Android and android phones


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Android Presentation by Lloyd Edric S. Diatre

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Android and android phones

  1. 1. ANDROID AND ANDROID PHONES Created by: Diatre, Lloyd Edric S. SY1216 roid
  3. 3. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM/AN DROIDAndroid Android is the worlds most popular mobile platform.With Android you can use all the Google apps you know andlove, plus there are more than 600,000 apps and games availableon Google Play to keep you entertained, alongside millions ofsongs and books, and thousands of movies. Android devices arealready smart, and will only get smarter, with new features youwont find on any other platform, letting you focus on whatsimportant and putting you in control of your mobile experience.
  5. 5. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM/AN DROID Your stuff, always available, no wires needed When you sign in to your phone or tablet with Google, you canaccess all of your Google stuff (contacts, photos, Gmail and more) quicklyand easily. You can also enjoy all of your favorite entertainment across yourAndroid devices and even your computer — no wires, no syncing. Play everywhere you go Google Play is the easiest way to enjoy all your favorites — no wires,no hassle, just pure entertainment. You can now read, listen and watchanywhere you want — on your tablet, phone, or in any browser Forget about cables and syncing: your favorite music, movies,books, apps and games are instantly available across all of your devices and onthe web.
  6. 6. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID The World’s Most Popular PlatformMillions of people already use Android because it makes your mobile device so much more powerful and useful. On Android, the home screen, web browser, email and everything in between are designed to make your life easier. And because Android is open, you can create a unique mobile experience that’s just right for you.
  8. 8. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Widgets Put the important stuff right within reach and interact with your favorite apps directly from your home screen with widgets — see the latest sport scores, view yourfavorite photos, check the weather or peek at your inbox all without having to open different apps or leave the home screen
  9. 9. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID NotificationsAn easy-to-read notification tray gives you quick access to your calls, incoming texts, and new emails in a non-intrusive way.
  10. 10. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Multi-tasking With Android, you can quickly and seamlessly switchbetween apps and pick up whatever you were doing. Jugglingmultiple tasks at once on a mobile device has never been easier.
  11. 11. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Voice typing and actionsControl your Android device with your voice. Simply touch themicrophone on the keyboard and start talking to write emails, SMS, or any other text — more than 30 languages supported. Text appears in real time, so there’s no waiting.
  12. 12. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Photos and videosCapture special moments with great photos and videos, explore your shots and quickly share your favorites in any way that you want.
  13. 13. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Beyond Smart Your Android device is already smart, and it’s only going to get smarter. Androidwas the first to bring you features on certain devices like Face Unlock — which uses facialrecognition to let you unlock your device with a smile, Android Beam — which lets youshare contacts, directions and more by touching two devices together, and Google Now —which brings you just the right information, before you even ask. Check out what’s new inAndroid. Choose the Android device that’s right for you Android powers devices from some of the best handset and tablet manufacturersin the world, like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Asus and more. Android devices come inall shapes and sizes, with vibrant high-resolution displays and cameras, giving you theflexibility to choose the one that’s just right for you. Flip-out keyboard or on-screen, fromsmartphone to tablet and at every possible price point, there’s an Android device foreveryone. Android lets you choose the best smartphones and tablets through a globalpartnership network of over 300 carriers in over 169 countries.
  15. 15. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Top 10Android Phones
  16. 16. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID HTC One S The HTC One S is the ultimate multimediaphone, from gaming to music to snapping high quality photos.
  17. 17. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Samsung Galaxy Nexus The best Android phone to date, the Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, sleek design, fastperformance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update.
  18. 18. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID HTC Rezound If you can deal with subpar battery life, the HTCRezound is an excellent phone that wont feel outdated anytime soon.
  19. 19. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide The MyTouch 4G Slide has one of the bestcameras weve ever tested--and the rest of the phone is pretty amazing as well.
  20. 20. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Motorola DROID RAZR MAXXThe Droid Razr Maxx packs in a dual-core processor, large battery and LTE in a very thin frame.
  21. 21. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Samsung Epic Touch 4GThe slim and speedy Samsung Epic Touch 4G is excellent for gaming, Web browsing and watching video, but the plasticky design feels a bit on the cheap side.
  22. 22. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Motorola Droid Razr The thin and elegant Motorola Droid Razr is smoking when it comes to data speeds and performance, but the short battery life is a disappointment.
  23. 23. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Motorola Droid Bionic The long-awaited Droid Bionic is blazing fast and has a slew of greatentertainment and business features, but the high price might make it a hard sell.
  24. 24. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile)Like the rest of the Galaxy S II series, the Galaxy S II on T-Mobile is one of the best phones currently available, hands down.
  25. 25. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID HTC Evo 3DUneven call quality doesnt stop the Evo 3D frombeing the best phone currently available on Sprint.
  26. 26. HTTP://EGLOBIOTRAINING.COM /ANDROID Respecfully submitted to Prof.Erwin M. Globio, MSIT