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Consumer Research


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One of my favorites subjects - Consumer Research: Final Project for a class at UCLA, applied for a real client.

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Consumer Research

  1. 1. Consumer Marketing Research Focused on the Brazilian Market December 12th, 2013 By Lisandra Maioli
  2. 2. Intrax is an English as a Second Language school based in San Francisco, CA, with additional centers in Chicago and San Diego, focusing on Career Development. The main programs offered: §  Business English §  Career Prep Activity §  Professional Certificates Currently, the main market for Intrax is Asia, but the company is willing to increase its sales in Brazil, especially via directly applications. The objective of this Marketing Research is to help Intrax better understand the Brazilian market and how to attract more clients from this country. Situation/Background
  3. 3. HOW we can attract more Brazilians?
  4. 4. Research This Marketing Research was done in 4 phases: 1st – Secondary research to understand the market and its potential 2nd – Customer Journey to understand the purchasing steps 3rd – Online survey to better understand what potential clients think about studying abroad 4th – In-depth Interviews to understand the experience of former Intrax students
  5. 5. Secondary Research Understanding former Brazilian students
  6. 6. *Belta - Associação Brasileira de Operadores de Viagens Educacionais 42 167.5 215 2004 2010 2011 2012 thousands students studying 280 >>one of the two countries that grew fastest in the first semester of 2012 >> one of three countries that sends more students to study abroad *ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organizations) 2013:+300 thousand(predicted) Thousands of students studying abroad
  7. 7. 4th position growing fast: College, Extension and Masters Language courses (63.4%) High school (22.5%) Specialized courses - vacation (11%) Types of courses
  8. 8. “To improve or learn a second language, gain experience and accumulate cultural baggage valued in the working market” – (portal) Why study abroad?
  9. 9. Why study abroad?
  10. 10. 10% more then 30 Age of students studying abroad 70% 18 and 30 20% teenagers (under 17)
  11. 11. Countries to learn English ü lLow cost of living ü Easier to get a Visa ü Canadian Government incentive ü Business ü Good Universities ü Closer to Brazil UK (15%) Canada (66.3%) EUA (15.5%) ü Traditional ü Possibility to work ü Visa is not necessary ü Possibility to travel around the Europe
  12. 12. The new middle class They helped grow the number of students abroad They are investing in education They plan and save money to study abroad
  13. 13. SWOT Analysis •  Intrax offers courses beyond General English (Business English and Certificates) •  Career Preparation Program •  Teachers and employees who speak Portuguese •  Affiliations & Credentials (including for applying for the TOEFL exam) •  Excellent infra-structure •  Perceived as a school for adults and for people who need to improve their careers   Strengths   •  Olympics Games and World Cup •  Increase in interest in English courses •  Increase in Brazilians online (especially Social Media) •  Increase in purchasing power of “Classe C” (new emergent middle class) •  Dissatisfaction or problems with agencies •  Possibility of Visa Waiver Program Opportuni/es   •  The brand is not popular in Brazil •  Intrax doesn’t have a webpage in Portuguese •  Intrax doesn’t have a Portuguese-speaking student advisor •  No center on the East Coast (especially NY) •  Difficulty to create new courses or products Weaknesses   • Brazilian  agencies  don’t  know  how  to  promote   Intrax  (or  don’t  know  very  well  their  services  or  are   not  well  prepared)   • Preference  for  Canada  (cheaper,  work  possibility)   • Difficulty  geDng  American  Visas   • Increased  interest  in  Europe  (became  cheaper  due   to  the  crisis)   • Local  schools     Threats  
  14. 14. Customer Journey Understanding the purchasing steps
