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Laura Lynn Hutton Portfolio


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Clemson University, Charleston Campus, Master of Architecture Spring 2012

Published in: Business, Design
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Laura Lynn Hutton Portfolio

  1. 1. L aura L ynn H utton
  2. 2. Bathroom with original medicene cabinet door and hardware. In- stalled as found on the property.1914 Nun Street A 1931 bungalow in Wilmington, North Carolina maintains the historic charm of the original home while updating the structure for modern living. Locat- ed in the transitional Ardmore neighborhood, the 1300 sq. foot home is a classic shotgun floorplan. The front door enters into the living room with bedrooms along the right side of the home. The full renovation included programming, schemat- ics and construction administration, as well as finish selections and interior design. Reusing materials from the home and respecting the original design details were major design, cost and sustainable considerations. Renovations were contracted in 2006. The home was featured in the 2008 Azalea Festival Tour of homes.
  3. 3. Front door view into living and dining rooms
  4. 4. Kitchen, laundry and “back porch”
  5. 5. Decorative elements double as storage space and presentation of retail items.Harborside Marina & Shipstoreat Marina Village St. James Plantation in Southport, North Carolina, is the number one selling Coastal Carolina golfing and boating community since 1991. In 2007 the Shipstore at Harborside, the community’s private marina store, was renovated with a vintage nautical aesthetic. The design required flexibility due to future plans of retail expansion. The interior of the shipstore, exterior seating and deck landscape were designed as a southern “boardwalk”, an appropriate genre for the reitrement community demographics. Due to the location on the intercoastal waterway highly durable finishes and fix- tures were required. design schematics were also presented for the other retail components, but due to budget cuts were not realized on the original timeline.
  6. 6. One of three design boards for Harborside at Marina Village.
  7. 7. Retail display at the Shipstore at Harborside Marina Village.Marina Village Logos In Harborside at Marina Village the expansion of the marina retail space included a high-end provision and clothing store and a restaurant. At St. James’ request, logos were designed for Waterman’s Provision Company and Tommy Thompson’s Grille. The logos reflect the local nautical heritage of South- port and reference the vintage aestheic of the marina boardwalk and shipstore. Since the logos debuted, logoed clothing have been a primary source of revenue for the marina. They are the number one selling retail item at the Marina Village.
  8. 8. A “Welcome Aboard” pillow detail reflects St. James’ southern hospitality.HarborWalk Condominiums Across from the Marina in St. James Plantation is HarborWalk, a luxury condominium complex. The model home interiors accentuate the home’s natural light and high ceilings. The furniture and fixtures reflect sophisticated nautical comfort by blending wood, fab- ric, and color with silver metal accents. The design is warm and inviting to all without presenting itself as a generic model home. Overall interior and exterior fixture and finishes for the units were also selected by LHL Design. Design and finish selection assistance for HarborWalk own- ers on behalf of St. James Plantation was also a service provided by the design firm.
  9. 9. Living room in model home
  10. 10. Master bedroom in model home
  11. 11. Conceptual detail for master bedroom window treatment.Hydrangea Drive A master suite renovation included a demolition of the old bathroom and reconfiguration of the suite circulation and storage. Hutton Mebane designed and managed the project. Design intent was a contempoary variation on traditional, which was evident through- out the colonial revival home’s contemporary art collection. Inerior design consulting services were provided for bedroom layout. Bedroom furnishings were existing. Lighting, intelligent use of space and natural light were all primary considerations in the design and were successfully incorporated. A mid-century sideboard takes on new life as a vanity surrounded by marble tile and a sleek soaking tub.
  12. 12. Bedroom for master suite renovation
  13. 13. Bathroom for master suite renovation
  14. 14. View toward La Rambla of Harvest Vineyard in the summer and autumn.Harvest Urban Vineyard Behind La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain is a small plaza connected to the famous market. Similar to the agri- cultural lands surrounding the city, the world’s larg- est urban vineyard was designed to glean organic waste from the market to produce compost. The compost in turn fertilizes the Urban Vineyard and produces cava, a local variety of sparkling wine. The Vineyard’s monumental design creates a landmark within the cityscape, as well as a revenue producing structure for the community. The existing parking under- ground garage houses the composter and winery with sys- tems designed to carry materials up and down the trellis structure for planting, irrigation and harvesting. The seasonal changes of the foliage adds another spectral, and natural, element to the urban site.
  15. 15. Section of Vineyard through lower parking deck, composting systems and winery Diagram of market gleaning
  16. 16. Diagram of compost and wine production
  17. 17. Example of contemporary bungalow unit cantelievered from the structural system of the existing building.Community Shelter Parasitic structures were incorporated into an existing, but empty, bank building in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. The design is a temporary housing structure for patrons who have found themselves homeless due to the economic crisis. The new structures reutilize materials removed from the existing structure and parasite onto the building’s structural skeleton. The concept of the design was based on the traditional bungalow, a vernacular home design found in Asheville. Existing building floors create neighborhoods and streetscapes with sidewalks and porches influenced from this all-American sense of home. Environmental systems for utilities were also a functional and sustainable design consideration.
