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Rework vs MBA


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Why the rework book can beat an MBA on business or at least in startups

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Rework vs MBA

  1. 1. by:@lmalmanza
  2. 2. “if given a choice between investing in someone who hasread Rework or has his MBA, I´minvesting in Rework every time”... -Mark Cuban
  3. 3. ! Non based onacademic, based on experience
  5. 5. ignore the real world
  6. 6. learning from mistakes is overrated
  7. 7. planning is guessing
  8. 8. why grow?
  9. 9. workaholism
  10. 10. enough with “entrepreneurs” --> be starter
  11. 11. wo e starter rka owrs” --> b planning hr eu ? sygg o i s n verrated ipren lss i reh ue m gs o “entw takes i witih noen ough g frre theisr m m eal rnin g o world lea
  12. 12. GO
  13. 13. make a dent in the universe
  14. 14. scratch your own itch
  15. 15. start making something
  16. 16. no time is no excuse
  17. 17. draw a line in the sand
  18. 18. mission statement impossible
  19. 19. outside money is plan “2”
  20. 20. you need less than you think
  21. 21. start a business, not a startup
  22. 22. building to flip, is building to flop
  23. 23. less mass
  24. 24. d nscra wo o tim r sune as e starter a sa t n mp e onich y k h o ur startmaiblsinindsgisio agrotwx la e kusaneetn s nes p h e ?c n > b e s” --“2” sespnnrittaoesitethinerrated tine uoai s r ahsiue shsmn s,onrmyelnsmag t v g ae e iw s v mlw yo os s im o ritee tm nsgnexc uinipup stas“d n rk i ts os tt l n t e b oiuh timei istake usiech rsie leenough w innoma mhe r goore t i g draw n fr eal world learn
  25. 25. PROGRESS
  26. 26. embrace constraints
  27. 27. build half a product, not half assed product
  28. 28. start at epicenter
  29. 29. ignore the details
  30. 30. making the call is making progress
  31. 31. be a curator
  32. 32. throw less at the problem
  33. 33. focus on what won´t change
  34. 34. tone is in your fingers
  35. 35. sell your by products
  36. 36. launch now
  37. 37. foc us sand nscra woon w o tim r h ese e starter tcu ts> b mpeainnrn nak h o ior ua - a ke sanicstn o nes ds c t eu s uo nahcs e i?l startmaiblsmibldagihyict agrorwxsl” n-“2” d n sehnrwntassum r er asinnnyeoa te eersepcortphsesipathing rate isle ow m p emn xs i tsyuooolnmn v hyus i s ,osngideaitsr u g tu stgs“teeemr a otcuisnoo anior tlw b e w ai ip e k r dmat i n t v n ue oi ti t uhell ytome istakesnsiets ssie le ´t c tch r benough w sinrnorawthe r go d e om i m han i ng f eal worle gd learn
  39. 39. illusions of agreegments
  40. 40. reasons to quit
  41. 41. interruptions is the enemy of productivity
  42. 42. meeting are toxic
  43. 43. good enough is fine
  44. 44. quick wins
  45. 45. don´t be a hero
  46. 46. go to sleep
  47. 47. your estimates suck
  48. 48. long lists don´t get done
  49. 49. make tiny decisions
  50. 50. foc us sand onew m nscrla e o o tim w r h ese e starter tpu ts> b puekabdagiisat h eeioxcdon2 meaninreecno nogsr sa - hnhs o sseduce i?l start maklamesunohy g agrorlwetsl” n-“e ” ed atcnt k n a b sinetss,yitnreyai u p thing rat i i nn doopslta e s estimates suck r youreseeponr´oosetmrgsuove m renanwntemu r dr uofysgianinitc a i n t illusionsmroscagreegments anioe athouocehwia ni e sy a s n i e s eeuso on im stgs“testtlwdobamwxssru isttvp kintltde s me ihg liyo g i at´o ssie s rse oiut t ll nime ist kex tc possib wone ig trawm tc hen ou gh l s ord ore nm the re ic an h le rn gf o in n al wge ld or l ea
  52. 52. don´t copy
  53. 53. decommoditize your product
  54. 54. pick a fight
  55. 55. underdo your competition
  56. 56. who cares what they are doing?
