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Adapted SCORM Module for Moodle

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  1. 1. University of Granada Lluvia Morales José Figueroa Luis Castillo February 4 th 2010 Contact: [email_address] Adapted SCORM/AICC Objects an addon to the scorm Moodle module
  2. 2. Introduction Justification Description Usage Benefits Next Steps Where could I obtain the Add-On? Questions? Outline Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  3. 3. Introduction ¿What is SCORM? Sharable Content Object Reference Model <ul><li>Standard
  4. 4. Learning Objects
  5. 5. (Documents, web pages wikis, quizes, etc)
  6. 6. Learning Sequences
  7. 7. Hierachical or Sequential
  8. 8. Metadatas/IMS-MD
  9. 9. Sharing Activities </li></ul>Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  10. 10. Justification SCORM is the most used standard to share e-courses activities or learning sequences. SCORM activities are the same for each student of an e-course There are not technologies to adapt this standard into Moodle. Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  11. 11. Description Our research product: SCORM Adaptation Module for Moodle big scale experimental phase It is easy to install and configure!!! Guide available in the B-06 course space of iMoot I in spanish In english ( a couple of hours after the conference ). Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  12. 12. Description Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010 Based on Web Services that call to SIADEX Planner Students Instructor LMS Server XMLRPC Planning Server LIP MD LD Wrapper Domain Plan Problem
  13. 13. Description Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010 Is-Based-On Is Part Of Requires Complexity ProblemSt Complexity Exercise Complexity Experiment EquipmentAccess EnglishLevel_High Discrete Maths Logic Gates Minimization of Circuits Exercise Boolean Algebra Boolean Algebra Simulation EquipmentAccess Complexity Algorithms Logic Gates Lecture1 Logic Gates Exercise1 Logic Gates Lecture2 Logic Gates Exercise2 Basic Algorithms Lecture Boolean Algebra Simulation Performance_High Logic and Sets Complexity Experiment Performance_High
  14. 14. Description Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010 Static pedagogical parameters such as : <ul><li>Language
  15. 15. Learning Style (Honey-Alonso)
  16. 16. Performance
  17. 17. Temporal Restrictions
  18. 18. Technical Resources </li></ul>Each student can obtain an adapted SCORM activity without affecting the other SCORM objects in the Moodle System.
  19. 19. Usage Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  20. 20. Benefits To   adapt   the   items   that  student  can   watch according to: -  Hardware   and   software availability . - The  languages  he/she knows. - The previous  quiz score  and adaptation. rules given by pedagogical experts. Static right now. - High-performance students to give them extra material. - Their availability . To give only the necessary activities if the student have no enough time. Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  21. 21. Next Steps Teacher and/or Administrator will can change the pedagogical parameters and rules. Extensible and Robust. To provide planning services to moodle architectures. Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  22. 22. Where could I Obtain the Add-On? At this time is for free for educational Institutions. Asking for it in the contact mail [email_address] and sending us next information: <ul><li>Institution
  23. 23. Number of Moodle Courses
  24. 24. Number of Students
  25. 25. Name and e-mail contact </li></ul>Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010
  26. 26. Questions? Session: B-06 February 4 th 2010