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2012 LMATECH - John Corey - In-House Counsel New Media Survey State of the Market


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State of the Market: In House New Media Engagement Survey
In 2010, Greentarget’s In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey, the first research project of its type in the legal field, affirmed that client-side lawyers were beginning to dip their toes into the social media pool by using new media technologies for both personal and professional reasons. Greentarget founding partner John Corey will join us to unveil the findings of the firm’s second annual report. Developed in partnership with InsideCounsel magazine and the consultancy Zeughauser Group, this year’s study measures how perceptions and behaviors have changed over the past year while probing deeper into certain areas, including the impact of blogs on business development and overall use of Wikipedia as a research tool. Join us to hear the results of this year’s data and the implications for marketing and communications professionals moving forward.

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2012 LMATECH - John Corey - In-House Counsel New Media Survey State of the Market

  1. 1. At a Glance• Second generation of inaugural 2010 survey• Conducted in November and December 2011• Data analyzed, reported in early 2012• 334 in-house respondents o GCs, Deputy/Associate GCs, other in-house counsel• 4.2 percent response rate• Only study to measure how in-house counsel are using new media + impact on business development 2
  2. 2. Key Highlights Prese ntatio n to3
  3. 3. Top New Media Tools – Professional Usage 4
  4. 4. Top New Media Tools – Personal Usage 5
  5. 5. Blogs Prese ntatio n to6
  6. 6. Prominent Blogs Influence Hiring 7
  7. 7. Blogs – Readership Frequency Changing 8
  8. 8. Law Firm Blogs Preferred 9
  9. 9. LinkedIn Prese ntatio n to 10
  10. 10. LinkedIn the “Serious” New Media Platform . . . 11
  11. 11. . . . But Personal Usage is Growing Too 12
  12. 12. LinkedIn Personal Usage 13
  13. 13. Wikipedia Prese ntatio n to 14
  14. 14. Wikipedia Being Used For Research . . . 15
  15. 15. . . . Not to Vet Outside Counsel 16
  16. 16. Other“Key Themes” Prese ntatio n to 17
  17. 17. Hardware Fuels “Consumption on the Go” 18
  18. 18. Vetting Outside Counsel 19
  19. 19. Which Industry Rankings Matter? 20
  20. 20. Which New Media Sources are Most Credible? 21
  21. 21. How Are You Using Social Media Today? “I observe only; I do not participate or contribute to the conversations taking place.” – General Counsel, Fortune 1000 company 22
  22. 22. Implications Prese ntatio n to 23
  23. 23. Implications•Opportunity exists to self publish via firm-branded blogs•LinkedIn the most captive audience of in-house counsel•Older counsel–40 to 60–are using new media more•“Engagement” not a viable measure for social media ROI•Use Wikipedia to credential lawyers, not to brand firms•Content is king – focus on quality over quantity 24
  24. 24. Discussion 25