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Twitter Job Search


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Using Twitter can be confusing, let along job searching on it. This presentation will walk you through what you need to do to get started and be successful leveraging Twitter in your job search.

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Twitter Job Search

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Job Search Laura LedgerwoodSocial Media Coordinator & Career Consultant @UGACareerCenter @LedgerwoodL
  2. 2. HR Reality CheckHR You You’ve got to stand out!!!
  3. 3. HR Reality CheckPeople will Google whether you like it or not…and social media pops up first!
  4. 4. Why should students use it to job search? • Employers are using it • Many have phone notifications • GREAT way to create connections • Networking is the #1 way people find jobs Other people aren’t using it to job search
  5. 5. LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter Posts It’s the same concept, but how you post on each site is different.
  6. 6. 5 Steps in the Twitter Job Search1. Create a professional bio2. Identify industry leaders/ job leads3. Searching for relevant information4. Organize information5. Maintain conversation
  7. 7. Create Your Twitter Profile Education Objective Industry Skills Interests
  8. 8. Good and Bad Student Profiles
  9. 9. Sample Employer Profiles
  10. 10. Sample Employer ProfilesWeb View Smart Phone View
  11. 11. Identifying Users• Twellow• Listorious• Wefollow• Google + company name
  12. 12. Finding Information on Twitter
  13. 13. Organizing Information on Twitter • Create targeted lists • Follow someone else’s lists • “Favorite” Tweets • Consider who you follow
  14. 14. Ways to Create ConversationReply@[username] tweet content – doesn’t show in followers’ feedsMentionWords before @[username]! – shows in followers’ feeds and in the person’s “@ Connect” pageRetweet- 2 types: RT & internal Retweet
  15. 15. Sample CommunicationGoogle people in the organization and askquestionsRetweet posts to get theirattentionBe the expert you wish to seein the world
  16. 16. General Tips Do Don’t• Compliment • Forget anyone can see your mentions (how you respond to• Promote their content others)• Share industry/expert • Be overly negative information • Be a robot• Show some personality…in moderation • Ask for too much too quickly• See who other people are • Start without a plan following
  17. 17. Twitter Etiquette• Follow any account as long as it isn’t private• Don’t forget everyone can read your tweets if they aren’t private• “Retweet” if you found information from someone else• Don’t over tweet
  18. 18. Potential Pitfalls of Twitter• Sharing too much information Politics Controversial posts Religion• Demonstrating poor communication skills• Wasting time• Not developing real connections• Lack of consistency
  19. 19. Final Thoughts• Be bold; don’t be afraid of rejection• Set aside time each week for you to maintain your networks• Listening can be even more valuable than participating• You can really stand out by doing something different