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HPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula


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HPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula

  1. 1. High Performance Cloud Computing Day BiG Grid - SARA Amsterdam, The Netherland, October 4th, 2011 HPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula Ignacio M. Llorente Project Director© OpenNebula Project. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 1/13
  2. 2. ContentsHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula●  What is Cloud Computing?●  What is OpenNebula?●  HPC and Science Cloud Computing●  HPC Cloud Computing at SARA and BiG GridHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 2/13
  3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?Types of Cloud Services for Provision of IT Capabilities as a Service! What Who On-demand End-user Software as a Service access to any (does not care about hw or sw) application Platform for Developer Platform as a Service building and (no managing of the underlying hw delivering web & swlayers) applications Infrastructure as a Raw computer System Administrator ᄎ Service infrastructure (complete management of the computer infrastructure) Physical InfrastructureHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 3/13
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?Provision of Virtualized Resources as a Service! •  Raw infrastructure •  Management Console resources •  Simple REST API’s Manage Instances •  Pay-as-you-go & elastic capacityHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 4/13
  5. 5. What is OpenNebula?IaaS Cloud Computing Tool for Managing a Data Centers Virtual Infrastructure!Adaptable● Customizable and ExtensibleProven● Many Massive Scale Production DeploymentsPowerful and Innovative● Advanced Enterprise-class FunctionalityNo Lock-in● Platform Independent and InteroperableInteroperable● Popular cloud APIs and standard basedOpenness● Fully open-source● Apache licenseHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 5/13
  6. 6. What is OpenNebula?Building the Industry Standard Open Source Cloud Computing Tool! Third party scalability • Develop & innovate tests: 16000 VMs • Support the community • Collaborate Commercial Support TP v1.0 v1.2 v1.4 v2.0 v2.2 v2.42005 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012dsa group doing research… 4,000 downloads/ month European FundingHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 6/13
  7. 7. What is OpenNebula?Organizations Building Clouds and Innovative Projects! Organizations Building Clouds for Development, Testing and Production Projects Building an Open Cloud Ecosystem Around OpenNebula 16,000 VMs!HPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 7/13
  8. 8. What is OpenNebula?Different Models of Deployment! Model Definition Cloud Cases Infrastructure is owned by •  Optimize and simplify internal operation Private a single organization and •  SaaS/PaaS support made available only to the •  IT consolidation within large organizations organization (Goverment Clouds, University Clouds…) Infrastructure is owned by •  Commercial cloud providers, mostly a single organization and hosting providers to offer low cost solutions Public made available to other with limited control/configuration and organizations over the security/reliability good enough Internet •  Science public clouds to enable scientific and educational projects or to experiment with cloud computing Infrastructure is owned by •  Telecom cloud providers to offer premium Private Virtual a single organization and solutions with additional control/ made available to other configuration and security/reliability organization over a dedicated private networkHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 8/13
  9. 9. HPC and Science Cloud ComputingOne of Our Main User Communities! Deployment Scenarios l  Private clouds as infrastructure tool for hosting virtualized computing environments (job managers or pre-defined scientific platforms) l  Public clouds as provisioning tool for providing users with “HPC cluster as a service” resource provisioning using cloud interfacesHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 9/13
  10. 10. HPC and Science Cloud ComputingOpenNebula as an Infrastructure Tool! Access •  Common interfaces •  Grid integration Grid Middleware LRMS (LSF, PBS, SGE…) •  Custom environments Service •  Dynamic elasticity Virtual Worker Nodes •  Consolidation of WNs •  Simplified management Provision •  Physical – Virtual WNs •  Dynamic capacity partitioning •  Faster upgradesHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 10/13
  11. 11. HPC and Science Cloud ComputingOpenNebula as an Provisioning Tool! •  Simple Provisioning Interface Access •  Raw/Appliance VMs IaaS Interface Pilot Jobs, SSH… Service •  Dynamic scalable computing •  Custom access to capacity •  Not only batch workloads •  Not only scientific workloads Provision •  Improve utilization •  Reduced service management •  Cost efficiencyHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 11/13
  12. 12. HPC Cloud Computing at SARA and BiG GridBiG Grid and SARA as Leaders in HPC Cloud Computing Services! Pioneers in Design and Deployment of HPC Clouds ● OpenNebula is only one of the components ● Deployment and integration are very complex tasks ● There is a lot of complexity behind this portal to make your life easier A Mutually Beneficial Collaboration ● Early adopters of the software contributed to beta testing of the code ● Authors of the well-known OpenNebula Management ConsoleHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 12/13
  13. 13. Questions?We Will Be Happy to Answer Any Question ! @imllorenteHPC Cloud Computing with OpenNebula 13/13