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Business opportunities in the FoodSegment

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Goli copy

  1. 1. You Have A Dream.....The Dreamhas come in the womb of the universe...It is the responsibility of the Universe to fulfill the dream... theuniverse conspires to achieve your dreams
  2. 2. ETHNIC FOODOPPORTUNITY Billion Population. 1.4 200 Million Consumers. Young Population with high disposable Incomes. Retail Infrastructure. Changing Food Habits. Move Towards packaged,Branded Products.
  3. 3. Anything Between Bun Sells
  4. 4. Why Vada Pav? Food. Fast Mobile Food. Tables/Chairs. No Plates/ Spoons. No PotatoWheat....Universal Appeal. Spices...Ethnic Appeal.
  5. 5. Why Brand Name Goli????? Goli Kha Aaj Mumbai The Lingo Pre-Fried Version.
  6. 6. First Store Of Goli Vada Pav Store Opened in First 2004 Signifies: Hotness Red White Signifies: Hygiene Green Signifies: Spicy
  7. 7. Landmark Store
  8. 8. Process
  9. 9. Goli Products
  10. 10. Sourcing DistributionFrozen Vadas packed in cartons are sent through Reefer vanto Goli Kitchen which is also a cold room where it is againstored till the time it is need to be sent to Goli stores acrosscountry.In the kitchen, chefs from five-star hotels and street carts ofMumbai rub shoulders, lending Goli a uniqueness that sets itapart from its competitors.Also, pav is not a costly part of the product as Vada is, so it islocally sourced from the bakers in the city where stores arelocated.
  11. 11. Franchisee OperationsSuper Fast Expansion: 300 Stores in 3 MonthsChallenge:Booming Real Estate Prices in MumbaiSolution:Collaborating with rented roadside Aarey kiosks present, company has outlets in 75 different locations in the Atcountry.
  12. 12. NashikAurangabadJalnaNandedDhuliaJalgaonAhmednagar Shift to Tier 2 CitiesLaturBeedJalnaParbhaniNagpur
  13. 13. MARKETINGInitial stages their stores shopboards had Goli written in small font andVada-pav in bigger font.Unique look to one of its brand element, the logo of the company.Goli mascot, a man with a topi and mustache, symbolizes the chainsdesiness, taken with a pinch of Maharashtrian style. interiors consisted of using red and white combination of tiles for the Goliinteriors of the store which people started to associate with Goli brandname.
  14. 14. Branding Initiatives engaging customers with social media by ensuring its presence over social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. Vada-pav+ cutting chai+aamchi Mumbai = awesomeness. Ganpati. Goli company gave CDs to Auto drivers to play it in their Auto while they are driving slogans like Goli Goli Goli... Vadapav Goli during the train schedule announcements at Mumbai local railway stations.
  15. 15. Mumbai Meri Jaan Text
  16. 16. Vada Pav+ Chai= Mumbai
  17. 17. VentureEastWith assets of over $300 million undermanagement,VenturEast focuses on high-growth, smalland medium enterprises and has offered financialsupport to 50 projects in technology, healthcare and lifesciences and other emerging sectors. There are veryfew organized players in this business.
  18. 18. Tie Up With VentureEastInvested $4.7 million, or Rs 21 crore in Goli Vada Pav.Replicate the success enjoyed by Jubilant Foodworks.Selected VenturEast because of their pedigree, approach and ability tounderstand our business.Funds will be used to improve managerial capabilities and also for brandbuilding. up Training Centres and MIS Systems. Set
  19. 19. CONCLUSION