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Campaign finance


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Campaign finance

  1. 1. Campaign Finance2012 Presidential Campaign Buddy, can you spare a $1?Linda Jacobson7.28.2012Com 597
  2. 2. • 2008 held the record for election fund-raising – 6 billion in total• Obama raised over 6.5 million – 6 million of which were in increments less than $100, creating a new category of donor called “micro-donors.”
  3. 3. • Voters had historic choices in 2008• Internet• Obama credited with innovative use of social media• Diminished use of the public funding program
  4. 4. Weintraub and Levine hail the benefits of theInternet• makes it easy for candidates to send invitations to participate along with reminders• Easy to track “bundler” contributions• Encourages individual donations• Pushes and reiterates message• Makes it easy and quick to attack an opponent and respond to criticisms or snafus.
  5. 5. Bundlers
  6. 6. • The public funding program, created as a way to safeguard against corruption (post Watergate), was not used by McCain, Obama or Clinton• The ability to raise money from individual contributions far outweighed the bureaucracy of pulling funds from this source
  7. 7. “Obama (and Howard Dean before him) weren’t successful because theyunderstood computers, they were successful because they understood how tomake technology harness the passion of their supporters”- Republican StrategistMark McKinnon
  8. 8. • Obama’s bid for President has long been hailed as the benchmark of social media success.• Through the power of engagement, he electrified his supporters and was able to collect a record-breaking amount of campaign contributions
  9. 9. Obama had a plan • His team harnessed the power of the Internet and employed a strategy that grew along with his momentum. • The Obama team measured engagement • Analyzed, tested and continually improved to fix any weak links and ensure they were using the most effective messaging. • They took “new media” seriously and made sure that they had solid content that engaged, conversation that was authentic, and built communities that were data-driven and nimble allowing them to keep the momentum going and take advantage of communication blunders by the competition. • In the end, Obama had over 3 million individual donors which equated to a much broader voice representative of the general population.
  10. 10. Can Obama’s “extraordinary fundraising success can be duplicated by other candidates?”
  11. 11. • 2012 election most likely will create a new fundraising record due to the creation of Super PACs• Rise of Super PACs• Obama made request of staunch supporters to support Priorities USA Action (Dem Super PAC)• While “micro-donors” still play a role, the addition of the Super PAC money has set us back
  12. 12. Administrative costs of running a presidential campaign
  13. 13. Contributions by state
  14. 14. Obama vs. Romney
  15. 15. Outside spending
  16. 16. Obama vs Romney
  17. 17. Obama vs. Romney
  18. 18. Super PAC spending
  19. 19. Super PAC contributions
  20. 20. Obama vs. Romney