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SEM Business Case Study

I would like to share my SEM Case Study Results* and to give you an idea of a good method to increase the value of SEM for your Business.

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SEM Business Case Study

  1. 1. Business Case Study SEM Campaign<br />drivinggoodideas<br />Author: Maik Lange<br />Date: 2011-07-18<br />
  2. 2. Welcome<br />Top Targets SEM Project<br />SEM Approach<br />Case Study SEM Campaign (Location: Germany)<br />Business Campaign: „Sicherheitsdatenblatt“<br />Review & Recommendations<br />Conclusions<br />Agenda: SEM Campaign Case Study<br />SEM Case Study<br />2<br />
  3. 3. I wouldliketosharemy SEM Case Study Results* andtogiveyou an ideaof a goodmethodtoincreasethevalueof SEM foryour Business.<br />In caseofquestionsorfeedbacksdon‘thestiateto send meyourcommentsorquestions.<br />Let‘susdrivinggoodideas & campaigns…<br />*detailedBusiness Company Information areblackmarked<br />3<br />Welcome: SEM Business Campaign<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  4. 4. TOP SEM CampaignTargets / Goals<br /><ul><li>SuccessfulIntegration ofthe Website Key Messages Strategy
  5. 5. More presenceofCompany Services / Products
  6. 6. Target Advertising based on Search Requestsof Target Customer
  7. 7. More direct Customer requestsdriven by SEM Campaign(Calls, Email)
  8. 8. Increaseof Customer Attention & Relevance
  9. 9. Improvementof Content Quality
  10. 10. Increaseof Products / Service Revenue „Turn over“
  11. 11. Monitoring and ROI Tracking
  12. 12. Good Ratio „Conversion Rate“ Advertising Budget vs. Turn Over</li></ul>4<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  13. 13. SEM Approach<br />Google AdWordsInterview <br />AdWords<br />Campaign<br />Review<br />Research & Definition Campaign/ Keywords<br />Reporting &<br />Monitoring<br />Campaign<br />AdWordsCampaignSetup<br />CampaignManagement & QA<br />5<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  14. 14. SEM Approach<br />WhichKeywordsyou‘llpromote?<br />Whataboutyour Target Group?<br />Wherearethe Target Locations?<br />WhichDisplays Devices?<br />Whatabout Look & FeelofCampaign?<br />Placement orAffiliate Partners?<br />Howmuchisthe Budget?<br />Timeline (Start /End) forCampaign?<br />Listen, SEM Interview…<br />6<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  15. 15. SEM Approach<br />Google SEM Tool Box<br />Google Insights<br />Keyword Traffic Estimator<br />Keyword Tool<br />ConversionTracker Tool<br />Website Optimization Tool<br />Placement Tool<br />Display DiagnosticsPreview<br />Research, Relevance…<br />7<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  16. 16. SEM Approach<br />Campaign Definition:<br />Keyword Set<br />Display Content & Networks<br />Region<br />Target Group<br />Time<br />Budget<br />ConversionGoals<br />Definition, Campaign…<br />8<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  17. 17. Case StudyCampaign Setup<br />Location<br />Budget: 500 Euro<br />15 Euro / Day<br />Costs per Click<br />Keywords<br />Timeline<br />Demographic<br />Age: 18-64<br />List of 12 Keywords<br />2011/05/16 -2011/06/17<br />9<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  18. 18. Case StudyDisplay Metrics<br />SEM Display Results: Campaign „Sicherheitsdatenblatt“<br />10<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  19. 19. Case StudyCampaign Report<br />SEM Report: Campaign „Sicherheitsdatenblatt“<br />11<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  20. 20. Case StudyWebsite Metrics<br />Website Statistic: Campaign „Sicherheitsdatenblatt “<br />Short UrltoLanding Page<br />Conversion Rate: (2/865)*100=0,23%<br />Website Pages<br />Page Visits<br />0,23%<br />Cost per Direct @ Contact*: 234,52 Euro <br />Target Website: Contact Form Page<br />6<br />*Whatwouldyoupayfora newBusiness Contact?<br />Direct Email Business Request Contact:<br />2<br />12<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  21. 21. Case Study Review<br />Recommendation<br /><ul><li>Content Optimization
  22. 22. Highlight Contact Information via Email / Phone
  23. 23. Less Anonymous, moreCustomer Offerings
  24. 24. More visual Customer FriendlyInformations – Service Workflow
  25. 25. SEO, Integration ofKeywordsinto Content andLinks
  26. 26. SEM Campaign
  27. 27. KeywordOptimization (ExcludeKeywords), Conversion Tracking, Quality Factor Display & Target Website, Placement Tool, moreCampaignRelevance
  28. 28. Increaseof Budget andSelectionof Display Time (Mo-Fr. 8am-10pm)
  29. 29. Setup ofContinuousAdWords Presence - Campaign
  30. 30. Optional a „Flight“ Campaignforspecial Customer Touch Points „Events, Congress, specialOffers“
  31. 31. Monitoring & Observation ofOwn & CompetitorAdWordsCampaigns</li></ul>13<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  32. 32. Case Study Review<br />MyConclusion<br /><ul><li>It was a good Trial toidentifythe SEM Potentials / Synergies (startsmallandthinkbig)
  33. 33. It was amazingtogetthe SEM Best Practices / KnowHow (thenextcampaignisplanned incl. Recommendation)
  34. 34. It‘simportantto Setup SEM Competence in your Company tomaketherightDecisions
  35. 35. Thereissmall Grade ofSuccess & Budget Burning, Think aboutthequestion: Whatwould i payfor a valuablebusinesscontacttodrivebusiness?
  36. 36. With SEM Training (AdWordsCertification) youcanbemoreself-confidentto Setup Campaigns
  37. 37. It‘simportanttobuildup an excellentPartnering Network todrivesuccessful SEM Campaigns
  38. 38. It‘s a pricelessadvantagetoshare SEM Best Practice</li></ul>14<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  39. 39. Case StudySummary<br />Summary of SEM CampaignObjectives:<br />Your SEM Strategy<br />go<br />- More Relevancefor Customer<br />- GoodConversation Rate Targets / Goals<br />- Identificationof SEM Potentials & Synergies<br />Brand Placement<br />- More TransparencyofCampaigns (Reports) <br />Relevance<br />Conversion<br />Customer<br />- Improvementof Content Quality (Audits)<br />New Business<br />Success<br />Budget Controll<br />KnowHow<br />Quick Wins<br />- ExcellentPartnering (SEO, SEM, Creative)<br />- Search Platform Provider CooperationPrograms<br />- Sharing of Expertise & Support<br />15<br />SEM Case Study<br />
  40. 40. Contact: OnlineMarketing Consulting<br />Maik LangeInternet Marketing Consultant<br />Email:<br />drivinggoodideas<br />Global Blog: http://www.xplant.netdrivinggoodideas [english]Country Blog: http://www.binloop.debusiness in loop [german]Twitter: [english]Twitter: [german]Facebook:<br />16<br />SEM Case Study<br />