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Training Managers to train agents in prospecting

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Lead To Results

  2. 2. Teaching Managers Strategies for Agent Self Marketing
  3. 3. Agent Strategy Agent Development Lifecycle New 3 – 6 months 6 – 24 months 24 – 60 60 – plus as an agent as an agent months as months as Agents an agent an agent Begins by Progresses to Package capable of Mature agent selling 1 – 2 package selling 2 – 3 selling all capable of products selling 2 products, products, selling all products – building client servicing client products, gaining referral base/referrals base/growing servicing client referrals base/building on referrals
  4. 4. Market Strategy Agent Prospecting Lifecycle Small Business Family Pre-retirement Retirement Employee Major Medical Major Medical Major Medical Medicare Supplement HSA HSA Short-term Medical Final Expense CI Life LTC LTC Life CI Life Annuities Life Annuities
  5. 5. Agent Business Planning If the agent learns to close 1 out of 3 appointments they will need to learn to book 10 appointments. Historically 1/3 of their appointments booked may cancel or not be there so they need to learn to book a minimum of 15 appointments
  6. 6. Agent Business Planning Sample Work Week 15 hours of marketing 25 hours appointment running and travel time 5 hours of paperwork and administrative follow up 5 hours of “waste and miscellaneous” 5 hours of education and meetings/personal study Total average work week for this goal would be 55 hours
  7. 7. Activity Plan The activity plan is where specific activities are identified as necessary to achieve your agents goals. INTERNET NETWORKING REFERRAL TAKE ONE WALK & TALK WAVE MAILING TELEMARKET
  8. 8. Agent Self Marketing
  9. 9. Agent Self Marketing Lead Resources Professional Referrals Cloverleaf Surveys Business Cards Advertising Newspaper Ads Free Lunch –business Trade Shows/Flea cards market Be creative Take-One boxes Happy hours Association Lists Local paint, lumber & Mailers
  10. 10. Direct Mail: Postcards & Letters
  11. 11. Referral Mailing
  12. 12. HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS MAKING YOU SICK? Very Affordable Health Insurance For Small Businesses & Self- Employed Includes: $5,000,000 Lifetime Maximum Benefit Per Person Sloan’s Lake or PHCS Network Co-pays Childhood Preventive Care Adult Well Physical Prescription Drug Benefit 24 Hour on the Job Coverage Dental Coverage Vision Benefit Example: Families Couples Singles 30M & 30F…$205/mo* 30M &30F 30M…$73* with 2 children $146* 30F…$81* 40M &40F…$271/mo* 40M &40F 40M…$102* with 2 children $211* 40F…$118* 50M & 50F…$343/mo* 50M=50F… 50M…$143* with 2 children $283* 50F…$148* *Examples based on healthy non-smokers
  13. 13. For a personal needs analysis and quote do one of the following three things: 1. Fax this form to 515-942-5555 2. E-mail me at: blabla@hotmail.com 3. Call me at (515) 291-5555 local Name______________________________Sex_____Age___Smoker Y/N Spouse: _____________ _______________Sex_____Age__Smoker Y/N # Of Children: (ages not needed) _________________ Day Phone: ______________________ Evening Phone: ____________ City: _____________________
  14. 14. The Math 100 + mailers sent per week 20 – mailers returned w/bad address _____ = 80 20 – can’t buy (group, disability, etc) ____ = 60 actual contacts 12 / months in a year ___ = 5 people who receive a rate increase
  15. 15. Willingness is represented by activity Ability is represented by results You can please some of the people some of the time… But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.