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How Telcos Got API Religion


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Slides from my talk at Monki Gras 2012 in London on February 1st.

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How Telcos Got API Religion

  1. 1. How Telcos GotAPI Religion co de Laura Merling @magicmerl #apireligion SVP, App Enablement Alcatel-Lucent
  2. 2. Of course, there’s a beer analogy. #apireligion
  3. 3. us try) o ind e telc ha n th old er t ly t hing n th eo a ybe(m #apireligion
  4. 4. Beer started pure... New, non- corporate Then it brewers commoditized are now changing the game #apireligion
  5. 5. or w, .” no ce S. ht an he U. rig iss er in t ley ena ft brew al R t cra V n he larges ico g t o., the il in r C S r ee like e duston B ts nc der of Bo"I r e un loKoch, fo F im J #apireligion
  6. 6. #apireligion
  7. 7. the intertubes happened.Telco exec #apireligion
  8. 8. Then wireless. Then voice disappeared. Then the phone itself literally took a back seat. #apireligion
  9. 9. Like the big brewers, the phone companies were pushing commoditized product. #apireligion
  10. 10. And that gave opportunity to “craft” telcos: #apireligion
  11. 11. And, like the big brewers, telcos are started to realize theyneed to move faster, be more “craft”-like. #apireligion
  12. 12. HOW TORemaking the telcos is like making beer. THE EQUIPMENT MAKE BEER Most items can be purchased at your local homebrew store 6. 9. 3. 7. 2. 5. FERMENTER 4. 8. 1. 1. Fermenter, usually a 2. Air lock and stopper to 3. Thermometer 7. Bottle capper, a device that food-grade plastic bucket with a allow carbon dioxide to escape 4. Racking cane & tubing clamps bottle caps on bottles tight- tting lid (more experienced during fermentation while keeping for transferring beer from one 8. Sanitizing agent & brewers may use a glass carboy) air out vessel to another bottle-cleaning brush 5. Bottles, about 50 12-oz. 9. Kitchen supplies—a THE INGREDIENTS bottles for each 5-gallon batch, new or reused stove, large pot, cooking spoon, strainer, measuring cup, can 6. Bottle ller to transfer beer opener, and a cup or bowl Beer is made from 4 basic ingredients: into bottles barley, water, hops and yeast. BREWERS YEAST MALT SUGAR ALCOHOL Beer is created when C2H5OH brewers yeast converts malt sugar into CO2 alcohol and carbon dioxide CARBON DIOXIDE 1. SANITIZING THE BASIC PROCESS The most important step. Nothing can spoil a batch of beer SOURCES: American Homebrewers Association,, faster than stray bacteria. Popular Mechanics, Barley Bandits 3. 2. BOILING MASHING Bring wort to a rolling boil and add Steep grains in hot (but not hops—the ower of the hop plant boiling) water to make wort, that gives the beer avor—according a sweet liquid thats to the recipe. basically unfermented beer. 4. 5. 6. FERMENTATION BOTTLING DRINK UP! Chill wort and transfer to fermenter. You now have beer! But its at Pitch yeast. Store beer away from beer. In order to carbonate it, you sunlight and wait one to several must prime it with additional weeks, depending on the recipe. fermentable sugars and bottle it. Then wait at least two weeks. #apireligion
  13. 13. This is what a telco looks like today. #apireligion
  14. 14. This is what the telco looks like today. Central Serving Regional Offices Office Transport VoIP Soft Phone 7342 ONT Indoor DH Residential 1692 CP Gateway Up to 64 GPON Splitters MSE DHCP ONTs per PON Line GX 550 Ethernet, HomePNA Multiservices or MoCA GPON Metropolis® DMXtend Switch IPTV Access MultiplexerSet Top Box 7342 ONT 7342 OLT POTS Distribution Analog Phone Cabinet 1692 Sealed Expansion MSE Active 1696 Module 1692 WDM MS OPS Active Access Point DWDM IP Services Router 1692 OPS Access Point IP Services Router 7330 FTTN GR303 Access Point MDU TR008 IP Services Router Remote Expansion V5.2 Module Gateway TDM Switch Metropolis® DMXpress Metropolis® Access Multiplexer DMXtend Access Multiplexer #apireligion
  15. 15. This is what the telco looks like tomorrow. (it’s not your Ma’s Bell) #apireligion
  16. 16. 1. The data plan dies.2. Emerging markets will rule.3. One our own ascends. #apireligion
  17. 17. Thank you. #apireligion
  18. 18. The CreditsMagic 8 Ball Head 120 Minute Light Can Evolution God We Trust Beer Sales Chart Article System Logo Exec Car Can