  15. 15. Online purchase decision steps (Box1824) Google (general) Forums/ Friends (general) Official online pages (general) Google (specific) Forums/ Friends (specific) physical store (specific) Share with their friends Blogs/Social Media Forums Searching for information Making decisions and Purchasing Sharing experience
  16. 16. ESL course purchasing decision steps (simulating) Google (General) Agencies (specific) Official online pages (general) - “estudar ingles EUA” (“studying English USA”) - “curso de ingles nos EUA” (“English course in the USA”) Agencies - Mystery Shopper: Simulating interesting in a specific program Social media - Impressions of Intrax Searching for information Making decisions Sharing experience
  17. 17. Searching for information Schools ü  Kaplan ü  EF ü  Embassy CES ü  LSI ü  ELS Agencies ü  CI ü  STB ü  Experimento “estudar ingles EUA” and “curso de ingles nos EUA”( Results of 1st page News and articles
  18. 18. Google - diagnosis ü Intrax did not appear in search results (we looked up to the 10th page) ü It is important to develop SEO and Google Ads projects in Portuguese and focus on the Brazilian Market
  19. 19. Agencies Official Online Pages Making Decisions CHAT / E-MAIL / FACEBOOK Describing myself: §  Journalist, 35 years old §  Studied in England 4 years ago for one month Brief: §  English Course focused on Business or Marketing §  San Francisco §  6 months §  internship/part time job
  20. 20. Chat ü They did not know whether there was a course with this format Rio de Janeiro’s office ü They have recommended Kaplan for Business English ü They said there was no internship program in the USA São Paulo’s office ü They have recommended ILSC São Bernardo do Campo’s office: ü CI from Sao Bernardo do Campo suggested ILSC to study Business English ü They said there was no school in the USA that offered programs with an internship
  21. 21. Website form (answer by e-mail) ü They said they had a perfect program, but only at Intrax in San Diego ü They suggested the General English and the Certificate courses Facebook Direct message (answer by e-mail) ü They told us that there was a program with this description, but they were sold out ü Did not provide the school's name ü I asked for more information: they suggested a 3 month of General English course and 3 months of full-time work (they said that I would not have time to study)
  22. 22. Sao Bernardo do Campo’s office ü At first, they recommended Kaplan ü In a second email they mentioned the Certificate of Intrax (need level 7) ü They didn't cite Business English or Career Prep Sao Paulo’s office ü They recommended Intrax (however they are using an old picture of the school) ü They suggested 3 months of Business English + 3 months of internship ü They told me that it wouldn’t possible to study and work during the internship
  23. 23. São Paulo’s office ü They said there is no program in the format that I was expecting, suggested a University and, after that, General English ü I insisted, said a friend told me about Intrax, I asked what they knew about the school ü They responded that Intrax was a very nice school, but I could not take the Certificate course because of my level of English
  24. 24. São Paulo’s office ü They suggested Embassy and Intrax ü I asked for more references about Intrax; they said Intrax was excellent, but it was a school for a higher level of English and that Embassy was a school for those with an intermediate level of English ü They sent me 2 YouTube videos about Intrax and one about Embassy
  25. 25. Agencies - diagnosis ü The Agencies are not prepared to answer questions from students ü A lot of wrong information and misunderstandings ü They don't remember Intrax easily, even though the school is in their portfolio ü The same agency can send different information
  26. 26. Searching Experience doubts work travel questions trouble with agencies experiences information Social Media and blogs
  27. 27. Social Media - diagnosis ü Students share their experience during and after the course ü Students make questions to other students regarding the course/school ü They are not afraid of to tell the truth ü Students are unhappy about their experiences with the agencies
