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Student Voices: Online Student Success


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Presentation delivered at ITC E-Learning 2015 Conference in Las Vegas. Results of study on what we as educators can do to support online students, including student survey results.

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Student Voices: Online Student Success

  1. 1. Student Voices: Online Student Success
  2. 2. AQIP Action Project: Student Support Services for Distance Learners This project will assess the current availability and accessibility of student support services for online students in an effort to identify gaps in services and opportunities for expansion and improvement of services.
  3. 3. How important are each of the following services to you?
  4. 4. The Question: What can we do to help you be moreWhat can we do to help you be more successful in the online course?successful in the online course?
  5. 5. Calendar
  6. 6. Online TestingOnline Testing
  7. 7. Faculty Involvement …while all three types of interactivity are important (student to instructor, student to student and student to content), it is critical that student - instructor communication plays a central role in course design for all learners. –R. Croxton June 2014
  8. 8. Interactivity and Student GPA
  9. 9. Timely FeedbackTimely Feedback
  10. 10. Instructor Availability I loved this course! • "My instructor was awesome and was always there if you had any questions." • "...every course I have taken has been great and the professors have all been attentive and responsive". • "I really enjoyed my online course with [my] professor... he was responsive to my individual questions and he always replied in a timely compassionate manner.”
  11. 11. …not so much "Although the instructor had organized the course well on Blackboard, I could never get a prompt response...” My… teacher on the other hand, is very distant and not very helpful whenever I try and reach out to him.
  12. 12. Consistency
  13. 13. Reminders / Notifications
  14. 14. Alerts / Notifications
  15. 15. More online courses, please! “These courses are great I only wish that the required in-class credit could be achieved online instead. I am taking on-line for a reason so having to be at the school for me is not an option. Knowing I will have to make other arrangements to finish my degree is a little stressful. If I could be there I would but I cannot so every course I have taken has been great and the Profs. have all been attentive and responsive.”
  16. 16. Again… “The online class format was critical to my completion of an Associate's Degree, and I believe that it will continue to be necessary as I continue my education through the Lakeland/Kent Technical and Applied Studies Partnership Program. Online courses help individuals like me achieve their goals and balance a busy work/family life schedule. Please keep up the good work!”
  17. 17. And again… “I have enjoyed taking online courses. It fits with my busy schedule / lifestyle and I can do my school work at varying hours, where if I were on campus, I would have to be there certain days and hours.”
  18. 18. VideoVideo
  19. 19. Reliable TechnologyReliable Technology
  20. 20. What could Lakeland do to help you be more successful in online courses? 1. Reliable Technology 2. Video 3. More Online Courses 4. Reminders for Assignments 5. Consistency 6. Instructor Availability 7. Timely Feedback 8. Faculty Involvement 9. Online Testing 10. Calendar
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  22. 22. Contact Me: Bill Knapp Chief Academic Technology Officer Lakeland Community College @itbill on twitter