Using Technology to Enhance Teaching effectiveness


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Learning Technologies can help improve effectiveness inside and outside the classroom. Technology should make your life easier; if it makes it harder, maybe you're not doing it right.

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  • Presentation for Conference Week 2013 @ Lakeland Community College
  • This is my Grandma Mayhew. She lived to the ripe old age of 100 years. She passed away only a few years ago. She was probably in here late 90s here. I wanted to share with you about her use of technology. I can remember when she got here first microwave oven.
  • Some of you gen-x-ers may not remember being without Microwaves, but we baby boomers may be able to share about how new technologies tend to be used for anything and everything when they first come out. Grandma Mayhew learned to cook from her mom on a wood range. It took time and patience and great skill. I can remember her mother, my Great Grandma Doud cooking the entire Thanksgiving dinner for our whole family on that range when I was a young boy. So naturally grandma Mayhew figured you needed an equivalent amount of time to cook everything she cooked….
  • Technology should make life easier and add value. If it doesn’t add value…
  • Grading is an example of how technology has improved efficiency. Online asynchronous discussion is an example of a more efficient group discussion Collaborative writing, SMS, and Social Media are new things
  • Syllabus, class notes / PowerPoint presentations, handouts… Blackboard, Dropbox, Google Drive,… Saves paper and students have no excuse - Some rights reserved by pwill312 Paul Williams
  • No more lost assignments, papers due on time and time stamped, no confusion about whose paper is who’s – grading done in Blackboard
  • Grading is an important form of feedback. Increased feedback means increased engagement and retention. Private, timely… License Some rights reserved by davidsilver
  • Quizzes are great tools for self assessment. Using the feedback feature can help student know where they need to improve. Saves valuable class time.
  • Collaborative writing using Wikis and Google Docs permits students to work in real-time or asynchronously on a research project and allows the instructor to look at student contributions. References:
  • Screen Captures – video & stills variety of tools are available, some for free including Jing, Google+ Hangouts on Air (demonstrate), Mac – Quicktime Player
  • You can find most anything on Youtube… YouTube University… Kahn Academy, etc. put your own stuff up there, have your students create videos and post them…
  • Source: Peer review helps student to understand the purpose of the assignment and adds perspective on how to evaluate their own effort. Evaluation requires student to use critical thinking skills.
  • Traditional classroom discussion is different than asynchronous online discussion. Both have strengths and challenges. Asynchronous permits student to engage who might otherwise not get a word in edgewise. Everyone has a chance. Reflection is another positive. Also, the conversation is captured and can be reviewed and added to at a later date and time. Reference: License CC-BY-NC-SA Some rights reserved by ILRI
  • Skype, Facetime (mac) and Google Hangouts are free. These are vey helpful in providing students real-time access to their instructor via office hours and conferences, presentations, guest speakers, etc. Image: License CC-BY-NC-SA Some rights reserved by davidroethler
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Communities, LinkedIn allow us to connect with one another outside of the classroom and the campus and to begin networking with others in our own field of study or work. Social Networks permit us to be “connected” and to share within and beyond the campus community.
  • Subscribing to discussion threads is one of the most powerful ways to engage student in just-in-time feedback. Discussion forums and threads, announcements, grade, etc. Texting the teacher?
  • Poll Everywhere, Blackboard Surveys
  • Using Technology to Enhance Teaching effectiveness

    1. 1. BILL KNAPP, DEAN LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE Using Technology to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness
    2. 2. Grandma Mayhew
    3. 3. Microwave Ovens were the new Technology of the 70s and 80s.
    4. 4. The Law of the Instrument… “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” - Abraham Maslow Technology should make life easier. If it makes it harder, maybe you’re not doing it right.
    5. 5. Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness Adding value by… Doing things differently:  Doing things more efficiently  Doing things more effectively, and Doing new things
    6. 6. Sharing Documents
    7. 7. Submitting Assignments
    8. 8. Grading
    9. 9. Rubrics
    10. 10. Quizzes
    11. 11. Collaborative Writing
    12. 12. Screen Capture
    13. 13. YouTube Videos
    14. 14. Blogs
    15. 15. Peer Review
    16. 16. Small Group Discussion
    17. 17. Web Conferencing
    18. 18. Social Networks
    19. 19. SMS / Texting / Notifications
    20. 20. Polls Blackboard Surveys Google Forms Twitter Polleverywhere…  olls/FyHqKh448OPINNc Or.. 