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Target Leads


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Getting you in from on senior prospects to discuss Medicare, Supplements, Final Expense and Retirement.

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Target Leads

  1. 1. Senior Market Leads The future of insurance sales, at least for 20 more years.
  2. 2. About Us •Since 1985, TargetLeads® direct marketing services, a division of Senior Direct, Inc has been a trusted leader for prospecting lists and direct mail lead generation for the senior market. Medicare Supplement Leads, Final Expense Leads, Long-Term Care Leads, Annuity Leads have been our specialty. •TargetLeads was purchased by the Seitman family in 1994 from Caretenders Inc. •In 2001 we developed our TL LeadManager® to help our clients run their own businesses. We are very proud of our Lead Management System and our clients will tell you all about their experience with this system. There are plenty of CRM's on the internet, ours can be free. Our Company
  3. 3. Maximize your market Everyone is chasing the T-65 market. Everyone is targeting them. It is a numbers game and it works when you do it right. 1. Mail early, at least 4 or 6 months out to get the best response. 2. Mail them all. The quantities are relatively low and its relatively inexpensive. 3. Companion Sales T-65 Leads
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  6. 6. The Government is your friend. The constant changes in Washington provide for constant confusion and fluctuations in pricing. Medicare Supplement policy owners are always looking for better plans, additional coverage and clarification on the health care crisis. Lloyd Lofton will help you talk about this. TargetLeads will provide people to talk to. 66-72, Medicare Supplement
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  9. 9. The slam dunk The increase in final expense sales is dramatic currently. The market timing is perfect for this product. We average 1.5% in response rate, or 15 leads per 1,000 mailed. Our average clients math: 15 Leads, 6 appointments, 7 sales. That is happy math. Final Expense
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