  57. 57. foc us sand onew m nscrla e o o tim w r h ese e starter tpu ts> b puekabdagiisat h eeioxcdon2 meaninreecno nogsr sa -e i?l start maklamesunohy g agrorlwetsl” n-“e ” ed atcnt k hnhs o sseducn a b sinetss,yitnreyai u p thing rat i i nn doopslta e s whattmsomsuckdoing? your tseeponrtheyiaare p m renanwnwxtc e r dr uofysgdenissr u i n t whoillusionsmroscagreegments r anioe athouo´nihw a ni sl a s i e kineutem n stgs“test lwdobatiaoosetu isttvie cares eestimatesmrgsuove s ey ces on ihg liyo g i at´o ssie s mse oiu t t ll nime ist kex tc r possib wone ig trawm tc hen ou gh l s ord ore nm the re ic an h le rn gf o in n al wge ld or l ea
  58. 58. EVOLUTION
  59. 59. say no by default
  60. 60. let your customers outgrow you
  61. 61. don´t confuse enthusiasm with priority
  62. 62. be at home good
  63. 63. don´t write it down
  64. 64. foc us sand onew m nscrla e o o tim w r h ese e starter tpu ts> b ab eaninre tcn k o e rc a - n puekabdagiisat h eeioxodo-“2 a h m sinticn nho nsgsd s w ? start maklamesunohy g agrorlwetsl” nn e ” ed nduc nyhorwnwlsu lsuck ve siwhattmposep doing? etser,teponrtheyiiaething rrat i y edt i m ssltuo o your ts wsdooyoset ust ntsngianieiss n whoillusionsmronuo´oasittamrgsuo sedinagreegments m s eofrcaecehw en anitee ae an a s i r or uk ii t r nbyes xm cares´eestimates aare p stgsodst lweoe en cu i i tvie ihg“lnn g d t si oiunell iytom mistat´oxcsiecs mse ssible tt ken t h r poen ough wo s nordrowe the c a l n im igo ar hn l ear n ing f real wge ld or
  65. 65. PROMOTION
  66. 66. welcome obscurity
  67. 67. build an audience
  68. 68. out teach your competition
  69. 69. emulate chefs
  70. 70. go behind the scenes
  71. 71. nobody likes plastic flowers
  72. 72. press release are spam
  73. 73. forget about wall street journal
  74. 74. drug dealers get it right
  75. 75. marketing is not department // everytihing is
  76. 76. the myth of overnight sensation
  77. 77. foc us foc o nd d sa an mew the nscusn e o o t ilm t ese s e starter r h e tpu ts> b thakly khboeeiwo a olwets”tnnse ” be starte mematuwhrk r mi t ch n mbuascnoa cw hr ioxcldc--“2 e e iyi rilaifnsio nsgn ?n w noaatdngoag eee r uapunts> start a mmnesrnoe t rg orudo?co - e ed pa s y h nkmsehinortheyilpsr hing“ masrlamtmc,thtpeagreegments 2” o e sei wouo´yieset er co hatanssyrwnphrmo t wve e ingkcei ismsuck eiboyhihcamwlita wduan n start illusionsundcdaoeaassssriaeetsl”p-n rrat ed pettnesestimatesdiluxoddoing? m enr whatg e nsntleoo tsmeg uo nvrnnonos n youreldaobvt t r s n ssydt gh e p iirus no d s oeiaegxoegare akia e eerg,atnrgnp sai t th si ornakpeagreegments r whoacaresanstsfnnhs a w assls sofofdooso isei ms stbsodis´ttmeoynteae´yeiltsmevie ing rat ke nyour erteinnrntainstiaarer pee uon wwhatwthey suckdoing? y s tu s oretc ih n c igs n yi yda i gg“leyt me esrctlm´o se rs iillusions wouoneeus nn vo dcares´wmd sneiatwxtot gs o ss ueestimatesm tup whohtlgnomtserossakitgw ac a t t dritee w ob nnxmunt t oiuneiasodst lugi at ohhtsishvieir ible s ia l s t tli “lror e n s cru h wooiuhgnnro m i eat´ccesiieins ope s oug gh wonorld imim the treohc ntcs mti o sible n u ngnfe o yt ewmis kiexa h a sne o l s o nrolg a tlni e n learni ng i rd m e the reac anrld on o r a wge ho le arn i nf l woe ld gr
