Learners feedback 2011


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OTBC Learners report on the College

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Learners feedback 2011

  1. 1. LEARNERS FEEDBACK-2011 Mason Cordon After school I joined college of Kuilsriver & Studied I.T FET 2, 3, 4. Then I got involved with hip-hip dance, boxing, soccer, fitness and I fixed computers from the house. After about 6 months of unemployment I got a job, where I helped a self employed sales man with his bed, mattresses, lounge suites, headboard deliveries. I found On The Ball Computers via the web. I,ve been on the End User Program between 7-9 months. The programme gave me an inside scope, I learned a lot about how to manage a project, maintain and assist team members as well as keeping the stakeholders in mind. I am not currently working in the field. I have a lot of plans but firstly work as a project manager to get the idea in the workplace, in the meantime I’ll be fixing computers from home and assist customers with desktop Stefan Philander My mother informed about the program at On The Ball Computers. I have been on the program for 8 months. It has broaden my horizon changed the way I see things and I learnt many things. I am not currently working in the field, I am still studying at On The Ball Computers, busy doing my level 5 which is System Support. I plan to study more and search for a job to gain more experience in the field.
  2. 2. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Adeeb Laatoe I matriculated in 2009 and did a similar course at CPUT in 2010 but was unsuccessful . This unfortunate failure did not stop me as this was what I was passionate about and what I really wanted to do and I came across OTBC and enrolled as a full time student again for the National Diploma Technical Support. I asked around for a good IT College and came across OTBC by word of mouth and was very impressed with its methods and the programs offered. I was in this programs as a full time student for 1 year in 2011. I have a better view of the field and also gained a lot of experience during this year. I have learned not only the theory but also practical's in I.T .I also attended internships at organizations. I have been accepted for the NQF level 5 for 2012 and intend to do the best I can and also to deliver good results with the intention to get the best job in the field I’m qualified for . Anvor Kruger I attended school until the year 2010, After school I went to go an study Information Technology(I.T) AT On The Ball Computers. There is where my life started growing. My qualification program was a year course I.T for Technical Support. A college referred me to O.T.B.C where I can do my qualification. It improved my whole outlook on life and personal skills. After attending O.T.B.C I’ve been to companies where I’ve seen how it is to work in this field that was a challenge to me as a person taking on life. Today I have a learnership from Bytes technical group where Im doing system support level 5 in I.T and thanks to O.T.B.C who referred me to them.I’m not working at the moment as I am still attending my learnership. Firstly I would like to finish my learnership which I still attend, after that I would like to go and work in my field to build up an experience. My biggest
  3. 3. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Byron Burjins I heard about the qualification programme through my mother's friend that is involved in the MICT Seta. I have been on this qualification for 8 months. The qualification improved my knowledge in information technology and made me realize what i want to achieve once i have completed my studies. I am not working, i am currently taking part in a learnership. To complete my studies and to gain as much experience possible as well as doing lots of small courses so that i can specialize in more than one field in I.T. Franco Groenewald I finished Grade 12 and was searching for a college to do an I.T course then I heard about On The Ball Computers I went to the O.T.B.C and asked help on the qualification I wanted to do. I studied 2 years in the Technical Support qualification. The qualification has made me a qualified learner in I.T. Yes I am basically going to start February with my internship programme at Business Connection. My plans are to keep studying and improve my knowledge.
  4. 4. LEARNERS FEEDBACK Kyle Williams I was at home, took a gap year wanted to study but wasnt really sure what I was interested in. I found out about On The Ball Computers on the internet. As they have a website on there company. I was on the Technical Support program for 9 months. Otbc changed my life in a positive way , I’m a harder worker, i handle pressure better and OTBC has shown me what good work ethics are. My personal skills has also improved for example my presentation skills. I am not working yet but i will be after my learnership at Sanlam with bytes. My future plans are to Complete my degree in I.T and to open my own I.T institution. Redriaan Witbooi   I did research on the internet and going through the qualification program web-page for information about the qualification. I have been studying for one full year in Technical Support. The qualification has opened many opportunities for me eg. Work, experience and even to higher my level in the field. My plans for the future is to be a successful business candidate in Information Technology.