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Some Helpful Observations for successful Mob Programming


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5 simple observations for a successful mob

Published in: Technology, Education
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Some Helpful Observations for successful Mob Programming

  2. 2. There are many ways to contribute. Navigation & Driving is obvious, but there is also proof reading, googling, sharing shortcuts, offering affirmations & suggestions; even asking “why?” can be helpful. Always find your way to be actively contributing to the mob. ALWAYS BE CONTRIBUTING
  3. 3. We all have our strengths and weakness. In the exposure of the mob, we value each others strengths, forgive each others weakness and are patience with each other as we learn. RESPECT EACH OTHER
  4. 4. The code is never perfect and we are always looking to make it better. However, we respect the value the current code brings, and the effort needed to get the code to it’s current level. This means not insulting the previous creators but also that when you navigate you work with the code and don’t just remove what the previous person did. RESPECT THE CODE
  5. 5. If there are 2 solutions, just pick 1 and try it. Afterwards, you can discuss if you need to go back and try the other one instead. Many times, form the perspective of a finished task, people no longer care. If you still do, then it probably is important to try the other path. But never spend 20 minutes discussing something that can be done in 10. JUST TRY IT
  6. 6. We always strive to speak at the highest level the diver can understand. This will change by person and even by time of day. Sometimes the diver can understand “loop thru that list”, sometimes “write a for loop” and sometimes we will need the keystrokes “f-o-r”. The navigators take care to keep their communications as high as possible while still within the drivers immediate understanding. SPEAK TO THE DRIVER
  7. 7. The environment should service being an active part of the mob. This means valuing comfort and other human factors but also means that sometimes you will need a short break. Don’t be afraid to take one, the flow of the mob and the work will continue without you and be here ready for you when you return. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE A BIO-BREAK