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  • In this PowerPoint presentation I will evaluate how I used different forms and conventions, in varying ways to create a 5 minute short film which will appeal to my target audience and market and will be successfully promoted using my ancillary texts.
  • We needed to used narratvieeffectivley in order to create as sucessfull short film, a narrative is a chain of events which come about form cause and effect. Our narrative style was very conventional, similar to todorovs theory of narrative, todorov believes narratives are stuructured in five stages at 1.state is the equilbrium the secnond stage isa disruption of the equilbbrium, for us this would be in relation to the car crash the third stage is recognition there ha sbeen a disruption which is the The hospital sence the fourth stage is an attempt to repair the disruption and stage 5 a reinstatemnt of the equilbbirum. This typoe of narrate structre can be seen as very mainstremamalthoguh we challnged the forms of narrative in our film. Foirstly because time was a major aspect of our brief we decided to use flashbacks to represent different concept of time, this challenged the typical conventions of narrative because ewe did not stick to the simple start middle end. Also our use of narrative range which was restricted narration helped develop our narrative because it continualy gave our audience an insight to what the predominant female is thinking. This in return keeps the audience intrigued and at the edge of there seats. We felt if we used a enigma in our film that it would put us aprt from the rest of the short films which are around today. The enigma which we created was that the predominat female character was in a life or death situation and also that there is a twist in our film at the end. This is very similar to the short film telling mark. When we used our narration, we incorporated this as a voicein the female charcters voice as she was reading her diary. This is called objective charcterindenitifcation and it alows the views to be given unique acsess to a charcters point of view such as seeing things from the charcters mind such as dreams , fantasies and in our case meories.
  • The genre of our film is a ….. We have decide to use a hyvbrid as we feel we will broaden our audinece range and also because when we though of our plot this would be the perfect genre this is a similar genre to spike jonzeim here explain each one…..nick lacyesgenere scheme Charctersbvunerable girls chosees between two men – similar to bridgetjones diary moremainstream films- setting location is very restirected due to budget if I had more time I woul…. The stting affects the mood due to hospital being sterotypicalo sad placeIconogrphy- sounds effects car crash flat line- creates a uch more atmospheric inconogrpahy, mucis in the last seen creates a happier moodParticular prop- diary creates a icnonogrpoahy know when she picks up diary it invloves the restriced narration know your going to learn more about her feelings which relaes to the enigma
  • Style of our film was very stylised and used many different conventions to give it individualtiy. We achieved this through the used of narrated diary entires. We felt this gave an in depth look into our predominant female character and allowed our feel to have a sense of social realism. The loighting which we used for our film was very restricted this was due to our low budget , although our film has a huge sense of realism natural light really helped us to portray this althoguh in some scene we used extra lights to add a more atmospheric setting. We used camera shots such as pans, crabs and zooms to show comppoostionmovem,ent. We used proxemics to show the relationship between our charcters for example when simon was visiting hope in hospital he was very close to the bed and holding her hand so also the use of body language also helped to tell our narraitve.
  • When Editing our film we used the programme final cut pro which I felt was very easy to get to grasps with and was a very simple programme to edit a film like ours, althoguh the techniques which final cut pro offers are very limited for example theres was nto many text options or slide tarnsitions. Within Final cut we decided to use three point editing we we felt wopuld work best for a quick but effective editing. One problem which arose when fimling and editing our film wasconitinuity, for example ourt main charcterisabelle had her hair cut during the filming period(form stills) so in our first scene she had long haor and in the 4th scene her hair was much shorter, this did not fit in with our narrative.
  • Froms and conventionspptx

    1. 1. How did you use forms and conventions in your production?<br />Latent Love<br />Press the speaker<br />
    2. 2. Narrative<br />A chain of events<br />We used a conventional narrative style similar to Todorovs theory of narrative<br />We challenged the forms of narrative in our film through..<br />We created a huge enigma and mystery around our film<br />Telling mark<br />Objective character identification<br />CLICK THE SPEAKER<br />Restricted narration<br />Flashbacks<br />
    3. 3. genre<br />Chick flick/tragedy hybrid- similar to I'm here<br />Nick lacey's basic scheme of genre-<br />Characters<br />Setting<br />Iconography<br />Narrative and theme<br />Visual audio style<br />stars<br />Mise en scene<br />Music /sound<br />Click the speaker<br />
    4. 4. cinematography<br />Style<br />Lighting<br />Framing<br />Composition movement<br />Proxemics<br />Example form out film and from others<br />Click the speaker<br />
    5. 5. editing<br />Continuity<br />3 point<br />Final cut<br />examples<br />Click the speaker<br />