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A Successful Managed Print Services Strategy


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Detailed overview of my process for managed print services

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A Successful Managed Print Services Strategy

  1. 1. A successful Managed Print Services strategy requires a clear definition of the goals to be achieved. A Managed Print Services strategy should include discussion of these key points: o Provide better customer service through improved access to information o Create a competitive advantage o Improve quality of documents o Compliance, regulatory, security o Streamline process o Right-size and right-purpose the output fleet o Control supply costs o Control supply inventory – provide just in time supply o Automate meter reporting of devices o Contain provisions for proactive service to reduce or eliminate downtime o Reduce or eliminate desktop printing o Provide cost effective print output based upon rules and permissions o Decrease waste/environment impact o Develop an ongoing review schedule to measure, manage and improve Measure The next step of our process is to measure actual hard costs involved in the output of documents. This baseline assessment is used as the starting point for developing the strategy. Information gathered includes: o Meters from the various output devices o Current practices on toner ordering and stocking o Specifics of device maintenance (handled internally or outsourced)
  2. 2. o Purchase order and invoice process o Document output trends Analyze After collecting the data the following areas will be examined: o Determine the average monthly volume of the various devices o Define the supply and maintenance costs using factors determined during the measurement process o Determine current service needs o Obtain input from end users through use of survey to determine their satisfaction with current products and process o Locate areas for process improvement by meeting with departmental managers and end users of the devices o Present a facts based analysis of the current environment Improve Use the data gathered to determine ways that the process can be improved. Some of the improvements that could become part of the recommendation are: o Explore document management (imaging) as a method of increasing customer service as well as compliance, regulatory, or security need as a way to reduce print output and waste o Place print devices in all-inclusive management program o Identify and retire legacy or problem prone devices o Develop a process to manage color output, moving output to networked and managed devices that can also incorporate color control capabilities o Optimize the total number of devices, models, vendors, etc. o Increase device utilization by right-sizing and right-purposing the fleet Control
  3. 3. Continuous monitoring and ongoing measurement is required to ensure that products and processes are meeting the defined benchmarks. The goals of Managed Print Services should be to reduce total costs, reduce the amount of printing, reduce the number of devices, reduce the number of manufacturers and models, and to reduce the number of vendors. All of this results in control of costs and continuous improvement processes. Some of the items to be considered: o Service Level Agreements (measurement of uptime) o Automated meter reads and reporting o Scheduled meetings between partners to discuss challenges and opportunities to explore latest trends o A commitment to education of the client o Continuous development of the partnership with a goal of alignment with the goals of the client Document Systems staff brings years of experience within the industry to you. The goal is to assist you in defining your strategy, analyzing the data gathered and providing you with best practice recommendations that address your business objectives. Our approach ensures the success of your project and helps you to be a good steward of your company’s resources.