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Search Engine Marketing is a must no matter what industry you are in. This is our preferred way to market any business online. If your interested please contact us today and we can help guide you in setting up an effective campaign but help in all creative aspects.

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Search Engine Brochure

  1. 1. 11,345 searches Attorney Auto Dealership last month for Bridal Carpet Cleaning Veterinarian in San Jose| Day Spa Dentist Electrician That’s how she collared 25 Hotel new clients in 4 weeks. Maid Service Plastic Surgeon Fetch. Real Estate Restaurant Storage Veterinarian continued
  2. 2. Reach local customers on the Internet the easy way… with ReachLocal| It’s a fact: most consumers today begin their search for products and services on the Internet, not in the local newspaper or the Yellow Pages. So, wouldn’t it be great if your business advertisement – and a link to your Web site – was the first thing a local consumer sees when searching for your products or services on Google®, Yahoo®, MSN®, AOL® or dozens of other search sites? Of course it would. And the only reason more businesses don’t take advantage of this enormous opportunity is that setting up and managing a locally targeted Internet advertising campaign can require tools, knowledge and an investment of time and money that is out of reach for many local businesses. Facts to know: 94,000,000 63%* 54%* 43%* American adults use access search have substituted are seeking a local the Internet every day sites every day Internet/search for merchant to buy and of those... the phone book. something offline. *Source: The Kelsey Group Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google, Inc. and are registered in the US. AOL is a registered trademark of AOL Times Warner. ® is a registered trademark of, a subsidiary of IAC Search and Media 2 of 6
  3. 3. ReachLocal Puts Local Internet Advertising Success at Your Fingertips| ReachLocal now makes it incredibly easy to put your business in front of the vast number of local consumers who are searching the Internet for the products or services you sell. That’s because we take care of all the details and provide the expertise needed to make your local Internet marketing campaigns a success. Once you begin working with ReachLocal, we make sure that your ad is shown alongside only keyword searches which relate to your business on major search engines which generate local leads. Studies prove that relevant advertisements are most noticed by consumers and get more “click- throughs” to Websites than regular search results. Web Eve nts But that’s not all. Once the consumer clicks vity Rep ort Ema ils View Cam paig n Acti Call s Visi ts Imp ress ions Bud get/ Spe nt Rep ort Dat e Cam paig n Nam e 519 2 on your ad, ReachLocal technology can track 41 166 4 451 8 528 06 12/ 04/ 200 5- $45 00./ $45 00. Aut o Glas s Rep air 03/ 10/ 200 6 precisely how the consumer explores your 83 0 32 0 0 $0.0 0 03/0 7/20 06 73 Web site. You’ll see first-hand which prod- Auto Glas s Rep air 1 33 70 811 $68. 16 03/0 6/20 06 43 Auto Glas s Rep air ucts or offers are attracting consumer at- 0 4 30 555 $25. 57 03/0 5/20 06 47 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 tention and how effectively your Web site is 12 42 484 $37.75 03/0 4/20 06 57 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 designed. Our technology also monitors and 27 59 773 $42. 97 03/0 3/20 06 44 Auto Glas s Rep air 1 24 tracks when consumers contact you through 48 681 $46. 13 03/0 2/20 06 53 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 18 email or telephone from your Web site. Phone 45 774 $35. 02 03/0 1/20 06 64 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 13 65 calls can even be recorded for future playback. 728 $50. 11 02/2 8/20 06 61 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 21 61 759 $61. 59 02/2 7/20 06 37 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 5 29 410 $29. 54 02/2 6/20 06 40 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 10 28 436 $42. 52 02/2 5/20 06 61 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 22 54 804 $64. 90 02/2 4/20 06 68 Auto Glas s Rep air 0 16 56 619 $94. 06 02/2 3/20 06 70 Auto Glas s Rep air 1 3 of 6 22 68 620 $105 .89 02/2 2/20 06 Auto Glas s Rep air
  4. 4. We offer a total local Internet advertising solution to reach online searchers and convert them into offline customers| With ReachLocal, you will literally see your ad working…turning searchers into live customers on your Web site and at your place of business. Simple Customer Sees Your Clicks Through Finds Out Makes Purchase Searches Online… Ad… to Your Site… What You Offer… Offline. Process: Many Millions are Done right, You’re being Converting Local Internet Challenges: online searching local Internet evaluated online – online leads into advertising offers for local advertising takes know what people offline sales the lowest cost per products and time and special- think and where occurs at multiple customer services ized knowledge they go touch points One We cover 98%* We handle all We’ll set up your We provide the We provide a Solution: of where the details and own web page detailed reports demonstrable consumers automatically or track the to show how all return on your are searching adjust based effectiveness of touch points investment on results your current site are performing You get exposure, leads, accountability, marketing insights and more, all from the world’s leading provider of local Internet advertising solutions. *Source: Comsource www.reachlocal .com 4 of 6 1.888.255.6172
  5. 5. We’re With You – From Concept to Customer| Expert Services Leading Technology Clear Results Your Business What We Do What You Do l Spend about 15 minutes to get started l Set-up and manage your local Internet advertising campaign l Access and review online reports l Automatically optimize campaigns based on results realized l Monitor and improve other marketing activities l Report on clicks, visits, emails, downloads, forms filled and phone calls ( which can also be recorded) ReachLocal takes the complexity out of local Internet advertising by handling every phase of your campaign. Our expert consultants and innovative technologies help you: l Select the right keywords l Define your local audience l Develop your online ad l Recommend best search sites for your campaign l Allocate and manage your budget l Optimize your media buys and bids across all search sites l Ensure proper geo-targeting of customers l Track campaign performance, billing and budgets l Develop/improve your Website and online presence l Monitor and track all conversion touch points l Provide detailed reports on campaign effectiveness and conversions Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google, Inc. and are registered in the US. AOL is a registered trademark of AOL Times Warner. l Continually optimize campaign based on results realized ® is a registered trademark of, a subsidiary of IAC Search and Media 5 of 6
  6. 6. You Could Be Online By Next Week| Search advertising offers a lower cost per lead/customer than yellow pages, newspaper, email, radio or other local media. ReachLocal has already helped thousands of local businesses capture new customers through targeted local search advertising and yours could be next. All you need to do is talk to a ReachLocal consultant about your business and your advertising needs. Once you decide to join the thousands of other businesses that are already using ReachLocal we can have you set up in about 20 minutes and advertising online in about a week. Learn more about ReachLocal’s unique local Internet advertising services online at For an immediate inquiry or consultation, contact any of our sales locations. Call: Email: Click: Write: 866.500.1692 21700 Oxnard Street Suite 1600 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 © Copyright 2006 ReachLocal, Inc. All rights reserved. 6 of 6