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The 3 Secrets of Online Privacy


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Everyone seems to think that Big Social has made privacy a thing of the past. Think again. It's a human right and it's on the Endangered Species list, but there are ways to save it. Find out how.

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The 3 Secrets of Online Privacy

  1. 1. Secret Truths about Privacy1. Privacy is subject to the Law of UnintendedConsequences2. Knowledge is Power: Consumers should know whatprivacy Faustian pacts they’re signing3. Privacy requires technical and policy standards!Laurent Liscia, CEO OASIS Open1
  2. 2. Big Data: A Brave New Privacy World2
  3. 3. TheWestchesterGun MapHarmless,right?Do the maps show everyone in my neighborhood who owns a gun?No. New York law does not require a permit to own a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun.How was this information obtained?Through requests to the individual county clerks under New York’s Freedom of Information Law.Isn’t that private information?No. There is no right to privacy regarding handgun ownership in New York.[Source: The Journal News]3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. The Gun Map Proved Quite Harmful• Interactive map included names and addresses of police officers and prisonguards: inmates used the map to find out where they lived and threaten them.• Former thieves said criminals could use map either to target houses with no guns(to avoid getting shot) or take the risk and steal the weapons themselves.• Democratic legislator: “I never owned a gun but now have no choice. I have beenexposed as someone that has no gun. And I’ll do anything to protect my family.”• Resident feared her ex, who tried to kill her in past, might find her with the map• Journalists received death threats, stationed an armed guard outside their offices.5
  6. 6. Lesson From The Gun Map• If you juxtapose two perfectly legit data sources: online maps and gun ownershipinformation for instance, you can enter scary privacy territory• That’s the Law of Unintended Consequences6
  7. 7. European Genetic Map, Harmless, right?7
  8. 8. Maybe8
  9. 9. Potentially Harmful Implications“Imagine if you could figure out what town acriminal’s ancestors were likely from basedon DNA alone?” Razib Khan, Discover MagazineYou can’t stop ideas that threatenprivacy from popping up: yet anotherinstance of the Law of UnintendedConsequences9
  10. 10. 3D Map of Vancouver: Harmless, right?10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Here’s Why: The Law of Unintended ConsequencesWhat if you could juxtapose twodata sets and target specificoccupants of the building ?12
  13. 13. What About A Beautiful Wind Map?
  14. 14. Pure science Big Data visualizations that provide a usefulservice and don’t rely on personal data are clearly OK14
  15. 15. 1st takeaway: Juxtaposing data sets(what Big Data does!) may result inprivacy nightmares15
  16. 16. 2. A Detour Through Big Social16
  17. 17. Big Social Can Make Great Things Better …Tahriri Square17
  18. 18. • Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons both committed suicide after photosdocumenting how they had been sexually assaulted were circulated onsocial media• In both cases, many sided with the assailants rather than victims, callingthem “sluts”And Bad Things Worse18
  19. 19. Annoying! Social Media Is Always Asking for More19
  20. 20. Is Privacy a Top Issue for Big Social?Who said: “All these concerns about privacytend to be old-people issues”?? 20
  21. 21. Reid Hoffman21
  22. 22. Is Privacy In Big Social’s Business Model ?• Nope• “Google to pay record $22.5 million fine for Safariprivacy evasion” [2012]• Twitter agreed to settle charges that it "deceivedcustomers" and failed to protect their personalinformation [FTC fine, 2010]22
  23. 23. Is Privacy Even Possible in Big Social?“Just remember when you post something,the computers remember forever”“Every young person one day will be entitledautomatically to change his or her name onreaching adulthood in order to disownyouthful hijinks stored on their friends’ socialmedia sites.”Eric Schmidt, when he was CEO of Google23
  24. 24. 2nd Takeaway: It’s OK for you to be theproduct when you’re not paying … ifyou know what you’re signing up for?24
  25. 25. Reactive or Proactive: Your Call25
  26. 26. Privacy Regulation in EuropeEU Data Protection Regulation will covereverything from consent to data portabilityand the right to be forgotten and will apply toany company storing EU resident datawhether it’s HQ’d in the EU or not26
  27. 27. Privacy Regulation in the US27The US approach is more laissez-faire, butalso more unpredictable. To wit: the Do NotTrack proposal from Sen. Jay Rockefellerfollowing 2012 White House "ConsumerPrivacy Bill of Rights" asking industry to giveconsumers control over their personalinformation and Congress to pass laws.
  28. 28. Memorable Privacy Quotes"I do not believe that companies with business models based on the collection and monetization ofpersonal information will voluntarily stop those practices if it negatively impacts their profit margins.“Jay Rockefeller“Consumers are very pragmatic people. They want free content. They understand theres a valueexchange. And theyre OK with it.”Lou Mastria, director of the Digital Advertising Alliance““You are the product!” Oh, fuck, off! For many people it wasn’t the new T&C that was the problem, itwas that Instagram was no longer a service we felt comfortable making our “we’re the product deal”with.”Rev Dan Catt, blogger28You’re the consumer: how do YOU feelabout it?
  29. 29. Do the Right Thing: Learn & Participate• Big Data and Privacy discussions of OECD’s ITAC• NSTIC’s Privacy Evaluation Methodology• European Data Protection & Privacy Conference• Kuppinger Cole’s EIC – premier event for Privacy• Listen to all sides! EPIC, EFF, Project VRM
  30. 30. Do the Right Thing: Scour the Web for Cool Big Data & Privacy Stuff!• Drummond Reed’s RESPECT network puts data controlback into each user’s hands:• Kaliya Hamlin’s Personal Data Ecosystem remindscompanies to put the user back at the center of theirown data -• Read Kord Davis’s “Ethics of Big Data: Balancing Risk andInnovation”
  31. 31. Do the Right Thing: Play in Standards– If you thought XACML was not relevant yet, you’d better think ahead to2014:– PMRMs model for translating & mapping privacy policies into a servicearchitecture:– PbD-SE: Privacy by Design for Software Engineers: MAKE and IMPLEMENT open privacy standards, for access control,policy enforcement and impact assessment!
  32. 32. What To Do About The 3 Privacy Truths1. You can’t dodge the Law of Unintended Consequencesbut when you’re processing several data sets, remindyourself that YOU are one of the people whose privacyis at risk and use the Golden Rule.32
  33. 33. 2. Knowledge is Power: Give the power to yourcustomers to opt in and opt out at everypossible turn33
  34. 34. 3. Standards make privacy easier to preserve.Get involved, NOW.http://www.oasis-open.org34
  35. 35. Laurent Liscia, CEOOASIS首席执行官[As a reminder that we haven’tcovered Privacy and Big Datain Asia …]http://www.oasis-open.org謝謝!35