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Visual Essay


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Visual Essay

  1. 1. Blind to Reality Both characters Lear and Hagar realize their mistakes at the end of the text, making it already to late for them to act upon. The lesson portrayed here is think before you act and learn from your mistakes before its to late.
  2. 2.  (The eyeball)slide. 2  (The earth) Slide.3  (The four girls) slide.4  een.jpeg (Girl in washroom) Slide.6  in hands) slide.7  (crying baby) slide.8  (girl who wont speak for herself) slide.9  (crying teen) slide.10  (light path) slide.11  (peer pressure) slide.12  slide. 13  group with one orange figure) Slide.14  (doors) slide.15
  3. 3.  Jean Elan – “Where’s your head at” Klaas Remix.
  4. 4.  Thank you for watching