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Evaluation - Question 4

Question 4 of my media coursework evaluation

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Evaluation - Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4: How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Throughout the research, planning and construction I collected audience research via all types of social networking sites e.g. Snapchat, Whatsapp, iMessage, Twitter and Youtube etc. This allowed me to constantly target my audience, get feedback on my own products and reach out to different people and get opinions, helping to mould my final products.
  3. 3. Technology used in Research I made excessive use of YouTube. A lot of music videos were embedded on my blog, this was to analyse music video conventions and genre conventions to help implement them on my own music video, digi-pak and website of Brenna Browne. I also made use of the application 'Scribd'. This was used for my research into the 3 main theorists; Andrew Goodwin, Deborah Holdstein and Sven Carlson.
  4. 4. Technology used in Planning For the planning, I used a variety of different technology. One thing I used is the application SlideShare, this helped me create a way of displaying the information on my similar artist and the way this would help with marketing Brenna Browne. Similarly I used Prezi to showcase my mise en scene. I embedded YouTube videos, this was for inspiration from other music videos/films that I could use in my own work. I also used the Canon DSLR camera to film potential shots I was going to use on my music video.
  5. 5. Technology used for the Digipak To take the images for my digi-pak I used a Canon SX 520HS and for the second photoshop I used the Canon EOS 100D. They both allowed for high quality shots. These were then put in Photoshop to manipulate and edit them the way I wanted. To get the exact fonts suitable for my genre I looked at external websites such as DaFont to get the exact font that I wanted.
  6. 6. Technology used for the Website To create Brenna Browne's artist webpage I used the website Wix. This allowed me to freely experiment with what I wanted it to look like and was intuitive. For the images on the website gallery I used images my model had taken on her iPhone. I then used YouTube to put my music video on my blog.
  7. 7. Technology used for the Music Video To shoot my music video, I used a better quality camera, Canon DSLR EOS 100D. This allowed me to experiment with manual features on the camera to help me create the shots I used such as the depth of field shot which shows me model looking at her phone. I also used a Tripod for steady shot. To edit my music video, I used Final cut X on the Macbook pros, this enabled a clean professional look to my video and also had features which allowed me to filter, speed up or slow down my shots.
  8. 8. Technology used for the evaluation For my evaluation I used 3 different media texts to present my information. I used Scribt, Emaze, Slideshare, and Prezi as well as images of information, these platforms each allowed me different ways of presenting my information.