  78. 78. HIRING
  79. 79. do it yourself
  80. 80. hire when it hurts
  81. 81. pass on great people
  82. 82. strangers at a cocktail party
  83. 83. resumes are ridiculous
  84. 84. years of irrelevance
  85. 85. forget about formal education
  86. 86. everybody works
  87. 87. hire managers of one
  88. 88. hire great writers
  89. 89. the best are everywhere
  90. 90. test drive employees
  91. 91. foc us foc o nd d sa an mew the nscusn e o o t ilm t ese s e starter r h e tpu ts> b thakly khboeeiwo a olwets”tnnse ” be starte mematuwhrk r mi t ch n mbuascnoa cw hr ioxcldc--“2 e e iyi rilaifnsio nsgn ?n w noaatdngoag eee r uapunts> start a mmnesrnoe t rg orudo?co - e ed pa s y h nebsehinampetailp duin n asrlamtmc,thtpeagreegments 2” oyde gnegare seinhihcnoyihset o co hatowsyrwnwlirmw t wve e in tle t i s suck start illusionsundcdaoeaassssriaeetsl”p-n rrat ed pettndriveyortheymsroang“ yourieme yss o oeseips mtestkmestimatesdilux hddoing? nvrngkceomn ysouo´noiss er nsneiaogxto e g uo ks ts eon yiueutci i whoacaresanstsfnnhrus w asdls stbsodis´ttldas,ainteae´yeiltsmevie ing rat m enr sanobivt a h s akia e whatgdonprsant th rofetemployees eeergofnrgoso is suckdoing? usi n we i oeiat i s k s yda s nyour igrte onrthey en m gg“oytomwhatwntaustiaarersvo iillusionsawpeagreegments r e reestimates n s t t dritee whsntcitxh t ntat oiuneiasodst luesrnon´ogwtsishvieir ible dcares´wmdinttlmeensmrgs opeess u b os e e whohtlglnomtseroscrewxtoactup wo s uhg lrno goi nn´cc e s msn s l “ na mi asakhmusi i oe irn gh l witnordiiorme tatceua it nsa pe sse o ti n y nou ugh ogsfelomi ewthe reahc n ch tio ible lon o nro mis ktlxiwg rl on lg t a o e n learnin ng i rd m e the reac an d o r h oe le arn i nf l woe ld gr
  93. 93. own your bad news
  94. 94. speed changes everything
  95. 95. how to say sorry
  96. 96. put everything in the front line
  97. 97. take a deep breath
  98. 98. foc us foc o nd d sa an mew the nscusn e o o t ilm t ese s e starter r h e tpu hs> b thakly khboeeiwo a olwetsacnnse ” be starte mematuwhrk r mi t ch n mbuascnoa cw hr ioxcl”tctun2 e e iyi rilaifnsio nsge?n a noaatdngoag eeerr udp--“ s> start a mmnesrnoe t rg orbndo?to t - e ed pa s y e c-n uipsxs ing 2” seatntmc,yninrwnpos dileew” doing? hpeagreegments rrat m nnhaeinsiniamwrmon up ese employees p eeesseosnnanhseeug l nvrer o o ofo yus s whomitestkmetshtcdaoeaassotiasdlsua o e start illusionsunddyuotheymedodnn caresastestimatesrgsuck v “ aklamdriveyor´oolitta lwrtho whattleceenmsare owoysgke i wterit ngnnedt gih n p s t youribsefhihcvtioyigxssraes s w re s nue´ a i ko a s s gsods´ttldtr bnteonyelism t tih ar oreaas ntgyirgutc i i atbniteienme ,ahsdaenpisa eve ing rated usi n wwhatwthey suckdoing? signkinnrcao se ms ihoyats s s aerte rceiootgns t ntu oiuneitlyourtsmssnonehwtsishvieir ible dcares´wmdpeagreegments ss utawostlmtieustiaareopee s dods uofs nn e u s “antomeestimatesmrgs rpvor thgglritee w i atte´oxh unt t whoillusionslerosnrdwxtoac a t ta kom eob ak sime i i wo s uhs“ei ro g i e t´cc n e s msn h l oit tligylnarmen im rn cth n o o ug h wonorldro i ewthe takiexa itc satpe ssibeno oug ingnfe ogytra mis real cc g h ion le l s n no l o n e n learn ng ord m e the reahanrld i o r iwoe le arn i nf l woe ld gr
