Mobility & public relations


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COM 4415 Assignment!

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Mobility & public relations

  1. 1. Mobility & Public Relations Lauren Lisle
  2. 2. What’s the big deal? ? ?According to NielsonResearch, half of the UnitedStates mobile subscribersnow have smartphones. Weare growing more “smart”every day. Nielsen saidmore than two-thirds ofpeople who acquired anew mobile device as ofFebruary of this year chosea Smartphone.
  3. 3. How does this apply to you?• YOU ARE ALWAYS ON YOUR PHONE, KID! We use our phones for a multitude of things all day, every day.• EXPOSURE! This type of connection to the world opens up new opportunities for companies to communicate differently to its consumers. Through utilizing tools like QR Codes, Smartphone applications and Twitter, companies are better able to reach their targets audiences in a socially relevant and convenient way.
  4. 4. #HASHTAG One of the easiest ways to spread an idea for your company is via Twitter. Conversation about a company can be generated even more so through the use of the hashtag. The hashtag combines all conversation about a particular topic and allows users to share their thoughts and common interest more easily by using the same hashtag.#Firstworldproblems #IfIHitTheMegaMillion
  5. 5. Good & Bad Company Hashtag Ideas: You can decide for yourself. #MakeItPlatinum #MushyMush#MarryBacon #SoLongVampires #GameDayPolarBears
  6. 6. QR CodesLike a barcode, a QR Code alsotracks something when you scan it.The explainsthe process like this; when the codeis scanned or read with an iPhone,Android or other camera-enabledSmartphone, the user can link todigital content on the web; activate anumber of phone functions includingemail, IM and SMS, and connect themobile device to a web browser. Themain function of these codes is toconnect people with each other andto multimedia digital content.
  7. 7. For both businesses and consumers, QRCodes deem practical, useful and beneficial to communicating and sharing information with others. There is no limitation to how much someone can share using a code.
  8. 8. Where can you find QR Codes?
  9. 9. Where’s the PR?Public Relations is built on the foundation ofcreating relationships with consumers andclients. Through mobility practices,practitioners are able to do both. Mobilityoffers new way to promote a client’s companywhile also reaching their audiences in ahighly concentrated way. Most Smartphoneowners have relationships with their phones,therefore, if a company can be a part of thatrelationship through utilizing mobility abilities,the relationship is sure to last.
  10. 10. Additional Sources• Subscribers-Have- Smartphones/story.xhtml?story_id=13100G0G V4LH• brandbowl-hashtags-invade-super-bowl-ads/