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Mosquito Control 012304


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Take the Bite Out of Summer. Enjoy less swatting and more of your yard this summer with Forest City Tree Protection\'s unique, environmentally-friendly Mosquito Control Program. All without unpleasant odors or disruption of daily activities

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Mosquito Control 012304

  1. 1. Forest City Tree Protection Co. a lanphear service Preserving the “FOREST” in the Forest City Since 1910 TAKE THE BITE OUT OF SUMMER MOSQUITO CONTROL O ur 1st year (2003) of mosquito control received rave reviews! Clients enjoyed less swatting & more through late summer (August). Our Full Season program adds a 4th appli- cation, extending protection past of their yards this past summer, all Labor Day, into early Fall. Demand without unpleasant odors or disrup- CS offers 5-6 weeks protection under tion to daily activities. normal weather conditions, and 3-4 weeks during periods of heavy rain- Heightened concerns about West fall. For most typical landscapes, up Nile Virus brought increasing requests to 1/2 acre, the cost for Basic will be for a mosquito control program. In under $150, and Full Season, under response, we developed a program $200. which protects yards from adult mos- quitoes which transmit the West Nile virus and Applications focus on yard & house perimeters up to encephalitis as well as roundworm to pets. It’s diffi- a maximum 6’ height, targeting shaded & humid cult to prevent mosquitoes from flying into your yard areas which provide landing areas & harborage for from surrounding areas, but we can effectively pro- adult mosquitoes during the day. This includes trees tect against them “settling-in” and breeding. We’ve & shrubs around the property & house, and within taken great care to select a material that suits our the bedwork, plus places such as windows & door local conditions and achieves effective control with screens; under decks, around dog houses; lower the least impact on human health and the environ- parts of fences & external walls. For properties with ment. The best way to suppress mosquito activity is large wooded areas, applications will extend to a through a Full Season 4-application program, but we maximum depth of 20-25’. also offer a Basic 3-application program and Special Event protection when needed. Special Event Protection: A Special Event applica- tion, on as “as-needed” basis, is for when clients FOREST CITY TREE’S MOSQUITO anticipate entertaining outdoors, for parties, recep- CONTROL PROGRAMS tions, weddings, etc… Have us inspect your proper- Basic & Full Season Protection: Our Basic program ty & quote for Special Event application, then call us of (3) applications starts in May and continues when the need arises. -over- 1884 South Green Road, South Euclid, Ohio 44121·4246 Tel: 216·381·1700 Fax: 216·381·1894 Pruning / Cabling / Fertilization / Insect & Disease Control / Root Therapy / Diagnosis / Consultation
  2. 2. DEMAND CS OFFERS OPTIMAL fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, tremors, MOSQUITO CONTROL convulsions, muscle weakness, coma, neurological Demand CS, an encapsulated pyrethroid, acts simi- damage, and paralysis, but rarely death. lar to pyrethrins, naturally-derived insecticides from HOW YOU CAN REDUCE BREEDING chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroids are specifical- SITES AROUND HOME & YARD ly selected for public health mosquito control pro- The number of mosquito breeding sites around the grams because they do not pose unreasonable risks home can be reduced by eliminating standing water to human health, wildlife, or the environment. in which mosquitoes can breed. Dispose of anything Demand CS’s encapsulated formulation provides outside that can collect or hold water, such as buck- fast and long-term activity during extended out- ets or cans, and particularly tires. Clean & drain door exposure. It was engineered specifically for the clogged roof gutters every year. Eliminate areas of shaded & humid surfaces upon which mosquitoes standing water - do not allow water to stagnate in rest and provides quick, effective control of mosqui- birdbaths, ornamental pools, water gardens, and toes that exhibit resistance to other materials swimming pools and their covers. (Empty birdbaths WHAT IS WEST NILE VIRUS / ENCEPHALITIS? West Nile encephalitis was detected for the 1st time in the U.S. in the New York City metropolitan area in late summer of ‘99. The virus, which can cause this encephalitis, is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, mainly Culex pipiens. Mosquitoes become infected after taking blood from an infected bird, the natural host of this virus. The infected mosquito can then transmit the virus to humans and animals while it takes blood from them. All residents living in areas where West Nile virus at least once a week.) Repair leaky outdoor faucets has been detected can potentially become infected that leave puddles. Remember, during warm weath- with the virus. However, only a small minority of er, mosquitoes can breed in any puddle of water. people who become infected will develop a serious REDUCE YOUR RISK OF BEING BITTEN case of encephalitis. Some people, however, are at Make sure all openings of your house are tightly greater risk. People over 50 years of age are more screened - “bug tight.” Stay indoors during periods likely to become severely ill because of their weak- of high mosquito activity at dawn, dusk, and early ening immune system. Anyone with a compromised evening. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants if immune system, regardless of age, is at risk. you go outdoors at those times. Insect repellents Most people who are infected with the virus have containing 30% DEET (diethyl-m-toluamide), when either no symptoms or mild ones such as fever, applied sparingly to exposed skin and thin cloth- headache, body aches, mild skin rash, or swollen ing, can deter mosquitoes from biting. (Vitamin B lymph glands. A more severe infection, which and “ultrasonic” devices have not been proven effec- may lead to encephalitis, includes, headache, high tive in preventing mosquito bites.) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: FOREST CITY TREE PROTECTION CO. 216 . 381.1700