  18. 18. Floorplans showing “community floor” Diagram of environmental systems
  19. 19. View of Asheville and parasitic sturcture
  20. 20. SideChair, Design Within ReachClemson University Post Office Ikon/Ricoh Office Systems is renovating the University Post Office at the Student Union for improved circula- tion, services and interior design. The facility must be completed on a tight budget as the Student Union will be rebuilt in the next few years. Ikon/Ricoh requested the design have the look of a so- phisticated coffee house and include new logistical sys- tem and point of sale kiosks. The design utilizes highly durable contract fabrics, warm wood tones and sleek silvers to contrast the exuberant Clemson Orange and Purple. Exterior finishes, entry design and signage were also selected. Design has been approved and the project is in progress.
  21. 21. Secondary Travel Review I Tertiary Travel IKON Office Solutions, Inc. Entrance/Exit KioskPrimary Travel Primary SeatingSecondary Travel Secondary Seating Clemson Mail ServicesTertiary Travel Service DisplayEntrance/Exit Student Workspace Clemson UniversityKioskPrimary TravelPrimary Travel FLOR rug tilesPrimary SeatingSecondary Travel Secondary TravelSecondary Seating Review ITertiary TravelService Display Tertiary Travel Sample FLOR rugEntrance/Exit Entrance/ExitStudent Workspace IKON Office Solutions, Inc.Kiosk Kiosk Upholstered Slipper chairsPrimary SeatingPrimary Seating Primary TravelSecondary Seating Secondary Seating Secondary TravelService DisplayService Display Acrylic side table Tertiary TravelStudent Workspace Student Workspace FLOR rug tiles Entrance/Exit Contoured wood coffee tablePrimary Travel Kiosk Sample FLOR rug Primary TravelPrimary Travel Primary SeatingSecondary Travel Secondary Travel Maple laminate chairs Upholstered Slipper Secondary Seating Primary TravelTertiary TravelSecondary Travel Tertiary Travel Service DisplayEntrance/Exit Travel SecondaryTertiary Travel Entrance/Exit Student Workspace Brushed metal accent strip Acrylic side table Tertiary TravelKioskEntrance/Exit Kiosk Entrance/Exit Contoured wood coffee tablePrimary SeatingKiosk Primary Seating KioskSecondary Seating V. Tac Mauve chairPrimary Seating Secondary Seating Primary SeatingService DisplaySecondary Seating Maple laminate Service Display Secondary SeatingStudent DisplayService Workspace SW 6070 Heron Plume Student Workspace Brushed metal accent strip Service DisplayStudent Workspace Student Workspace Exterior Elevation V. Tac Mauve chair not to scale Plume SW 6070 Heron Primary Travel Exterior Elevation Secondary Travel Furniture Plan Tertiary Travel not to scale Entrance/Exit Circulation Plan Kiosk Furniture Plan Primary Seating Mail Services CounterWhere the mountains smile in grandeur15, 2011 Circulation Plan Secondary Seating 1 Service Display Mail Services Counter Exterior Student Workspace 2 O’er the hill and dale, Exterior 3 July15, 2011 July 4 Finish Schedule Finish Schedule 5 Exterior Exterior 6 Finish selections and furniture plan 7 8
  22. 22. Understanding sight lines formed by existing buildings and how to utilize them in the hotel design.Port Terraces, Genoa, Italy At the Charles E. Daniel Center in Genoa, Italy, students have the opportunity to experience Europe and its architectural heritage. Additionally, studio projects are designed for European lifestyles and needs. Port Terraces is a design that utilizes a former industrial site on the port harborline in Genoa. Reclaim- ing the port for use by the people, the design embraces the Italian love of living out of doors, open piazzas and a reconnection with the water, which has historically been Genoa’s lifeblood. Open Piazzas and covered bridges draw people to the waterline where the bustle of activity continues into the Marina. The hotel’s form is designed as a refer- ence to the terraced mountainsides of Genoa, with an emphasis on the discovery of views: of the sea, of the mountains, of the piazza, of the people. Project is in progress.
  23. 23. Conceptual sketch of hotel with connection to residential units Ground view of hotel from harborline
  24. 24. Birds Eye Site Plan
  25. 25. Courtyard by Jerusalem Tree First Presbyterian Church Wilmington, North Carolina May 2008Watercolors, Sketches and Commissions A collection of artwork and commissions for firms, friends, or just for fun.
  26. 26. Carolina Beach, North Carolina HomesWatercolor, Ocean Grove Cottages, LLC developers. Home facades for website August 2011
  27. 27. Market Square, Washington, DCWatercolor/Pencil/Ink for Wells Capital In honor of historical real estate purchase March 2011
  28. 28. La Vie 2001Yearbook Cover Artwork May 2001
  29. 29. Architectural Styles in the CourtyardWatercolor, First Presbyterian Church Wilmington, North Carolina May 2008
  30. 30. Moore’s Creek Country Schoolhouse Moore’s Creek, North Carolina Watercolor May 2008
  31. 31. First Presbyterian Church Christmas Chapel and Gate Wilmington, North CarolinaWatercolor, Donation for Annual Pastor’s Fund Auction December 2008 & 2009
  32. 32. Tillman HallWatercolor, Clemson, South Carolina September 2009
  33. 33. Pantheon Rome, ItalyPencil, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa , Italy Fall 2011
  34. 34. Blue Mosque Istanbul, TurkeyPencil, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa , Italy Fall 2011
  35. 35. Biennale View I Venice, ItalyPencil, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011
  36. 36. Biennale View II Venice, ItalyPencil, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011
  37. 37. Piazza di FerrariPencil, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011
  38. 38. Danish Rooflines Helsinger, DenmarkWatercolor, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011
  39. 39. Past the Palace Vienna, AustriaWatercolor, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011
  40. 40. Villa Rotunda Vienna, AustriaWatercolor, Charles E. Daniel Center, Genoa, Italy Fall 2011