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UX App Design - MeuCarroNovo App


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UX Design for Mobile App

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UX App Design - MeuCarroNovo App

  1. 1. (Banco Votorantim) (Jornal Estadão) Andres Bruzzone Overview
  2. 2. Briefing “We want to make the users life easier when buying a car, turning their experience more efficient, easier and better, helping them buying better”
  3. 3. Needs BUSINESS NEEDS USER NEEDS Jornal do Carro •  More article views Meu Carro Novo •  Sell Finance Plan Buyers •  Find a car in a easy and safe way Sellers •  To be contacted by buyers
  4. 4. Mobile App
  5. 5. Mobile App
  6. 6. Research&Survey
  7. 7. Research 96% Research on Internet before buying 86% Check online car stores/ dealer reputation 45% Ask family and friends to decide 93% Research about Make and Models
  8. 8. Research 84% Will post their experience on SM 47% Would buy online 38% Webmotors Audience use their App 49% Buy 1st car by 21 yo
  9. 9. Survey
  10. 10. CCA&Benchmarking
  11. 11. Benchmarking
  12. 12. Persona&Scenario
  13. 13. Persona: Buyer Anna, 24 Young Professional Mobile Laptop NOT Need Help 90% 10% Need Help NOT Need Finance Need Finance NOT Use Apps Use App TECH SAVVY EXPERIENCE Nutritionist, loves her smartphone and wants to buy her first car, but doesn’t have much saved money. Has no experience in buying a car. “I don’t feel confident in buying a car. I need my family and friends to help researching!”
  14. 14. Scenario Ana has decided to buy a car. She already talked to her friends, boyfriend, and family. She thinks a Nissan Altima can be a good option. She has a low budget to buy the car and will probably need a Finance plan. Although she has been recommended to chose a Nissan Altima as her first car, she is still not 100% confident and might need extra information.
  15. 15. User Journey Anna is planning to buy her first car. She asks her family and friends for opinions. She browses the internet for the right car. She asks her friends again for advice on a specific car listing. She calculates the financing cost. She contacts the seler. PLAN CONSULT RESEARCH CONSULT FINANCE BUY
  16. 16. h"p://   Mobile App
  17. 17. “I am so happy with my new car! I already posted on my all Social Media channels: I love MeuCarroNovo!”
  18. 18. Next Steps APP WEBSITE •  Test current flow •  Finalize other screens •  Design Seller Flow and screens •  Test, test, test •  Plan new versions/features •  Interviews/CCA/Benchmarking •  Define phases and features •  Design flows and wires •  Test, test, test
  19. 19. Questions?