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Cliché cat automatic


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Cats where they want to be . . . wherever they're unwanted.

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Cliché cat automatic

  1. 1. CLICHÉ CATIn the Middle ofthe Human’s Bed(Without Permission)For Stacey
  2. 2. Cliché Cat says ...You and whose army?
  3. 3. Cliché Cat says ...They call me MISTER Fluffy!
  4. 4. Cliché Cat says ...With one paw tied behind my back.
  5. 5. Cliché Cat says ...Im gonna get medieval on your ass.
  6. 6. Cliché Cat says ...I double-dog dare ya.
  7. 7. Cliché Cat says ...Go ahead. Make my day.
  8. 8. Cliché Cat says ...You talkin’ to me?
  9. 9. Cliché Cat says ...Me? Go G? On you? Never!
  10. 10. Cliché Cat says ...Youve got to ask yourself onequestion: Do I feel lucky?Well, do ya, punk?
  11. 11. Cliché Cat says ...Ill be back.
  12. 12. Thank you!• Thanks to all the people whoposted pictures of cats they love.• And to movies for the one-liners.