  28. 28. Online Survey Understanding potential Brazilian clients
  29. 29. Online Survey to Brazilian Prospects Defined Objective and Screener Listed questions (Intrax) Designed the Survey Used Published link on SM Analyzed results Intrax approval
  30. 30. Main Objectives of Research Knowing the potential of Brazil to send more students - since the country will host soon two big international events - Intrax wants to understand more about the Brazilians as a target and figure out how to reach and attract them to the school. Screener •  Brazilians interested in studying English abroad at any age •  Internet, Social Media and/or email users Online Survey to Brazilian Prospects
  31. 31. What questions Intrax wanted to answer? ü Which country the Brazilians prefer to study English and why? ü What motivates them to study English abroad? ü Do they know about Intrax? And about the competitors? ü Would they apply directly or do they really prefer to apply through an agency? Why? ü What kind of courses should we offer to Brazilians? ü Which courses, city and school attributes can most attract Brazilians? ü Where we should advertise our School in Brazilian Media? Which Media should we to use to reach the Brazilians prospects? ü Which websites do Brazilians use to research traveling and/or studying in the US? Online Survey – Key Questions
  32. 32. Survey Plataform: Online Survey – Tools Period November 18th – December 6th, 2013 Published on: Personal Facebook, Twitter and email Results:
  33. 33. Studying English 30% used to study, but stopped 26% study for less than 5 years 50% male | 50% female 65% 18-30 years old 75% male | 25% female 50% 18-30 years old 33% -18 years old 80% are considering studying abroad: 64% 18 – 30 years old 18% 31 – 45 years old
  34. 34. Studying English abroad USA, Canada and UK are the favorite Other (5%) Australia (8%) UK (21%) Canada (26%) EUA (Pacific) (21%) USA (Atlantic) (19%)
  35. 35. Studying English Abroad How long would they like to study abroad? I have no idea! (10%) At least for one year! (29%) More than 6 months (8%) Between 3 and 6 months (14%) For two or three months (10%) For ONE month (25%) A few weeks, less than one month (5%)
  36. 36. Studying English Abroad How long would they like to study abroad? At least for one year! (29%) For ONE month (25%) What kind of course 56% English + Internship 13% General English 27% Business English What kind of course 64% General English 14% Business English Age 64% 18-30 21% 31-45 Age 65% 18-30 18% -18 18% 31-45
  37. 37. Studying English Abroad 47% New York 36% San Francisco 5% Miami 4% Chicago 4% San Diego 83% believe that studying English is important to their career Where would they like to study? 38% General English 29% English + Internship 22% Business English Which kind of course?
  38. 38. Studying English Abroad From the people who would like to study abroad: 48% prefer to apply through an agency. However, 52% prefer to apply directly: 16% prefer to apply directly to the school 36% would like apply directly if the school had a Portuguese speaker 72% of the people who have already studied abroad would like to study again
  39. 39. 41% General English 27% English Business 18% Business English Studying English Abroad Why San Francisco? “Being close to the Sillicon Valley, in San Francisco, I can meet interesting people!” ü Tech city, close to Sillicon Valley ü Friends recommended it ü Multicultural and friendly city ü Nature, beach and landscape “There is a great Brazilian community there. That makes me feel more comfortable, like in my home country” 29% to have specialized short courses 29% to study in a university 14% to improve their English Brazilians who would like to study English in San Francisco
  40. 40. Studying English Abroad Why San Diego? ü California lifestyle “I would love to live in San Diego because I like the lifestyle. It is less tropical than Miami and less chaotic than New York” Why Chicago? ü Recommended by friend “I have great references about the city from a close friend who went there before.”
