated by technologies: Program Unit.• Depending on the characteristics of the plant, a real time measurementmust be available to send instantaneous information to REE.
  14. 14. • Our electricity can be purchased by utilities,consumers or other market agents, but it isusually sold to OMIE.– Even if we agree a PPA with a consumer, agreement must beacknowledged to OMIE.So, purchasing is in charge of the OMIE participants “on the other side”.
  15. 15. • OMIE pays power generator through themarket agent whenever exists at marketprice.• This amount of money is known as “Baldita”.• RECUR (A communicating vessel betweenSpecial Regimen and CESUR bid) is alreadypaid by OMIE.
  16. 16. CNE• CNE is in charge of some payments.• Feed in tariff is paid by CNE, as long as somecomplements as reactive energy transferredto the grid.• The difference between the addition of OMIEpayments and our feed in tariff is called“Prima Equivalente”. Is paid by CNE too, andit is part of the regulated costs.
  17. 17. ARE WE PAID?Now that we know who, let’s know how
  18. 18. SICILIAProduction mBilling m+1Payment m+2
  19. 19. • The shown scheme happens every month.• We bear the right to obtain our Feed in tarifffrom the first day, of the next month aftergetting our last permit and the registrationinto the RAIPRE.• Before we achieve this item, we have theright to be paid at whole market price.
  21. 21. • Whenever there is a estimated settlement orany failure on our meter, a new settlement orrecalculation must be done.• There are two chances to get the newsettlement:m+3• Most commonm+11• Used when m+3 did not get real measurement.
  22. 22. Final Settlement• If all mechanisms set by CNE regarding newsettlements does not reflect accurately thereal measurement, over or under theinformation downloaded by us, there is a “lastchance” to adjust our payments.• “Third final settlement” Used to adjust thesettlement in which our plant achieved theequivalent hours limit.
  23. 23. Thank you for your