LMAtech2013: BizDev Training 2.0 – Technology that improves lawyers’ ability to make rain


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E-Learning technologies have affected the ways that universities deliver education and companies train their employees. What about law firms and business development training? This session bring together three leading business development trainers for a spirited discussion of the new tools and techniques for training lawyers and law firm business development professionals to get new business.

Join thought-leaders David Ackert, Bill Flannery and Mike O’Horo for a lively discussion on the use of technology in business development training. Learn about three uniquely dynamic methods that range from the tried-and-true to the cutting edge.

You will learn:
• How to use technology to enhance training results
• Best practices for BD training (in-house and outsourced)
• How to measure ROI on BD training


Jonathan R. Fitzgarrald, Chief Marketing Officer, Greenberg Gluskser


David Ackert, President, Practice Boomers

William J. Flannery, Jr., President, WJF Institute

Mike O’Horo, President, RainmakerVT

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  • JF: Before we introduce our panel, we thought we’d start with a pop quiz, borrowed from The Am Law Daily. (CLICK THROUGH ANSWERS A-E)A-B are not sustainable solutionsD requires culture change (good luck with that!)That leaves E.
  • JF:Most of our marketing initiatives are part of the constellation, but they don’t directly solve the problem: the only way to increase business is through business origination. …which is easier said than done…
  • Play Flannery video
  • JF: Most of our lawyers are ineffective as a sales force. They’re overworked, reluctant, unwilling, and skeptical. But their biggest challenge is that they’re untrained, and no lawyer wants to embark on a task that will be potentially embarrassing.
  • JF: We CMOs recognize that evangelists are killed, so we are limited in the degree to which we can change the firm’s culture. We “work with the willing,” but our success is limited to the resources provided, and most firms understaff their marketing departments.At the same time, our value is predicated on our ability to facilitate revenue for the firm, so we have to look to our business partners for solutions. (INTRODUCE PANEL)Our panelists each have a credible solution that trains lawyers to become better originators through proven methodologies and technology.
  • WJF discusses his program and a few key takeaways
  • WJF discusses his program and a few key takeaways
  • MO discusses RVT and a few key takeaways
  • DA discusses PB and a few key takeaways
  • JF speaks to Adam Stock’s points about all three programsThey engage all aspects of learning – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. We know that a full combination is key to having any effective training. Most training is a book or a PPT slide set.They are personal and personalized.With Practice Boomers and RainmakerVT the individuals work online at their own pace and tackle their problems. With WJF, each attorney takes a communications skills test before the training and videotape their role-play for objective review.They tap into attorney’s competitive natures.  WJF has a “competition” at the end. Practice Boomers has group meetings, and RainmakerVT has the self-directed scenario tests.
  • JF speaks to Adam Stock’s points about all three programsThey integrate with law firm support systems.Both WJF and Practice Boomers has a role for the marketing staff to integrate what is being learned within the context of the firm. They use technology in intelligent ways.RainmakerVT and Practice Boomers follow the Netflix “Just in Time” model. Lawyers engage in short lessons when they have time. They also track performance metrics. With WJF the videotaping is part of the training.They are paid for 3rd party programs.Training and especially coaching are like psychiatry: (1) you need to connect with your shrink, and (2) you need to pay.While law firms can try to do all of this internally, it is too easy for attorneys to “blow off” BD professionals because they are too busy. They are far less likely to do so with an “external expert” whose advice they’re purchasing.
  • JF turns to the panel for a “lightning round” of answers to these questions, then we turn to the audience for open Q&A
  • LMAtech2013: BizDev Training 2.0 – Technology that improves lawyers’ ability to make rain

    1. 1. BD Training 2.0 Technology that Improves Lawyers’ Ability to Make Rain Panelists: David Ackert, Practice Boomers Bill Flannery, WJF Institute Mike O’Horo, RainmakerVT Moderator: Jonathan Fitzgarrald, Greenberg Glusker
    2. 2. Four Keys to Teaching Young Partners How to Build Their Business By Ed Burke The Am Law Daily, April 2013 Here’s a logic problem with practical consequences: Given that a firm’s survival depends on revenue; that revenue comes from sales; that lawyers are the ones charged with bringing in revenue; and that most lawyers can’t sell and don’t want to, which of the following should law firms do? A. Keep depending on a handful of rainmakers with portable business. B. Fire the CMO—again. C. Scrap the existing compensation plan for one that truly provides a motivation for selling. D. Teach the lawyers how to sell in a way they’ll accept.
    3. 3. Firm directive: Increase business Events Website CRM Business originators Sponsorships Rankings
    4. 4. The conundrum Sales person
    5. 5. Business origination: lawyers
    6. 6. Business origination: CMOs
    7. 7. Flannery: Client Development and Relationship Management Workshop Agenda • Workshop: Day One – Introduction and Framework For The Future – The CD & RM Process Overview – Conducting Client Needs Interviews – Understanding the Client Decision Making Process – Designing Client Service Improvement Plans – How to Get Decisions – Review and Summary
    8. 8. Flannery: Client Development and Relationship Management Workshop Agenda • Videos: Day Two – Presenting or Proposing Solutions – Case Study and Video Interviews • Team Presentations: Day Three – Case Study Team Presentations – Team Strategy Discussions – Follow-Up Plan
    9. 9. Rainmaker VT • 24/7 access “when you need it” • “Just in time” self-directed learning • Make mistakes in a safe, virtual environment • The program’s interactive style enhances engagement and retention by 25-60%
    10. 10. Practice Boomers • Changes lawyer behavior - turns BD into a habit • Performance metrics reported to marketers • Group coaching “Masterminds” reinforce accountability and implementation • Consistent ROI to law firms
    11. 11. Why these programs are viable • Engage all learning modes – visual, auditory, kinesthetic • Personal, personalized • Convenient: work online at own pace • Establish skill baseline, review after training • Trigger attorneys' competitive natures
    12. 12. Why these programs are viable • • • • • • • • Integrate w/law firm support systems Role for the marketing staff Intelligent tech use Netflix “Just in Time” model Track performance metrics Funded training = commitment Easy for lawyers to ignore internal expert Pay more attention to paid external expert
    13. 13. What are some best practices for BD training (in-house or outsourced)? What techniques can firms use to tie BD training to ROI?