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Digital Analytics Cape Town Roundtable


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Digital Analytics Cape Town Roundtable

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Digital Analytics Cape Town Roundtable

  1. 1. Analytics Roundtable
  2. 2. How to define the culture of Digital Analytics - State of the Digital Analytics - South Africa?
  3. 3. Web analyst? What’s that?
  4. 4. WebDigital analyst? What’s that?
  5. 5. Yeah, but you can tweak the numbers however you want, anyway…
  6. 6. Uhh, no, I didn’t add this campaign in our analytics tool… Why? Was I supposed to?
  7. 7. When you’ve got 2 minutes, can you please get me all the numbers for this campaign?
  8. 8. I want to measure everything that can be measured
  9. 9. You don’t have a performance indicator that sums everything up?
  10. 10. How to define the culture of Digital Analytics - State of the Digital Analytics
  11. 11. How to Structure your first presentation? What is Digital Analytics? Why this team was created? (our function) What do we need from you (stakeholders)? Benefits of web analytics?
  12. 12. The science of analysis using data to understand historical patterns with an eye to improving performance and predicting the future. The analysis of digital data refers to information collected in interactive channels (online, mobile, social, etc.). Digital Analytics has become an integral part of core business strategies and maintaining a competitive edge. Digital data started the Big Data meme as it heralded the onslaught of Volume, Variety and Velocity, opening the door to new types of correlative discovery much wider. Digital Analytics is a moving target of innovation and exploration. That's what makes it fascinating. Definition
  13. 13. • Web Analytics Department Objectives • Operational Support • SMART goal setting • “Who / How / What” To ensure a solid foundation, an overview of the main web analytics department functions is included. Operational support is carefully introduced and explained. This begins to introduce how we propose to operate amongst other departments and clearly outlines our processes and services. This also ensures transparency that may reduce fear. Senior people will clearly know what to expect. a) Who we may need to work with; b) How we work and c) What we will do, will ensure that senior people are clear on potential changes to their current workflow. Why this team was created (our function)
  14. 14. • Quicker Decision Making • Improved Prioritising / Improving Marketing Strategy/Planning • Better Accountability • Standardised Reporting • Improved Communication • Greater Profits by Optimisation Efforts A very important item and large section - promoting the specific benefits will create confidence with senior staff, to gain necessary “buy in”. It also proves the important value and need for immediate web analytics and may reduce resistance to change, as the benefits clearly outline a “work together” approach. Approaching these items will be carefully considered to ensure that no fear is created, yet promoting the importance of this to achieve maximum benefit. Some company specific actionable data (based on initial research) will be included, to provide relevant context and insights into the monetary value of web analytics, as well as serve as a solid example. The concept of being able to make decisions faster based on actionable data and centralised data/reporting will lead to greater profits - this will reinforce the incredible value of web analytics. The benefits of Web Analytics
  15. 15. Department Objectives/Goals • Current KPIs (if any) • Current Reports (if any) • Dedicated department meeting to define the critical few KPIs & goals In order for Web Analytics to be highly effective and provide cross departmental support, I will highlight what information we require, in order to fulfil all the benefits of web analytics, including the creation of relevant dashboards that contain critical KPIs, allowing senior staff to make quicker decisions. This includes a brief explanation relating to meeting with departments in order to obtain their objectives and to review their KPIs, to define the critical few. What do we need from you (stakeholders)?
  16. 16. Assess where you are What are your analytical capabilities, strengths and weaknesses? Recognise where to go next What strengths can you capitalise on, what gaps should you try to close? Set reasonable ambitions What can you hope to accomplish and when? Monitor progress How fast and how far are you travelling on the journey to capitalise on analytics? Discussing all these elements with executive leadership How can you come to a mutual understanding about your capabilities and commitment to plan of action? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Delta Approach
  17. 17. There were four thousands and seven million and three ninety visits. State of Web Analytics in South Africa
  18. 18. Web Metrics Visits, visitors, page views Top 10’s Demographic Top entry/exit Performance Capacity Technographic Behaviour Optimisation Path analysis Funnel reports A/B testing KPIs Dashboards E-Marketing Merchandising Segmentation SEO Campaign Optimisation Personas KPI alerts CRM Multichannel aggregation Lifetime value Personalisation Content Serving Decision Support Corporate Performance Management Multichannel reports Activity-based costings Balanced scorecards Strategic planning Predictive analytics Level 1 Level 2 Level 4Level 3 Level 5
  19. 19. There’s so much ….
  20. 20. Job Titles? Technical Consultant Consultant Web Analyst Head of Analytics Senior Analyst Head of Web Analytics Head of Digital Analytics
  21. 21. What challenges do you face client-side? What challenges do you face agency side? What challenges do we face in cultivating web analytics maturity in South Africa? What can we do? Discussion