  41. 41. Studying English abroad School attributes 1 being “the least important” and 5 being “the most important” Price 4% 5% 23% 50% Discount/ Promotion 4% 9% 20% 29% 39% Housing Service 4% 21% 36% Location 2% 23% 29% 36% Extra activities 4% 9% 25% Be certified 5% 4% 5% 21% 64% Methods Payment 4% 2% Teachers 2% 2% 7% 29% Programs offered 2% 0% Ease of application 4% 7% 16% 25% 18% 11% 29% 11% 32% 14% 21% 14% 36% 30% 1 2 3 4 5 66% 61% 41% 48%
  42. 42. Studying English Abroad Where are they looking for information about English courses abroad? Sites and portals Blogs, forums, Social Media TV programs Magazines and Newspapers Travel Agencies Friends
  43. 43. Studying English Abroad Where are they looking for information about English courses abroad? Sites and portals Blogs, forums, Social Media TV programs Magazines and Newspapers Travel Agencies Friends
  44. 44. 1 2 3 4 5 2% 4% 27% 23% 45% 5% 5% 20% 30% 39% 4% 0% 11% 23% 63% 0% 4% 13% 27% 57% 0% 5% 11% 16% 68% I prefer to choose a course or a city recommended by friends or relatives I will probably use my vacation to study abroad I would love if my annual incentive trip was to study abroad I would like to optimize my time studying abroad and also have a work experience, even if unpaid I would like to study, but also travel a lot and visit most of the places that I can Studying English Abroad I’m interested in courses that, besides the English, I can learn something specific such as Business, Marketing, Hospitality, Design, Art, etc. I would like to participate in a webinar to know more about a school 0% 4% 7% 25% 64% 5% 9% 30% 25% 30% 1 meaning “ you strongly disagree” and 5 meaning “ you strongly agree”
  45. 45. What questions Intrax wanted to answer? ü Which country the Brazilians prefer to study English and why? ü What motivate them to study English abroad? ü Do they know about Intrax? And about the competitors? ü Would they apply directly or they really prefer to apply trough an agency? Why? ü What kind of course we should offer to Brazilians? ü Which course, city and school attributes can most attract Brazilians? ü Where we should advertise our School in Brazilian Media? Which Media should we to use to reach the Brazilians prospects? ü Which websites do Brazilians use to research traveling and/or studying in the US? Online Survey – Key Questions All questions were answered!
  46. 46. Interview in Depth Understanding the Brazilian Market
  47. 47. Interview in Depth (by Skype) Screener: Brazilian Intrax former student Platform: Skype / Call Recorder Duration: 30 min – 45 min
  48. 48. Interview in Depth •  Intrax Course: Business English, Professional Certificate (Marketing) •  Center: San Francisco (CA) •  Duration: 4 months •  Period: March-June 2013 •  Housing: Homestay/Hostel •  Application: Agency Evelyne Guedes (São Paulo) Administrator, 22 years old Talked to 10 travel agencies"The agencies were not able togive me details about theprograms, I had to research tobetter understand" Professional Certificate"I didn't find another school whichcould offer me something similarand my goal was improve mycareer" Career Preparation"I could improve my vocabularyand speaking skills, but it wasmore about observe than actuallyhaving a practical experience "
  49. 49. Interview in Depth •  Intrax Course: Business English, General English •  Center: San Francisco (CA) •  Duration: 3 months •  Period: April-June 2012 •  Housing: Hostel •  Application: Directly Lisandra Valim (Porto Alegre) Project Manager, 33 years old Bad previous experience"It is really hard find a good school for people who is a little bit older and has years of career. I decided by Intrax because a friend referred the Business English course." Positive points"In my first week I was impressive with the infrastructure of theschool and the quality of theteachers. However, my last week I had a bad teacher." General experience"Although I had have a goodgeneral experience, I don't feel comfortable to refer Intrax to my friends, because I can not unsure that they will have the same good teachers that I had. "
  50. 50. Research Recommendation Since this project was a pilot and has no scientific representation, we highly recommend that Intrax invest in deeper Marketing Research. Regarding: Secondary Research - Intrax should keep updated about the changes in the Brazilian Market by buying some Researches. Customer Journey – it would be interesting to have some mystery shoppers going to several Travel Agencies in person. Online Survey – it is important having a greater number of respondents and a more diverse sample. Interview in depth – Intrax should hire a research company in Brazil to interview more former students and from different Brazilian regions.