  99. 99. CULTURE
  100. 100. you don´t create it
  101. 101. decisions are temporary
  102. 102. stop the rockstars
  103. 103. send people home at 5
  104. 104. don´t scar on the first cut
  105. 105. sound like you
  106. 106. four letter words
  107. 107. need can´tfour letter words easy fast
  108. 108. ASAP is poison
  109. 109. foc fofc d nnd d uc ouso sc m fo u o a ssa annd rterr tthenss rumew he moc ssewo octrm w o nne esee huess ssa e sstarte err tphuhese b e tatartte nyyttatomt rk haaklmairtuhesag e erx?tlcatoe>> tmmeakhbueechok olwnecpcc-t-“se”” be sstar messinmfntn mhpuanmsocwwr ahr ioexu”tctun“s b e d ilharo i w ?s do- > sstart aa belnanetdaohynt ra orbnrteutpn-t2 e b e tart t ekmitntmineioitoo gnsoudrss?”nhn-- t lbce e a e wpawnn 2 mpocmaltmwhdagreegments->ra ted p sskcntdanihsguehrietsiedpedpintn ” maanhtsof,windotheyirildntacuons 2 ieafnio yrwns gmn l aoesnio,csihcamp iebsdlo u rimsyhivnneynsila lesxth o aarrlskmhnnnisgyr´niosserrdla n elyyieonghvtooapoisons dc g“ sasgenetk´o i o suck lswhatydta tu od eaahrnccypectowreaware n n 2 sswhoillusionsuaedpaoemployees e ttartaattestkbmeccsgooeansstodrsupdoing? te mmuaieianestimatesasslsulo v bcareseestimatesmtsuckv-erera umitnttdriveyerrgayorgteueewcing“r ” mtestASAPoyieiodislslmiaext?h””doing? d n o ca nyntbnnosie u ettf rnemployees ii ct o ieak seonidshug p ASAPsinaunaeo iei o kaereldwhihisetheynnt a art ss bakomdrivenagreegments ke,bs gueo imr caresanstrninelalmgxssrgiwptsw n yourmwhatwntshrsrsare d ofyotechw n tudoeutiapoison piet nstatrosevnuoggaiolaegow g a ed adwartrgkgtnpmo iv tgyouribmednoapgtclrmetih eggosdewxteeegpue in r ree siy eon ho an ds´ttwa nhyirw´ye r i o snnes eenn s eeoedofvntetheydls mdoing?t whoillusionslsgofyinagreegments r u nie swr i t ro wisa isuck oestpeamis m are uitlewnrnntup ltiosen “odoo´iuestimatesmsisshpdoing? boileytomwhatyrceesetiaaremvg iillusionsgst,apecmtheyetevierpee rra snrmesestimatesnsuck nnaiaarosoltyrtnieiustucn a sp i dcaresswmdhiniuaoogossnrgtuosoe s os´trmwhatwwctsatett rines tuntsdlrrd arwetisbotluntextoitngveiv whohtnyouresoeodteaoohrsactut r sa i ie hst nc´hr i stailk e rko s atdww r whohgig“nyte swwinagreegments b selyourntle rbonexxsuus ioo tt cares s rkoyokystsn ni i dgaetnmu ofe e´exchm p woit uhgoiltdetmroi aaanccteiehis t sn ble oiunillusionsmdassginkagwaashsamossi le lildnrna w i a et ´ien i ntv i pe k e t ge htthus n m s u sliomi e is okxa i ono h wo steth“oilosrmm akmssie siersos l l oi iosno o ug e ugghh woin ftrglnyy´owthe t n oien tcn at pe sib g “l s rm ad irmeno ouggh iwggnieild ioriaewthe rraacltciwg ch atonssibe enou u rn nlossoroig toa emiste ´ hccagrlsd i ion l le ln ne onm m ea xant h t f gt n n fodnro th olchhoer en oearni ingn rrd m e therr al wg n iwa e ld en lea arn ing f o rr e e al ooe ld l le rn o nngr e woe ld lea r
  110. 110. vs MBA