LMAtech2013: Infographics: Telling your story in pictures


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Kerstin Firmin, Creative Manager, The Bar Association of San Francisco

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to see patterns and trends. Infographics are a hot topic in online marketing and they are may become an important thought leadership tool for lawyers. Hear about the experience of creating and using infographics for marketing in the legal industry.

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LMAtech2013: Infographics: Telling your story in pictures

  1. 1. infographics what why how content design distribution
  2. 2. what visual storytelling as old as humanity info renaissance
  3. 3. why Trying to keep up with the information stream is like taking a sip from a fire hose. Every day, we are bombarded with thousands of messages, marketing appeals, phone calls, emails, tweets, alerts, text messages, and breaking news. The average person is exposed to the equivalent of 174 newspapers full of information every day. How can anyone keep up? According to Harvard Business Review, many people today don’t even try. They are simply overwhelmed. “There’s never been more data at our fingertips, but most of us have trouble making sense of that glut of information unless it’s shaped into cohesive nuggets.” People are more connected Information is more complex Effective communication is less verbal, more visual
  4. 4. why “people aren’t reading – they’re news snacking”
  5. 5. how: content news press releases outcomes spreadsheets successes presentations training sign-up sheets educating analytics share your data
  6. 6. how: content
  7. 7. how: design Visualize Me: http://vizualize.me/ Turn a resume into an infographic in minutes Ideas for use: Make website bios more interesting; new hire announcements
  8. 8. how: design TimelineJS: http://timeline.verite.co Create an interactive timeline Ideas for use: Replace static historic timeline with interactive timeline that includes video, pictures, other interactive content Create a timeline for a project or program
  9. 9. how: distribute post embed share & let share link back share your data: engage
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