  51. 51. Marketing Recommendation •  Landing Page in Portuguese •  PR Plan focused on Brazil •  Social Media content in Portuguese •  Answering questions and comments (SM Monitoring) •  Online webinars (travel agency training) •  Road Show (in Brazil) •  New York Center
  52. 52. Recommendation LANDING PAGE in Portuguese: ü Information ü Brochure in Portuguese ü “Fale com a Intrax” (chat and/or email) ü List of Brazilian agencies (partners) ü English  test   ü Ideal  program  test   The prospective student can book directly or find a partner agency Landing page in Portuguese
  53. 53. Ideal program test Recommendation
  54. 54. Advertisement Ø  Google  and  Facebook    Ads  in  Portuguese   ü  All  campaigns  have  to  be  linked  to  the  landing  page  in  Portuguese Recommendation
  55. 55. Press (official and non-official) Ø Press  release  in  Portuguese  for  blogs     ü List  of  interesIng  blogs   ü Produce  and  send  release,  and  follow  up         Ø Partnership  with  local  press  office     ü A  local  press  office  is  responsible  for  promoIng  Intrax  in  the  Brazilian  press   ü In  exchange,  one  professional  in  this  office  can  study  at  Intrax  for  free         Ø Press  trip     ü List  the  best  journalists   ü Invite  a  group  of  journalists  to  visit  SF  Intrax   ü The  SF  Travel  could  be  a  partnership   Recommendation
  56. 56. Online tools   Ø Webinars     ü about  the  school  and  give  a  discount  to  parIcipants   ü directed  to  clients  of  agencies   ü promoted  by  partner  agencies           Ø Online  Monitoring   ü Monitor  and  answer  Brazilians’  quesIons  in  forums,  blogs  and  Social  Media   Recommendation
  57. 57. Road show in Brazil     Ø Partnership  with  local  schools  (material,  online  classes,  con/nue  course)   ü Local  English  Schools  –  discount  to  groups  (like  Fisk  &  EF)   ü Specialized  Schools  –  conInuing  courses  in  SF  with  visits  in  specific  companies  and   places    Ex.:  Marke+ng,  Fashion,  Social  media,  Hospitality,  Design  etc.   ü Promote  Career  PreparaIon  ad  CerIficates   ü Group  of  English  teachers  (teacher  training)         Recommendation
  58. 58. E-commerce School has a international partnership with a University from Texas
  59. 59. Road show in Brazil   Ø Strengthen  rela/onships  with  Brazilian  agencies     (visits,  online  workshops,  including  other  agencies  on  e-­‐mailing)   ü Local:  Visit  some  agencies,  promote  workshops/training  to  employees   ü Online:  promote  webinars  to  employees,  add  other  agencies  on  e-­‐mailing)   Agencies:  h?p://   ü SF:  invite  agencies  to  come  to  study  for  one  week  at  Intrax   ü Contests  to  bring  students     ü Invite  people  from  agencies  and  press  o  study  at  Intrax  for  a  short  period   ü Start  a  relaIonship  with  Belta  (Brazilian  EducaIonal  and  Language  Travel   AssociaIon  -­‐  hXp://       Recommendation
  60. 60. Road show in Brazil   Ø Visit  for  HR  of  Brazilian  companies*     (special  groups,  special  extra  ac/vi/es)   ü Special  groups  to  study  at  Intrax  (could  be  included  special  extra  acIviIes,  for   example,  employees  from  hotel,  could  visit  wineries  in  Napa  Valley)   ü Study  English  as  an  incenIve  travel         Recommendation
  61. 61. Products   Ø Specialized  course  extension  (Design,  Hospitality,  Social  media,  Gastronomy,   Hospitality  etc.)    -­‐  professionals  and  college  students   Ø Tour  with  Language  (learning  English  during  tours)  –  families  who  would  like   to  use  their  vacaIon  to  learn  English  together   Ø English  on  the  road  -­‐  ILSC  offer  a  travel  program  (7-­‐10  days)  with  a  English   teacher.   Brainstorm
  62. 62. Lisandra Maioli and Davi Moraes