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French countries keynote project


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French countries keynote project

  1. 1. Houses of differentFrancophone countries French 2 Topic 4By: L a il a L auren t
  2. 2. Belgium Les Maisons à Belgium sont grande etpetite. Dehors les maisons il y a souvent le jardin et le pelouse.
  3. 3. Central African Republic Les Maisons à Central African Republic sont souvent petite et rarement grande. Elles sont marron. Les personnes dans Central African Republic sont souvent pauvres.
  4. 4. France Les Français habitent dans les maisons et dans desimmeuble. Elles souvent ont le jardin dehors les maison ou des immeuble. Des immeuble sont beaucoup de couleurs.
  5. 5. HaitiLes maisons à Haiti est souvent petite. Il n’y a pas pelouse dehors les masions. Les murs sont faire de terre.
  6. 6. Madagascar Les maison de Madagscar sont très étrange. Elles sont coloré. Elles sontgrande et petite. Dehors les maisons il y a souvent des arbres.
  7. 7. TogoLes maisons à Togo sont petite. Dehors lesmaisons il y a rarement le pelouse. Les murs sont souvent faire de terre.
  8. 8. Vanuatu Les Maisons à Vanuatu sont grande et petite. Lesmaisons sont souvent brun. Dehors les maisons il y a souvent le pelouse et des arbres.
  9. 9. Switzerland Les Maisons à Switzerland sont très jolie. Elles sont très coloré. La maison à droite est blanche, rouge, et vert. Dehors les maisons il y a lepelouse, les jardins, des arbres, et les montagnes.
  10. 10. Belgium vs. HaitiBelgium and Haiti are very different. Belgium is a wealthy county while Haiti isnot. The houses in Belgium are big, beautiful, and made for easy living. On the other hand in Haiti, it looks like the houses are made just for simple shelter and are constructed of materials available and cheap. This could do with location. Belgium is in Europe which is generally wealthy while Haiti is an island in the Caribbean. Haiti was probably originally a sugarcane island making most of it’s original inhabitants slaves. Slaves were not paid for their labor so it would make sense that Haiti would be poor.
  11. 11. Vanuatu vs. Madagascar Vanuatu and Madagascar are both Islands. Vanuatu is off the coast of Australia and Madagascar is off the coast of Africa. Based on the the pictures above, Vanuatu seems wealthier and more topical than Madagascar. Because of this, the houses in Vanuatu are larger and made for tropical climates and any storms, volcanoes, or earthquakes that go with it. The houses in Madagascar seem less durable most likelybecause there aren’t many frequent natural disasters that threaten them.
  12. 12. Switzerland vs. TogoSwitzerland and Togo have many differences. Like Haiti, it appears that thehouses in Togo are made of materials available to the people who build thehouses. This is probably because Togo is in Africa and many places in Africaare poor and the people can’t afford anything else. Switzerland is in Europe which is rather wealthy therefore its inhabitants can afford nice houses made for luxury with beautiful views. Also Switzerland is in a cold climate while Togo is in a very warm climate. Because of this, the houses in Switzerland are built for warmth and the houses in Togo are made so that they people living in it stay cool.
  13. 13. Sources